Monday, 22 February 2016

Know What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health ?

It is often said that a person’s eyes provide insight into one’s soul. However, if we were to speak from a pragmatic point of view, it might be more important to mention that our eyes reveal genuinely useful information about our health. Often times, you might be suffering from a number of problems, without even being aware of them. A quick look into our eyes might be sufficient to direct us towards the right specialists. In the paragraphs that follow, we will talk about the most common health problems that can be reflected through our eyes.

#1 Dark circles 
If you have dark circles under the eyes, you might be suffering from a number of medical conditions, such as thyroid imbalance (hypo/hyperthyroidism) or anemia. Similar changes are encountered in those who suffer from adrenal problems or in those who present intolerance to gluten/lactose. Dark circles can suggest that you are suffering from an allergy as well, so it might be a good idea to get tested and see exactly what is the root of the problem. They can be a sign that you are not drinking adequate amounts of water, you are cutting back on sleep or drinking too much alcohol/coffee (dehydrating beverages).

#2 Red eyes
There are a lot of people who present a lot of broken blood vessels in the white part of the eyes. In medical terms, this is known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage and it is often encountered in those who are allergic to various substances. Apart from the actual redness, one might also suffer from itchiness and excess production of tears. The allergy can be seasonal, such as the one to pollen or appear after using a makeup product you are allergic to. In general, such problems are solved by using topical antihistamines and also by avoiding coming into contact with the potential allergen.

#3 Dry eyes 
As we become increasingly reliant on modern technologies, it should come as no surprise that more and more people suffer from the dry eye syndrome. We spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, adding some TV time and the constant usage of a smartphone. When we look at a digital screen for a prolonged period of time, we do not blink sufficiently and the tear film is not replaced. However, the technology is not the only one to blame for such problems and it is important to be aware of this fact. The dry eyes can be a sign of an underlying condition, such as the painful inflammation of the joints (arthritis). The condition can be improved by using artificial tears.

#4 Eye twitches 
No matter how old you are, you have definitely experienced the eye twitch, at least once in your life. Well, you might not be aware of this fact, but the eye twitch can actually be a sign that you are dealing with too much stress in your life. Studies have demonstrated that people who suffer from chronic stress, as well as those who do not sleep enough, present eye twitches more often. In the situation that you present twitches in other parts of your body, it might be necessary to schedule an appointment with a neurologist. You need to make sure that there is no chronic condition involved; otherwise, both the stress and the lack of sleep can be addressed by changing your habits.

#5 Wrinkles 
While wrinkles suggest that your skin is aging, they might also demonstrate that you are not taking good care of yourself. Premature aging, characterized by the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, has been linked to prolonged/chronic sun exposure, dehydration and inadequate skincare. So, if you take a good look at the area around your eyes and you are not satisfied with the general appearance, it is time to make some changes. You need to begin using a hydrating eye cream, preferably one that has high SPF (necessary protection against sun damage). Second, you need to increase your water intake and avoid beverages that have dehydrating properties (alcohol, coffee etc.). Last, but not least, you need to take better care of your skin, following the three general steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

These are just some of the things your eyes can reveal about your health. What matter is that you acknowledge these little signals and take the necessary measures to remedy them. As you have seen, many of them require that you avoid potential allergens or foods that you are intolerant to. Others are based on the idea that you need to protect your eyes, such as using the computer less or shutting off your smartphone from time to time. As for the dark circles and wrinkles, you need to increase your water intake and moisturize your skin on a regular basis.


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Natural Relief from Arthritis - Best Way Stop the Arthritis Pain

If it's time to look for natural relief from arthritis, then you probably know that you need to take your overall health seriously. What we mean by that is in many cases, people who are interested in getting natural relief from arthritis make the wrong choice and they end up with products that might help them to curb the pain, but which end up causing greater problems related to issues such as sleep, heart healthy, and even weight loss. If you want to make sure that you get the best natural relief from arthritis, you need to think about the ingredients and the lifestyle that you want to lead. According to many natural bone and joint health specialists, lifestyle changes are necessary components.

The first thing you have to understand about joint pain supplements relief for arthritis is that it is about a full body or holistic approach to stopping joint pain. The reason you even are looking for natural relief from arthritis is that your body has stopped producing the glucosamine that is necessary for the production of joint cartilage. Without this spongy protection, your joints grind together, creating burning and agitation, swelling, and even a locking up of the joints. These symptoms probably sound familiar to you since they are the reasons people get their natural relief from arthritis. They need to stop the whole painful process.

Arthri-D3 is natural supplement and give the relief from arthritis solutions, you need to take supplements that are natural providers of glucosamine. It's also a good idea to find some stretches and exercise routines that make sense for you. If you are able, bike riding can be an exceptional way to lose weight, improve joint health, and get a great outdoors experience. In the winter, a stationary bike might be your friend in the natural relief from arthritis quest. It's also a good idea to make smart dieting a big part of your natural relief from arthritis plan. Ensure that you are getting proteins and that you are avoiding unnecessary fats and sugars.

If you want to find the best natural relief from arthritis, you need to make sure not to take the fast way out. Instead, go with the long term natural relief from arthritis solutions that include exercise and diet, as well as the use of natural supplements. The best natural relief from arthritis plans are those that complement your body and your lifestyle.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lip Plumpers: To Buy or DIY, Decide Here!

Full lips make you look super feminine and ultra glamorous. There’s a reason that stars like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and Miranda Kerr are known for their luscious lips. It makes you look like you are a fabulous woman who is set to grace the pages of an international magazine. But how to fake having full lips if you aren’t one of the women who are naturally blessed with plump lips? One way to fake having full lips is to use a lip plumper.

Lip plumpers are fortified with ingredients that stimulate the flow of blood to the lips. The stimulation of blood causes the lips become larger and often times darken in color. Many lip plumpers are made with ingredients that aren’t too hard to come by so the situation arises when you have to decide whether or not you should take the chance of doing a DIY project and creating your own lip plumper or whether or not to go out to the store and purchase one. We are giving you a guide that will help you decide what decision to make when it comes to your lip plumper!

The benefits of buying a lip plumper

1. It will save you time
One big benefit of purchasing your lip plumper instead of trying to make it yourself is that you will save yourself a lot of time. Instead of spending time gathering materials, putting them together, and experimenting you can just drive to the store and take one off of the shelves. You might already have a lot of responsibilities on your hands such as school, kids, a home to upkeep, and work. After you get done with all of those chores you may not want to take on a project. You may want just to relax. Going to the beauty supply store or beauty specialty store and just selecting a product may be the best option if you have a lack of time.

2. You will have more options
If you go with a product that is already made you will have a greater range of options when it comes to you, lip plumper. Companies make them in such a wide variety of shades, toners, scents, and intensity levels. All you have to do is decide which variation you like the most and take it home!

3. It’s less risky
This one is big. When you purchase your product, you are taking less of a risk. You should definitely read reviews and make sure that the product is effective and meets your needs before you buy it but if you do your research you will have the backing of a reputable company. The products that make it to the store have been put through multiple trials to make sure that they don’t have harmful effects on the body, perform well, and last long amount of time. You will have the assurance that someone else has already done all of this work. When you make your own product there’s a big chance that it won’t turn out the way that you want it to, unless you're a professional. If you aren’t a beauty professional and just a regular person who’s winging it, then you’re taking a risk. You could end up buying all of the ingredients and it not panning out how you want it to, leaving you with all of the ingredients and nothing to do with them.

The benefits of making a lip plumper

1. It could be therapeutic
One benefit of taking on this project will be that it could be a really fun, therapeutic project. Many people turn to DIY projects and arts and crafts to lessen the amount of stress that they have in their lives and take some time for themselves. It could help you bring out your artsy side and think out of the box. You may even find that you have a hidden skill.

2. You know exactly what is in it
If you are someone who likes to use natural ingredients and limit the amount of chemicals that they put into their body and use on their body, then this option may be best for you. When you make your lip plumper, you are completely in control of the ingredients that go into the product. You can make sure that you are using natural, safe ingredients on your lips.

3. You may save money
If you use common ingredients in your lip scrub, this option may be cheaper. Many from the store can be quite pricey. Just research a wide variety of ingredients and choose those that are easy to find and the least costly.

Now you have all the information to make a decision on whether to buy or make your lip plumper. Both options hold benefits and downsides. Choose the option that works best for you!


Monday, 15 February 2016

Plump Your Lips with These Extra Ordinary Tips

Plump lips are among the features which make a woman feel and look attractive. Nevertheless, not all women have been endowed with such features, so as it is only normal that you might feel frustrated. But, before you despair, there are certain remedies you can resort to, in order to plump your lips. In the paragraphs that follow, we have included some extraordinary tips for you. Do not hesitate to read the entire article and discover how you can have a beautiful set of lips, without too much effort.

#1 Coconut oil 
If you are wondering how to plump your lips, coconut oil might be one of the answers to that question. In fact, coconut oil can solve one of the biggest problems for which your lips do not look as plump as they should: dehydration. When you apply coconut oil at the level of the lips, you ensure that they are properly hydrated, becoming soft and smooth. A weekly application will guarantee a plump aspect of the lips, so do not hesitate to give this natural remedy a try.

#2 Natural scrubs 
The skin, including the one at the level of the lips, goes through a physiological renewal process. As this happens, it is normal for dead skin cells to accumulate on the lips, making them look aged and tired. With a natural scrub, you can restore the healthy-looking aspect of the lips. For example, you mix some brown sugar with a little bit of raw honey and apply the resulting mixture on the lips. In this way, you will exfoliate the lips, not to mention the honey is well-known for its moisturizing properties.

#3 Lip balm before bed
Before you go to sleep, it is a good idea to apply a hydrating lip balm on the lips. Let’s think about it. If you apply moisturizing cream at the level of the face, why should the lips be left out? As these can suffer from dehydration as well, the application of lip balm can easily solve such problems. In the morning, you will notice the difference, as your lips will feel and look soft and plump.

#4 Lemon 
Lemon is well-known for its acidic properties, being often used as an ingredient in lip plumpers. In fact, if you were to read some of the best lip plumper reviews, you would often hear about lemon as a common ingredient. Apart from these products, you can use lemon as a natural remedy for lip plumping. All you have to do is mix it with a little bit of sugar and use it as a scrub. It will eliminate the dead cells accumulate on the lips, plumping them at the same time.

#5 Clove oil 
Clove oil works in a similar manner with coconut oil, being a natural remedy against lip dehydration and a great lip plumper. All you have to do is apply a little bit of clove oil on your lips and you will see that they already appear to be bigger and more beautiful. If you are looking to keep your lips soft and smooth, you can alternate the coconut oil with clove oil.

#6 Almond paste
We often hear about natural remedies being able to restore the natural glow of the skin. Well, if you give almond paste a try, you will be able to enjoy this effect at the level of the lips. You can prepare almond paste in the comfort of your own home or, if you want, you can stick with the store-bought products. Your lips are going to look beautiful, with almond paste adding color and a natural glow to them.

#7 SPF
While this is not exactly news, the lips can suffer from sun damage just like the rest of the skin. This is the reason why you need to protect yourself against the harmful UV rays, using lip balm with high SPF. There are also lipsticks that have SPF included in them, so you can use such products with all the confidence. Also, if possible, make sure to stay out of the sun during the middle of the day (valid for the summer season, when the sun is most powerful). Do not forget to apply SPF lip balm including in the winter or when it is cloudy outside.

If you follow the advice that has been included in this article, soon everyone your notice how plump and beautiful your lips have become. It might be a good idea to refrain from biting or peeling the skin on your lips, as such habits are going to lead to an undesired appearance. Increase your water intake, in order to avoid dehydration and do not forget to moisturize the lips as well. Last, but not least, avoid licking your lips, as this habit can make lip dryness only worse.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Natural Hidden Solutions for Dark Circles Under Eye

Why do I look this tired? What are these dark circles around my eyes? These are probably some questions you have had to ask every time you look yourself in the mirror. Dark circles around the eyes are quite a very minor problem on the skin which may be brought about by working for long hours with a computer, insomnia, long stressful periods, improper diet, crying, dehydration and aging. However, ultimate natural solutions are here to help you get rid of these dark circles around the eyes. Some ideal home remedies include:

1. Cucumber Pieces
Cucumber has a chemical composition known as astringent which makes it efficient in eliminating dark circles around the eye. Astringent gives cucumber the ability to lighten and fix dark circles. In addition, cucumber gives a relaxed and confident effect. Cut the cucumber into thick pieces about 3 or 4 centimeters wide. Place the cucumber under low temperatures in a refrigerator or with ice for about thirty minutes. Put the pieces around the dark circles for about ten minutes and rinse off with water. Repeat the procedure twice in a day probably in the morning and evening. For a period of about one week, you will have great results with a lightened area around your eyes.

Additionally, make a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber in the ratio of 1:1. Use cotton buds to apply the mixture around the dark circles under the eyes. After 15 minutes, rinse it off with cold water. Follow this procedure for about one week to achieve maximum results.

2. Raw Potato
The juice of potatoes contains a bleaching agent due to the structure of their amino acids. The ability of the potato juice to bleach brightens the skin which helps in removing the dark circles under your eyes. Extract the juice from the potato through grating. Dip cotton wool in the juice and apply to the dark circles with your eyes closed. Ensure that all dark circles are covered by the juice including the eyelids. After ten minutes, rinse the juice off with cold water. Run the procedure for a period of two weeks and enjoy the results. Alternatively, you can cut thick potato slices and rub the juice around the eyes for two weeks. This should be done twice in a day.

3. Rose Water
Rose water contains astringent which has lightening effect giving the skin a brighter look. The water from a rose is the best ingredient to tone the skin and hence an ultimate solution to the dark circles around your eyes.  This water is made by heating fresh roses in water to about ten degrees Celsius. This enables astringent to dissolve in the warm water.  Put cotton wool into the water and allow it to soak. Remove the soaked cotton wool and apply it slowly on the dark circles surrounding your eyes with the eyelids closed. Rinse off the rose water after ten minutes. Do this for a few weeks at a routine of twice daily. Be sure of great results.

4. Tomato Juice
Tomato juice lightens the skin in a great way than you may expect. The bleaching agent in tomatoes helps in lightening the dark circles. Create a mixture of tomato and lemon juice. Ensure that when creating the mixture, you use half the amount of lemon to that of tomato.  Massage the mixture gently on the dark circles for about ten minutes.  Rinse off the mixture with warm water. Repeat the routine continuously for a period of about two weeks.

5. Almond Oil
Almond is one of the best ingredients to fade the dark circles that form around the eyes.  Apply the oil before sleeping and rinse it off in the morning. Any oil containing Vitamin E can act as a substitute for almond oil. Results are expected after about two weeks.

6. Mint Herbs
Mint leaves contain an Astringent and properties to kill germs. Mint gives a cool sensation. Grind mint herbs and apply the paste on the dark circles below the eyes. This should be left to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes before rising with cold water. Lemon juice can be added for effectiveness.

7. Castor Oil
Castor oil contains fatty acids, ricinoleic acid and anti-inflammatory agents. Apply the oil before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. This should be done for a period of about two weeks on a daily routine.

Dark circles shouldn’t lower your esteem. In fact, they should motivate you to have a new good look.  The problem is minor and can be solved using home remedies which will save you artificial creams which are expensive and totally confusing. Through these homemade remedies you will be able to evade carcinogens from creams and live a brilliant and healthy life.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to Choose the Best Eye Cream for Every Age?

The skin around the eye is the hardest skin to take care of. First it is very sensitive and close to a very delicate organ. You do not just pick on any cream and use it on the skin close to the eye without taking a closer look at the ingredients. With a single simple mistake, you could go blind if a dangerous chemical got into your eye. Also, the skin is very thin than the skin in the other parts of the face. It is even worse considering that it has the fewest oil glands. This leaves this part of the skin looking dry and thus tends to age and show signs of aging very early. Many times, the lines under the eyes are said to be a way of showing what kind of a person you are, your character and if you are a humorous and warm person. All the same, nobody wants to have these aging signs and worse is when they start to show very early in life. However, you do not have to worry as there is a way to take care of these wrinkles at whatever age. The secret is making the right choice on the cream to use.

Look for cream that hydrates 
Because of the few oil glands on the skin beneath the eyes, the skin there tends to be very dry all the time. These makes the skin cells beneath the loose skin water and shrink in size. This leaves the skin very loose and sagging. The sagging skin will lead to wrinkles. Applying eye creams with moisturizing effect keeps your skin moisturized. The cells do not loose water and they remain of size and turgid, and they fit perfectly with the skin leaving no sagging skin. A dry skin is also vulnerable to breaking. And now that the skin under the eyes is very thin, it will break easily. A moisturizer cream will keep the skin hydrated and protect it from breaking. This will help reduce discoloration under the eyes, itching and irritation. Creams with moisturizers are necessary at all ages.

Choose a cream made specifically for sensitive skin
Under the eyes is amazingly sensitive skin and thin than in the other parts of the eye.  Therefore, not all creams will be good around this region. You need to read the labels of all creams carefully before purchase to check out for any chemicals that cause skin irritation. Irritation leads to a lot of rubbing which may result in a bag under eyes. It is important to be on the lookout for creams that are said to be sensitive. In case you are not sure ask around from family members and colleagues for product reviews. This way, am sure you will get a perfect cream for your eyes.

Go for eye creams that address you particular needs
 When going to a store to purchase cream, have your specific need in mind. This will save you the risk of spending your money on a product that will not help you in any way. There are many brands of creams available on the market today, and they all address different needs. Creams that will address wrinkles and sagging may not be effective to treat under-eye circles. Therefore, make sure that you purchase cream for your specific need. Because of demand, many companies now are making products that solve a combination of problems. However, you need to be careful with such products as most of them are scammers. They just want to exploit your money because they know that advertisements may lead to selling even when the products are useless.

Be careful to read and understand the ingredients list
Read the list of ingredients carefully. Check for any chemicals that you could be allergic to. Remember that we have said that under the eyes is very sensitive skin and therefore even a slight trace of a chemical that you are allergic to will cause havoc to your skin. Reading the list will also make sure that you choose the right cream that has all the ingredients to serve your particular needs. Just to help, water should be the major ingredient in most of the creams. Water is essential to hydrate the skin. It is also important to go for creams that are made of natural ingredients. They work great and are gentle on sensitive areas like the skin around the eyes. Most natural ingredients also contain large quantities of antioxidants that are helpful with many problems around the eye. So, irrespective of the age, be keen to know your skin needs and get the right cream.

The bottom line here is that you have to be keen with the cream that you use on the skin under the eyes. This will save you from problems with itching and irritation. Better still you will get results and value for your money.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Know the Life Cycle of Beautiful Eyelashes

The eyelashes have a main role which is to protect the eye from damage caused by dust, insects and also facilitates the opening and closing of the lashes. They are also used to maintain beauty, especially by women. Thick and long eyelashes enhance a person’s beauty hence try to make then long and thick. You can use natural ways or the artificial which are use of mascara to maintain the thickness and also the false lashes to maintain both thick and long lashes. Maintained eyelashes make one look unique hence drawing a lot of attention from all the people that you meet.

The following are life cycle stages of beautiful eyelashes;
1. Anagen (Growth) phase
This is also known as growth phase. It is where the lashes are actively growing. Lashes at this stage need to be taken much care to prevent them from falling out such as, the home remedies for eyelash growth. You need to apply several home remedies for thick and long eyelashes. At this stage, lashes look beautiful since they are growing nicely thick and long. The stage lasts between 30-45 days depending on how well you treat your lashes. Consider visiting beautician to ensure that the remedies you apply on your lashes have no side effect on your eye.

2. Catagen (Transition) phase
This is where the lashes are no longer growing. Hence, the hair follicle starts shrinking. It is also called transition phase. The eyelash can fall out at this stage since they cannot grow back because the follicle has to complete the Catagen phase for it to move to the next one. At this stage you are supposed to avoid too much makeup around the eye which is what causes eyelash to fall out leaving your eyelids too painful and very difficult to open and close.

3. Telogen (Resting) phase
At this phase eyelash are at rest hence also referred to resting phase.

How you can get beautiful eyelashes?
I. Remove eye makeup before you sleep
Every day before you retire to your bed removes all the eye makeup to enable eyelash to have a fresh air. This will also inhibit the fast growth of lashes since cleanliness will open the blocked hair follicles. This makes the growth become faster than you thought.

II. Apply olive oil
Make sure that the olive oil is pure. This will enhance the growth of thick lashes within the first 2 weeks, which will be done twice a day by use of a clean cotton wool. After the 2 weeks do not stop applying but rather, continue with the process till the lashes become long as you wished. You will only be required to apply the oil to prevent eyelash loss which will be once on a weekly basis.

III. Use petroleum jelly
This is natural oil extracted from nuts which has a very positive impact in relation to the eyelash growth. The oil prevents rapid loss of eyelashes caused by infection hence making you have less risk of losing all your eyelashes. Make use of the petroleum jelly twice in a day which will not only make your lashes thick and long but also shiny

IV. Trim your eyelashes
This is another best way of maintaining beauty through your eyelashes. It is advantageous since you will not use so much cost while just using eyelashes as a major source of beauty. In case you are maintaining them naturally you will be guaranteed to use less of your money on beauty. This is because maintaining eyelashes are unique hence this will be an achievement too. You will be glad that after trimming the lashes they will become thicker and longer within the shortest period ever. In case, you cannot trim them by yourself, ensure that you seek for help from a qualified beautician or a friend who have experience. It is amazing how fast the eyelashes will grow long making you enjoy the experience. Avoid plucking the lashes since it can delay the growth or even make a permanent loss whereby you will be supposed to use the false lashes.                                                                                                
V. Proper diet
Take a balanced diet plan which enables faster hair growth in your body. Avoid junk foods which delay the growth of hair by blocking the hair follicles using fat. You may notice that your hair takes too long to grow, which is caused by too much fat. Try exercise which will help reduce fat and enhance fast hair growth. Let your diet be inclusive of many vegetables, at least, a fruit per meal and 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. This procedure will enhance the faster growth of lashes and your hair which will be looking healthy and longer.

Do not be outdated, rather learn how to maintain your eyelashes to look more beautiful.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

When Should You Throw Out Your Sunscreen? Does Sunscreen Expire?

Initially, let's just say 'YES';  You should throw away any old or expired sunscreens as they may simply be less efficient for protection.  Let's face it; using sunscreen is so much safer than total exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.  Anyway, you look at it, you are exposed daily to some form of ultraviolet radiation, whether it be ultraviolet A (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UBA).  Too much exposure to either of these common forms of ultraviolet radiation can result in possible life-threatening conditions.  With that in mind, why wouldn't you want the best possible protection for you and your family?

The Need For Protection
It seems that over 90% of the ultraviolet radiation that we are exposed to is in the form of ultraviolet A (UVA), while most of the ultraviolet B (UVB) is absorbed into the ozone layer.  Unfortunately, any exposure to these forms of radiation is considered carcinogenic to humans, so a safe sunscreen protection is always needed in one form or another.

During the daylight hours, the Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays are more prevalent.  These are the rays that are credited with more problems of aging skin and wrinkles, possibly due to their presence even on cloudy days.  On the other hand, Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays are present year round. Due to this, they are more damaging to the outer epidermal layers, often causing the common sunburn.

It's this damage, and often subtle damage, that makes ultraviolet rays so dangerous for us as many of us do not realize the damage is occurring until it's too late.

Life-cycle of Sunscreens
Most sunscreens are a combination of many physical and inorganic substances that reflect and/or diffuse ultraviolet rays.  Of course, this is in addition to fragrances, emulsifiers, preservatives and a host of other additives that make the product more inviting to the consumer.  While the bulk of these ingredients are harmless to most of us, use caution when purchasing by reading the labels and understanding any possible reactions you may have to an ingredient.  One such ingredient that you may need to approach with caution is an ingredient like oxybenzone, with enhances the penetration of those harmful rays. That deeper exposure can cause a great tan now, but some serious repercussions later in the form of irreversible skin damage.   A quicker tan isn't always a better tan.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that as with many over-the-counter drugs (OTC), which sunscreens are considered, most have an expiration date for a reason.  Sunscreens have a general life-cycle of three years, but storage conditions may alter that timeframe.  If your sunscreen has been kept in a dark, cool environment usage past three years may be acceptable. However, if you keep your sunscreen in the glovebox of the car, you may want to toss it after the first year!

Another test for your sunscreen is: Has it separated?  If your sunscreen was once a soft, creamy substance and now comes out with a watery or gritty goo, toss it!  It would seem obvious that the emulsifier has lost it's touch and you have a product that just isn't a safe sunscreen anymore.
Otherwise, a safe rule of thumb is not to use past an expiration date, and if you do, no more than 6 months afterwards. Here are a few reasons why to be safe than sorry:

Did you know that in their lifetime, some 1 in 5  Americans will develop a form of skin cancer?
That one statistic results in almost 5 million people in the United States alone that will receive treatment for some form of wrinkles and skin cancer.

Out of those treated, those resulting in melanomas are 4% in women, and 5% in men.  That's quite an outstanding statistic alone.

Additionally, some 90% of all non-melanoma cancers (skin) are due in one form or another to exposure of harmful ultraviolet rays.

So, if you are among the millions out there who have worshipped the sun with or without sunscreens, you have probably already seen some of the results with such things as:

  • Moles
  • Wrinkles and excessive wrinkling
  • Freckles 
  • Blemishes
  • Benign Tumors 
  • Aging

By using a high SPF sunscreen now, you can slow down those effects and begin protection today.  The higher the SPF, the better your results, but no higher than 50 as it has no proven effectivity.  Additionally, adding certain vitamins to your diet will help as well.   For instance, Vitamin E helps to protect cells and their membranes, thus preventing damage.  Vitamin C is also effective in repairing damage caused by free radicals.

As with anything as pertains your health, knowledge is powerful and the more you can learn the more powerful you will be at protecting your health and the health of your family.