Saturday, 30 January 2016

Selfie at Gym can be a Fitspiration for Weight loss

Every New Year, people do make several resolutions such as studying for a higher degree, investing, dressing better, spending money wisely and lastly losing weight. While it is important to ensure that one is leading a healthy lifestyle, majority of people who make a resolution about losing weight never get to do so.

First of all, as a working individual, your busy schedule get in the way which ultimately contributes to excuse after excuse why you cannot attend a gym. Furthermore, the resolution was a private decision . Therefore, it can be hard to find a friend who will be there for you and you for him or her.

The best thing about technology is that it has eased the way people do certain things. This year, you can finally lose weight even though you attend the gym alone. You no longer have to come up with excuses thanks to a simple concept….selfies.

Can selfies really help to turn an obese individual into a super motivated, super healthy, capable and enlightened individual?

Acts as a self-motivator 
Selfie at a Gym can be a Fitspiration for weight loss. When one joins a gym in order to lose weight, one desires to see various body changes such as a well toned body and muscles. Apart from that, one would want to see that the hard work they are undertaking has results in the end.

Selfies while they have been used to document a person’s journey wherever they are, health enthusiasts believe that they can make a difference in the gym. While gyms have mirrors on the sides, a selfie captures a particular moment for a lifetime.

For men and women at the gym, they can get to capture a selfie of themselves after every workout, therefore, getting to know if they are losing weight or not. Women would want to know if they are finally having the waist they want while men would want to know whether they are achieving well toned muscles all over the body. Therefore, a selfie can act as a self-motivator especially if you don’t have a friend who will compliment you for achieving a certain weight loss goal.

Helps to encourage others 
The majority of people who gain weight usually do so due to a life-changing phenomena such as a breakup or divorce. Emotional eating has been categorized as a disorder by physicians around the world and it has created several obese cases.

When one finally gathers the courage of losing weight by engaging in various exercises, they expect certain results in the end. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people can post selfies of their weight loss program.

Friends can get to see the pictures and it can help to encourage them also to start losing weight as you have done.

Improve your lifestyle 
Pictures speak a thousand words and since a selfie is a picture too, it becomes a record of a certain part of your life. Each time you take a selfie in the gym, you get to store it in your phone or even the cloud in a private account.

Selfies act as great record of your progress from day one to the last day. This means that everytime you take your time to go through the pictures; you will be inclined to lose weight as you would not want to return to your former obese self.

This means that selfies can help to improve your life as they will motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle always.

Makes you accountable 
Every selfie you take be it of your waist or your whole body or even muscles on your arm and chest area allows you to be accountable to what you are doing. As said earlier, a selfie is a picture therefore, it speaks a thousand words all by itself.

Storing your picture in your computer, in your smart device and on your online cloud account will not only ensure that you have a record of the past you, but it will help you to be accountable of your lifestyle.

Are gym selfies hurtful? 
Fitspiration shares traits with thinspiration
Thinspiration is a negative trend where people motivate each other to lead a life of being thin. This has been found to lead to disorders like anorexia. Fitspiration has been found to promote thinspiration, especially on social media platforms. Therefore, it could lead to a dangerous trend.
This can result in psychological distress in someone else especially if they choose to follow you on social media platform.

Final thoughts 
Losing weight is a great strategy to ensure that you are able to lead a health life. Taking selfies is not only a motivational tool, but it allows you to be accountable of your lifestyle as well as helping to inspire others who follow you on social media.



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