Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Product Review: Multiflex Excel - What You Need To Know!

What is Multiflex Excel?

Multiflex Excel
Multiflex Excel improves joint function, flexibility and stiffness. It claims to prevent joint breakdown and offer shock absorption. It combines different powerful herbs with modern nutrients that are proven scientifically. Multiflex range of products has been developed and they can be used individually or in combination with one another. 

Multiflex capsules are made to relief strained muscles, neck pain; back pain as well as arthritic pain. It also includes pain relieving cream that is applied topically to help relieve your joints. Joint Repair Excel powder helps the body to make new tissues. All these three products provide great benefits to your joint problems. These products are reasonably priced and said to have a money back guarantee.

Key Ingredients

The list of ingredients is quite long.

Multiflex capsules contains Chondroitin sulfate, Glucosamine sulfate KCL, Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root extract, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract, MSM Methylsulfonylmethane), Turmeric (curcuma longa) root extract, Noni (Morinda citfifolia) fruit extract, Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) root extract, Bosmellia (Boswellia serrata) gum resin extract and Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) bark extract. 


• The capsules relieve chronic pain of arthritis, knee pain, and also joint inflammation
• It has a money back guarantee
• There are customer reviews on the official website


• It contains derivate of shellfish
• This product has not been proven scientifically


To begin with, take 2 capsules twice daily for about 14 days and reduce it to one capsule twice a day for maintaining healthy joints. 

Are there any Multiflex Side effects?

This product contains shellfish derivative, glucosamine and chondroitin that can cause certain negative side effects. Glucosamine can cause side effects such as heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headache, skin reactions and drowsiness. 


Multiflex Excel relieves joint pain and inflammation and there is a range of products that can be used in coordination for this purpose. The official website provides each and every detail of the products. The capsules are made up of natural and effective ingredients that provide comfort from strained muscles, back and neck. The doses are mild and can be taken conveniently every day.  

The product also contains shellfish derivative that are known for causing certain allergies. The company offers a money back guarantee but the terms and conditions are not well explained. You can take the caps along with Joint Repair Excel powder for better results.


Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Nutrition Facts Label: Original vs Proposed

For at least once, all in this world read the label found on most food packages. They give you detail about the serving present in the product. Many understand this and some may not. Many are mostly concern about the calories they are taking per serving and many just check the content. This label is known as-"The Nutrition Facts label" which was introduced 20 years ago by FDA. The objective to introduce the Nutrition Fact Label was to give firsthand information about food choices to consumer so that they can opt for healthy dietary practice by choosing the best for them.

New Nutrition Facts Label - What You Must Know!

Now, let's have a look over the changes made in "The Nutrition Facts label". It is now just a proposed plan, not being conformed. It is under a 90-day period for comments before being finalized.

Let's have a look over the proposed changes made by FDA:

1. Give complete detail about the "added sugars."

2. Update daily values for any nutrients present in the product.

For Example:
  • Mandatory to declare value of Potassium and Vitamin D.
  • Calcium and iron would continue to be present in the label detail.
  • Vitamins A and C will continue to be on voluntary basis.
3. Percent Daily Value must be listed on the label.

4.  "Calories from Fat" detail is removed. However the details of "Total Fat", "Trans Fat" and "Saturated Fat," will be present on the label.

5. Updating the serving size:
  • Serving size need to reflect how people actually eat and drink today, but not what they should eat and drink.
  • Giving details about the single serving packaged foods, including drinks or beverages.
6. Design Refreshed:
  • Details of Percent Daily Value will be present in the left of the label.
  • Changes done in the footnote.
What Experts are saying about theses changes?

Many say that it is going to a good change and some say that it is not going to make huge difference in the thinking of people those who just read the labels.  

Connie Diekman, director of university nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis says,- "I think the biggest is the serving size, especially if it moves to something more realistic." 

Shelley Wishnick of the Friedman Diabetes Institute at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York says,- "Even though the portion sizes are being adjusted to reflect American diets, it doesn't mean we should be eating larger portion sizes." 

Ref - http://www.wanttonews.com/faq-new-nutrition-facts-label-n2192250.html


The most talked about changes made in the label are:
  • The Calories will be shown in Bolder. Ease to see and read.
  • Serving size is update.
  • Sugar present in the pack is explained in detail.
  • Details of Percent Daily Value will be present in the left of the label.



Saturday, 1 March 2014

Synflex Liquid Glucosamine - Are You Aware of Synflex Side Effects?

Synflex Liquid Glucosamine for Arthritis
Synflex may be a brand for a series of supplements accustomed treat inflammatory disease pain and maintain the health of body's joints. The medications don't contain steroids and square measure on the market while not prescribed. In 2 basic forms-a liquid taken orally and a roll-on gel and are made by Synflex America, Inc., of Punta Gorda, Florida.


Synflex product sold in food stores, veterinary offices. They're not sold in major retailers, however square measure on the market through a range of sources on-line.

Active Ingredients

Synflex uses liquid glucosamine, a preferred ingredient in medicines accustomed treat joint pain. Glucosamine is of course occurring and is found in traditional gristle. Analysis has shown that glucosamine has been effective within the treatment of arthritis, particularly within the knee.

Sorts of Products

Most of Synflex's items are taken orally within liquid kind. The organization has made many different formulas regarding human use, as well for animal method in a couple of flavors. Synflex is available in a roll-on adhere, similar to help deodorant, for quick pain relief.

Forms of Merchandise

Most of Synflex's products are generally taken in liquid form. The organization possesses made a variety of formulations about human being employ, as well pertaining to procedure inside a number of flavors. Synflex can be found in a new roll-on hold, similar to aid deodorant, pertaining to quick treatment.

Synflex Possible Side Effects

Allergic Habits to Chitin

Each time getting Synflex, traders who definitely are allergic to help shellfish should pay out exclusive knowing of any developing signs and symptoms of which looking glass their own hypersensitivity. Through unusual instances, patients with hypersensitivity may be encountering a new a reaction to this carbs chitin from crustaceans, rather than more popular allergy-inducing amino acids. Glucosamine, probably the most visible element in Synflex, hails from chitin. Contact a medical expert in case any kind of signs and symptoms glimpse.

People getting Diabetes

Your high information associated with glucosamine in Synflex might drastically increase the number of glucose as part of your bloodstream. Customers getting diabetes have to verify their own blood glucose ranges regularly in order to avoid hazardous instability inside blood glucose ranges. Possibly destructive effects associated with high blood glucose ranges (also often known as hyperglycemia) consist of quick in addition to serious need, increased urination, nausea, headache, dry pores and skin in addition to confused eye-sight.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Synflex is made up of considerable amounts with the factor naproxen that is certainly occasionally linked with gastrointestinal issue. People using a record associated with gastric complications, irritable colorectal symptoms as well as cirrhosis while using the liver may be from possibility pertaining to intestinal tract bleeding as well as ulceration. The danger will be superior inside aged people as well as the going for a really high day-to-day dose while using the item.

Exercise Risk

Naproxen can be an anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal portion of Synflex and also the chance is extremely lower, related drugs happen to be of a slight increase inside the chance associated with center affect, stroke, heart disease and also center disappointment. The danger improves inside people that smoke. In case, you have a record associated with coronary disease, it is really encouraged that you just seek advice from your current medical professional ahead of getting Synflex.


Synflex has only limited distribution, so there are few if any online evaluations not linked directly with the company's main website, distributors or other sites registered by the drug's makers. There are lots of visible side effects seen after this products, it's better to look forward which would serve better for you.