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Product Review - ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula

What Is ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula?
It is a dietary supplement made with herbal ingredients for improving joint health. The formula uses ingredients that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It also helps reduce joint pain by addressing inflammation which is one of the primary causes of joint discomfort. The formula also helps improve circulation to assist in reducing inflammation for optimum pain relief. It also works to support healthy cartilage and improve joint strength.

Manufacturer Information

ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula is from Tango Advanced Nutrition which is a company that offers different herbal formulations designed by scientists and herbal experts. The company offers a broad range of formulations but Tango Advanced Nutrition is not well-known in the supplement industry and it still doesn't have an established reputation. 

What's in ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula?

One of the supplement's active ingredients is Gastrodia (Tian Ma) which has been shown to offer novel pain relief through anti-inflammatory effects. Another ingredient is Rehmannia (Shi Di Huang) which contains catapol, an iridoid glycoside that helps protect dopaminergic neurons by inhibiting microglial activation. The formula also includes Tang-kuei (BaiZhi) which is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that also contains potent antioxidants which help protect joint cells. It also contains Notoperygium (QiangHuo) which is traditionally used to relieve aching limbs and joints. 

ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula also contains Eucommia (Du Zhong) which strengthens the bones and muscles. Traditionally, it is used to relieve lower back and leg discomfort. Chinese Ligusticum (Gao Ben) is another ingredient which reduces inflammation to relieve joint pain. The formula also includes Cythula (Niu Xi) to relieve joint discomfort and swelling caused by collagen issues. It also contains Scrophularia (XuanShen) which inhibits several inflammatory factors to relieve joint pain. The last active ingredient is Aconite (Fu Zi) which contains BLA, a compound that reduces sodium channel currents thus blocking the over-activity of pain signals. 

Advantages of ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula

  • The supplement doesn't contain dangerous chemical ingredients. 
  • It is made with natural ingredients only. 
  • Some active ingredients are clinically proven to be effective. 
  • Most ingredients have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. 

Disadvantages of ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula

  • There is no proof that the supplement really works. 
  • It has not undergone thorough safety testing.
  • It is not from an established supplement company. 
  • There is no free trial or money back guarantee. 
  • Some users experienced side effects, such as stomach upset, after using this natural joint support formula. 
Recommended Use

Take 2 capsules two to four times daily depending on the severity of your joint pain. 

Possible Side Effects!

Do not take ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula if you are on the blood thinning medication Warfarin. To prevent adverse interactions with medication, take 2 hours apart from any kind of medication. Make sure you're not hypersensitive to any of the ingredients before use. 

Expert Opinion

The formulation of ArthriPhase is above average because of the fact that most active ingredients are clinically proven to be effective. However, the main problem is the lack of clinical testing done on the product itself. Thus, there is no substantial evidence that it is effective or safe. It is a product worth trying but there are better formulations on the market that are actually proven to be effective. 

User Feedback

I've been suffering from joint pain specifically on my knees and ankles for years because of my obesity. I'm currently trying to lose weight by restricting food intake and jogging 5 times a week. The exercise is making my joint pain worse so I'm experimenting with different joint pain supplements. ArthriPhase is nothing special and it didn't deliver substantial results. There are better products that offered better pain relief. This is just an average formulation and I won't bother buying again. John C., Baltimore

I like this product and have been using it for about a year already. It is expensive but I think it is worth the price. I was suffering from mild joint pain on my wrist and knees from the cold weather and due to my age and I think ArthriPhase solved my problem. It is a good product and I recommend it to anyone suffering from joint pain or discomfort. – Mary J., Anchorage 

Bottom Line

All in all, ArthriPhase Natural Joint Support Formula is nothing extraordinary when it comes to joint pain relief. The formulation includes ingredients that are backed by clinical studies but the main problem is the lack of testing done on the supplement. There is actually no evidence that the product works aside from the positive reviews from some users. There are many better options on the market that are more effective.

Where To Find It
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Product Review - Aquaflexin Natural Joint Supplement

Aquaflexin Review

Aquaflexin is a natural supplement that combines powerful ingredients that help to ease joint pain and inflammation. It claims to improve joint flexibility as well as protect your joints by providing essential nutrients that are required to maintain healthy joints. It claims to reduce all types of joint discomforts in just a few days and is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. But the results may vary, some people experience relief just after taking the capsules while others have to wait for months to notice any positive results. 

Ingredients and how do they function

Aquaflexin contains high quality ingredients that have been properly balanced to provide maximum comfort from joint pain.

It works with the help of its following key ingredients:

Paractin: It is an extract of the medicinal herb Andrographis Paniculata. It helps to improve your immune system and cut off signals that are responsible to cause joint pain and inflammation. It is also known to provide real cardiovascular benefits.

Hyaluronic Acid: It makes your joints flexible by acting as a lubricant in the joint tissues. It repairs damaged tissues that surrounds painful joints as well as improves the cartilage resiliency.

Benefits of Aquaflexin
  • It helps to increase joint flexibility and mobility
  • It contains effective ingredients that relieves joint pain and inflammation
  • It cushions and hydrates joints to provide long lasting pain relief
  • It is non - habit forming and helps to relieve arthritis pain, knee pain and back pain
Drawbacks of Aquaflexin
  • It is not available at retail stores
  • Aquaflexin is not evaluated by FDA
Are there any side effects?

Aquaflexin is possibly safe and can be used by anyone suffering from joint pain. But it is not for pregnant or nursing woman and individuals under 18 years of age. 


It is recommended to take one to two capsules every day with meal. Take a healthy diet to provide essential nutrients to your body as with age the body becomes deficient of many healthy nutrients.

Final Words

Aquaflexin is a natural joint pain reliever that helps to improve joint flexibility; it can be used by individuals of any age suffering from joint inflammation and other discomforts. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee but this product is not evaluated by FDA which can be a serious concern for many individuals.


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Meet a 13 yr old Battling Arthritis and How You Can Help

1.2 million people are affected by it in Alabama alone, and that's not counting the 5 to 6 thousand children in Alabama who have it. It's arthritis. 

Meet Meredith Burtron-- a spunky and smiley 13 year old.
But you'd never guess she has been battling arthritis since she was almost 4 years old.

"With my body, I'll start using the medicine and it works well and it gets to a high peak and then it starts to drop off and eventually it stops helping me manage my pain," said Burton.

Over the years she has taken injections in her knee and jaw.
And driven many miles to get her treatments.

"Her family would get in the van early early early in the morning, drive all the way to Emory, wait to be seen, and drive all the way back," said Lisa Hemphill, Regional Development Director of the Arthritis Foundation.

Thanks to the Alabama Arthritis Foundation and funds they have raised, there are now 5 pediatric rheumatoid arthritis specialists in Birmingham.
And they are helping people like Meredith get the treatment they need.
But they still need help to find a cure!

Join Alabama News Network Saturday at 9:30 at Blount Cultural Park as we Walk to Cure Arthritis.
For more information, click here

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Vitegriflex Review - Is It Really Safe To Use?

What is Vitegriflex?

Vitegriflex is another natural joint health supplement that claims to reduce joint pain, inflammation as well as to increase flexibility and motion without causing any discomfort. It is made up of botanical and natural herbs that target the main causes of joint pain and inflammation. It contains effective nutrients such as MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine that support joint health. This product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Vitegriflex Ingredients and How do they work?

Vitegriflex is a proprietary blend of the following ingredients that have multi-symptom effects to reduce inflammation and joint pain in the people suffering from arthritis.

Chondroitin Sulfate - Chondroitin is very effective for reducing pain and inflammation when given together with glucosamine. It is highly beneficial for people affected by arthritis. It also aid in rebuilding cartilage and lessen joint discomfort.

Glucosamine Sulfate - This ingredient is known as a best alternative to NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs). It helps to maintain healthy cartilage that provides cushioning between the bones. It remarkably reduces pain and increase lubrication between the joints.

MSM - MSM can work synergistically with glucosamine, chondroitin to help ease joint discomfort, muscle aches and pain because of osteoarthritis.

Rutin - Rutin is known for its anti-oxidant properties and so it is a key ingredient of Vitegriflex. It helps to solve the problems of arthritis sufferers.

Indian Frankincense Gum Extract (Boswellia Serrata) - This ingredient has been used since a very long time and has been studied to see its effectiveness in people experiencing mild knee osteoarthritis as well as repairs damaged cartilage.

Cat's Claw Bark Powder
- Cat's Claw contains active substances such as tannins, alkaloids as well as photochemical that may prevent damage to the body cells. 

Trypsin - Pancreas produces trypsin which is a proteolytic enzyme whose main function is to dissolve proteins. It is used in this product with a purpose of giving comfort from inflammation and joint pain.

- Bromelain reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis. It is highly effective for reducing joint pain and inflammation when it is taken in combination with rutin.

Benefits of Vitegriflex

  1. It enhances lubrication and makes the movements easier in sore and stiff joints
  2. It provides support to your bones and improves joint health
  3. You get a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product
  4. It provides beneficial ingredients to the body that are proven to support joint health
  1. It takes a very long time to show results
  2. The results that it gives are temporary
  3. Joint pain, inflammation and other arthritis symptoms may return if you stop taking this product
  • Vitegriflex users have reported seeing results within one or two weeks but it may take up to a month for providing full effect.
  • The recommended dosage is two tablets twice regularly.
Precautionary Warnings!

If you have food allergies or any other medical conditions, then you cannot take Vitegriflex. It contains chondroitin and glucosamine that can cause certain side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, heartburn, headache, diarrhea, constipation and skin reactions. This product can cause allergic reactions in people who cannot tolerate shellfish.

My Final Words

Vitegriflex is mainly designed for people suffering from arthritis, it prevents degradation and promote cartilage repair. It claims to be a multi-action joint support product that targets the root cause of joint pain and inflammation. This product is not scientifically tested and so there are not many users who got effective results while using it 

Where To Find It
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Product Review: Multiflex Excel - What You Need To Know!

What is Multiflex Excel?

Multiflex Excel
Multiflex Excel improves joint function, flexibility and stiffness. It claims to prevent joint breakdown and offer shock absorption. It combines different powerful herbs with modern nutrients that are proven scientifically. Multiflex range of products has been developed and they can be used individually or in combination with one another. 

Multiflex capsules are made to relief strained muscles, neck pain; back pain as well as arthritic pain. It also includes pain relieving cream that is applied topically to help relieve your joints. Joint Repair Excel powder helps the body to make new tissues. All these three products provide great benefits to your joint problems. These products are reasonably priced and said to have a money back guarantee.

Key Ingredients

The list of ingredients is quite long.

Multiflex capsules contains Chondroitin sulfate, Glucosamine sulfate KCL, Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root extract, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract, MSM Methylsulfonylmethane), Turmeric (curcuma longa) root extract, Noni (Morinda citfifolia) fruit extract, Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) root extract, Bosmellia (Boswellia serrata) gum resin extract and Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) bark extract. 


• The capsules relieve chronic pain of arthritis, knee pain, and also joint inflammation
• It has a money back guarantee
• There are customer reviews on the official website


• It contains derivate of shellfish
• This product has not been proven scientifically


To begin with, take 2 capsules twice daily for about 14 days and reduce it to one capsule twice a day for maintaining healthy joints. 

Are there any Multiflex Side effects?

This product contains shellfish derivative, glucosamine and chondroitin that can cause certain negative side effects. Glucosamine can cause side effects such as heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headache, skin reactions and drowsiness. 


Multiflex Excel relieves joint pain and inflammation and there is a range of products that can be used in coordination for this purpose. The official website provides each and every detail of the products. The capsules are made up of natural and effective ingredients that provide comfort from strained muscles, back and neck. The doses are mild and can be taken conveniently every day.  

The product also contains shellfish derivative that are known for causing certain allergies. The company offers a money back guarantee but the terms and conditions are not well explained. You can take the caps along with Joint Repair Excel powder for better results.


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New Nutrition Facts Label: Original vs Proposed

For at least once, all in this world read the label found on most food packages. They give you detail about the serving present in the product. Many understand this and some may not. Many are mostly concern about the calories they are taking per serving and many just check the content. This label is known as-"The Nutrition Facts label" which was introduced 20 years ago by FDA. The objective to introduce the Nutrition Fact Label was to give firsthand information about food choices to consumer so that they can opt for healthy dietary practice by choosing the best for them.

New Nutrition Facts Label - What You Must Know!

Now, let's have a look over the changes made in "The Nutrition Facts label". It is now just a proposed plan, not being conformed. It is under a 90-day period for comments before being finalized.

Let's have a look over the proposed changes made by FDA:

1. Give complete detail about the "added sugars."

2. Update daily values for any nutrients present in the product.

For Example:
  • Mandatory to declare value of Potassium and Vitamin D.
  • Calcium and iron would continue to be present in the label detail.
  • Vitamins A and C will continue to be on voluntary basis.
3. Percent Daily Value must be listed on the label.

4.  "Calories from Fat" detail is removed. However the details of "Total Fat", "Trans Fat" and "Saturated Fat," will be present on the label.

5. Updating the serving size:
  • Serving size need to reflect how people actually eat and drink today, but not what they should eat and drink.
  • Giving details about the single serving packaged foods, including drinks or beverages.
6. Design Refreshed:
  • Details of Percent Daily Value will be present in the left of the label.
  • Changes done in the footnote.
What Experts are saying about theses changes?

Many say that it is going to a good change and some say that it is not going to make huge difference in the thinking of people those who just read the labels.  

Connie Diekman, director of university nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis says,- "I think the biggest is the serving size, especially if it moves to something more realistic." 

Shelley Wishnick of the Friedman Diabetes Institute at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York says,- "Even though the portion sizes are being adjusted to reflect American diets, it doesn't mean we should be eating larger portion sizes." 

Ref -


The most talked about changes made in the label are:
  • The Calories will be shown in Bolder. Ease to see and read.
  • Serving size is update.
  • Sugar present in the pack is explained in detail.
  • Details of Percent Daily Value will be present in the left of the label.


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Synflex Liquid Glucosamine - Are You Aware of Synflex Side Effects?

Synflex Liquid Glucosamine for Arthritis
Synflex may be a brand for a series of supplements accustomed treat inflammatory disease pain and maintain the health of body's joints. The medications don't contain steroids and square measure on the market while not prescribed. In 2 basic forms-a liquid taken orally and a roll-on gel and are made by Synflex America, Inc., of Punta Gorda, Florida.


Synflex product sold in food stores, veterinary offices. They're not sold in major retailers, however square measure on the market through a range of sources on-line.

Active Ingredients

Synflex uses liquid glucosamine, a preferred ingredient in medicines accustomed treat joint pain. Glucosamine is of course occurring and is found in traditional gristle. Analysis has shown that glucosamine has been effective within the treatment of arthritis, particularly within the knee.

Sorts of Products

Most of Synflex's items are taken orally within liquid kind. The organization has made many different formulas regarding human use, as well for animal method in a couple of flavors. Synflex is available in a roll-on adhere, similar to help deodorant, for quick pain relief.

Forms of Merchandise

Most of Synflex's products are generally taken in liquid form. The organization possesses made a variety of formulations about human being employ, as well pertaining to procedure inside a number of flavors. Synflex can be found in a new roll-on hold, similar to aid deodorant, pertaining to quick treatment.

Synflex Possible Side Effects

Allergic Habits to Chitin

Each time getting Synflex, traders who definitely are allergic to help shellfish should pay out exclusive knowing of any developing signs and symptoms of which looking glass their own hypersensitivity. Through unusual instances, patients with hypersensitivity may be encountering a new a reaction to this carbs chitin from crustaceans, rather than more popular allergy-inducing amino acids. Glucosamine, probably the most visible element in Synflex, hails from chitin. Contact a medical expert in case any kind of signs and symptoms glimpse.

People getting Diabetes

Your high information associated with glucosamine in Synflex might drastically increase the number of glucose as part of your bloodstream. Customers getting diabetes have to verify their own blood glucose ranges regularly in order to avoid hazardous instability inside blood glucose ranges. Possibly destructive effects associated with high blood glucose ranges (also often known as hyperglycemia) consist of quick in addition to serious need, increased urination, nausea, headache, dry pores and skin in addition to confused eye-sight.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Synflex is made up of considerable amounts with the factor naproxen that is certainly occasionally linked with gastrointestinal issue. People using a record associated with gastric complications, irritable colorectal symptoms as well as cirrhosis while using the liver may be from possibility pertaining to intestinal tract bleeding as well as ulceration. The danger will be superior inside aged people as well as the going for a really high day-to-day dose while using the item.

Exercise Risk

Naproxen can be an anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal portion of Synflex and also the chance is extremely lower, related drugs happen to be of a slight increase inside the chance associated with center affect, stroke, heart disease and also center disappointment. The danger improves inside people that smoke. In case, you have a record associated with coronary disease, it is really encouraged that you just seek advice from your current medical professional ahead of getting Synflex.


Synflex has only limited distribution, so there are few if any online evaluations not linked directly with the company's main website, distributors or other sites registered by the drug's makers. There are lots of visible side effects seen after this products, it's better to look forward which would serve better for you.


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Blessed Herbs Joint Relief Review - Does It Really Work?

What is Blessed Herbs Joint Relief?
Blessed Herbs Joint Relief

Blessed Herbs has launched a new formula Joint Relief which is an herbal product created to provide flexibility and comfort for people suffering from joint pain. This product claims to be unique because it takes three prong approaches to maintain joint health they are – reinstating comfort to areas that are swollen, encouraging mobility and stimulating the repair of joint tissue with the help of nutrients derived from organic herbs. A 90 day money back guarantee is offered by the company and the cost of one bottle is $29.95.

Manufacturer Information

Joint Relief is developed by a master herbalist of blessed herbs and a well - known naturopathic physician James Sullivan. Blessed Herbs was founded in 1985 by herbalists and today it has filled the gaps between science and natural medicine by introducing their line of herbal supplements as well as detoxifying cleanses. 

Key Ingredients

Joint Relief is a combination of effective botanical herbs. It comprises of blends of different organic ingredients that together work to support all your joints. These include the following:

Herbal Ingredients: Joint Comfort Blend

Boswellia Serrata: The active compounds present in it enhance circulation & mobility especially in the morning when there is lot of stiffness by providing a healthy inflammatory response.
Turmeric: It contains curcumin which is a medicinally active plant compound that promotes antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory protection. It also provides a healthy response to stress.
White Willow Bark: It helps to calm minor muscle spasms.
Tart Cherry: It is also known as sour cherry, the compounds present in it provide benefits of antioxidant as well as botanical nutrition for improving joint health.

Herbal Ingredients: Sea Vegetable Blend

Ascophyllum Nodosum: This brown seaweed is also called Rockweed. It is packed with macro nutrients like calcium that promote immune system function.
Laminaria Japonica: This seaweed in the form of extract promotes gastro-intestinal health and thyroid balance. 

Herbal Ingredients: Joint Mobility Blend

Holy Basil: It provides antioxidant support and increase the natural immune response of the body to stress.
Devil's Claw: This ingredient helps to provide comfort to joints and healthy inflammatory response to pain.
Celery Seed: It gives relief from pain and removes strain from weary joints.
Ginger Root: The powerful antioxidant ability prevents the damage caused by free radicals. It also provides comfort from joint inflammation.

  1. It increases joint flexibility and provides comfort to swollen areas
  2. It takes three pronged approach to joint health
  3. It contains botanical herbs and natural ingredients to support sore joints, connective tissue and muscle
  1. There are no clinical tests shown
  2. Some herbs used in it may not suit all the consumers
  3. Official website lacks dosage information 
My Final Words 

Blessed herbs joint relief provides a compounded three-pronged approach to solve joint problems. It involves joint comfort blend, joint mobility blend and Sea vegetable blend, this scientifically crafted combination of natural herbs helps in solving joint pain, swelling as well as inflammation. This product is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee and doesn't involve any harmful chemicals in it. This product also contains Devil's claw which is known to trigger allergic reactions. According to some studies it causes stomach upset, tinnitus headache and a sensation of fullness. This product is not clinically tested and so you have to be very careful while using this product.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Flex 19 Reviews - Does Flex 19 Joint Formula Work?

What is Flex 19?

Flex 19 is one solution for achy joints and inflammation. It is a natural joint formula in which 19 ingredients are combined to make it an exclusive product for relieving joint pain. It claims to be a complete solution for chronic joint pain. It promises to rebuild joints connective tissue for adding extra strength. 

Besides all these it is presented to be a good alternative to NSAIDS that damages stomach lining like battery acid. This product is available at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL). There are discounts on bulk orders and money back guarantee is also offered to the unsatisfied customers. 

Manufacturer Information

Flex 19 is a product of Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) that is the leading producer of exclusive health products. Bill Ruble is one of the founders of IVL who aims to provide high quality products. 

Ingredients and their Functioning

Flex 19 contains 19 active ingredients that are highly beneficial for joints. They provide lubrication and make joints flexible to move freely. They also reduce chronic pain and inflammation that is a major cause of concern for many individuals.

This joint product contains MSM, Cetyl Myristoleate, Glucosamine Sulfate, Papain, Bromelain, White Willow Bark Extract, Devil's Claw Root Extract, Green Lipped Mussel, Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract, Feverfew Flower Extract, Chondroitin (Sea Cucumber), Goldenrod Extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract, Birch Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Yucca Root Extract, Celery Seed Extract and Curcumin Extract.

All these 19 vital ingredients works in a synergy to heal damaged joints and protects them from further injury. One of the important benefits of this product is that it removes cellular waste from injured joints and replaces it with high deposits of vital joint lubricants. Flex 19 claims to be the first such product that contains 19 superfood ingredients.

It is recommended to take two capsules two times daily. It can be taken in the morning and evening with water between your meals.  


• It eliminates swelling and stiffness. 
• Joints get sufficient lubrication and increased blood flow.
• Offer discounts on large orders.
• Few ingredients are clinically tested that alleviate joint pain.
• It contains celery seed extract that controls swelling, pain and inflammation.


• This product has not gone through clinical trials.
Flex 19 is an expensive joint product.
• It contains shellfish and a person allergic to it cannot use it.

My Final Words 

Flex 19 boosts about its 19 ingredients that are vital for making the joints healthy. It claims to reduce inflammation and swelling for providing long lasting comfort. This product is not directly tested for its efficiency, only few ingredients are such that have undergone clinical test. It also contains shellfish that doesn't suit people who are allergic to it. However you can purchase it online but there are many individuals who prefer clinically tested products. They are not at all convinced with Flex 19.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OmegaFlex Review: Does It Help Erase Joint Pain?

Healthy joints for happier and cheerful life! This is the need and a must follow thing for most individual these days as the issue of joint pain goes on a rise every other day. According to most physicians, with every passing day the amount of patients with joint pain keeps increasing. In order to aid this issue of joint pain there are numerous joint pain supplements out there, these days.

What is OmegaFlex?

Omega flex claims to be a joint health supplement formulated with utmost natural and effective ingredients to aid joint pain relief and improve joint functioning. Besides this this joint pain reliever supplement promises to have a Breakthrough joint-pain reliever formula that has a combination of 5-Loxin, Fruitex-B and Calamarine that help in relieving joint pain in just 7 days. It is even said to increase blood flow along with joint stiffness by 60-62% and fight inflammation along with the enzymes that destroy cartilage in your joints.

Manufacturer Details

This product fails to give manufacturer information along with various other basic details, which may make some doubt the claims of this product. Firstly the officially website is hard to find and secondly even if it is found, then there are no details for its manufacturer mentioned.

Ingredients and their Functioning

This joint pain reliever is said to have ingredients like Omega-3 Fatty acids, along with DHA that are potent anti-inflammatory
agents and are known to be independent of source. This combination is believed to be useful in combating osteoarthritis because it
functions at a more systemic level. The supplement has 430mg of DHA
per soft gel and this makes 860mg per dose. This amount is a bit large amount of DHA and is said to decrease inflammation, but it may not improve overall
joint health and will not affect the pain according to some reviews.

Then comes Calcium fructoborate, which is a compound of boron, along with fructose and calcium
and is found naturally in plant foods. It is also made synthetically. Calcium fructoborate is relatively new but suggests that it may
reduce inflammation and oxidation and treat osteoporosis, but with a few side
effects. It is even difficult to evaluate the dose recommended in this supplement as it is a compound. On and all, there is weak evidence for this ingredient.

Lastly Hyaluronic Acid, it is recommended for a variety of joint disorders, including osteoarthritis. There is limited research supporting its use as an oral
supplement. With that being said, it can be noted that this does not provide much benefit in this

Benefits of OmegaFlex

  1. It comes with a good money back guarantee.
  2. This product provides free shipping.
  1. The ingredient list of this product is not specified and not explained.
  2. Moreover the ingredients used in this product are not that effective as claims.
  3. There are no clinical proofs and testimonials given for this product.
  4. The official website is difficult to get and it even has no basics explained regarding this product.
Possible Side Effects of OmegaFlex

This product may give redness and allergic reactions to some. Thus it is recommended to have a word with your physician, prior using this product.


This product seems to be just an ordinary one, as there are no basics explained on its official website. Moreover the money back guarantee is also known to have a lot of complaints and it is even not that effective. The cherry on the cake is the inefficacy of the ingredients, they don't have any clinical proofs.


Monday, 27 January 2014

Flexicus Reviews - Will Flexicus Work For You?

Flexicus Overview

Flexicus is the research formulation into enhancing flexibility, relieving performance-impairing joint pain & increasing joint strength.

Flexicus has been formulated by Flexcin International precisely for performance-focused athletes.

Flexicus Ingredients

The formulation combines therapeutic quantities of ingredients which maximize absorption and create the ideal environment in the body to optimize joint performance.
CM8 (Cetyl Myristoleate Complex)
Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II
Vitamin C, Bromelain, MSM and Glucosamine
Essential minerals and enzymes

How does it work?

  • CM8 is an ester of a fatty acid that decreases inflammation and lubricates the joints
  • MSM Complex lessens inflammation and nourishes the cartilage, and Collagen Type 2 is a naturally occurring form of Collagen that procedures the basic building block of cartilage and soft tissue.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium works with the Collagen Type 2, the MSM and the CM8 to nurture your joints and cartilage.
  • Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory that encourages healing by stripping away damaged cartilage so Flexicus's other ingredients may work more efficiently.
Do's & Don'ts
  1. 120 capsules in each bottle
  2. Consume 2 capsules twice per day with a meal.
  3. Foods high in fat, caffeine, or alcohol and citrus such as orange juice, grapefruit, etc. may hamper the positive effects of Flexicus.
Possible Advantages
  1. Flexicus is used by variety of high-performing athletes.
  2. The product is natural supplement.
  3. Flexicus is safe but might interact with any prescription medications.
Possible Disadvantages
  1. The product is not FDA approved.
  2. The product takes long time to start the healing effect.
  3. No definite reviews regarding the possible side effects.

The product Flexicus seeks 3 to 6 weeks since takes to adverse effect on the joints and muscles, its long considering the facts it's manufactured mainly for the professional athlete who are more interested to heal pain faster. The company's website is overconfident being "the product is natural and it does not require FDA approval." If this is this case than there are other better and natural products available to look for.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

TheraMend COX-2 Flex Reviews - Does It Really Work?

All About TheraMend COX-2 Flex

TheraMend COX-2 is a joint relief product with potent herbal extracts and support healthy inflammatory response
manufactured in US formulated by Rainbow Light's Herbal IQ.

TheraMend COX-2 Flex Ingredients

TheraMend COX-2 Flex delivers 500 mg hops remove for fast-acting comfort that suppresses the appearance of COX-2 inflammatory pathways. 100 mg boswellia helps improved ability to move by handling pain as well as protecting joints & collagen as well as connective tissue.

How TheraMend COX-2 Works?

  • Supplies research-based, long-term support for serious inflammation featuring a targeted mixture that distinctively combines digestive enzymes and standardized extracts involving hops in addition to boswellia, plus absorption-enhanced curcumin that facilitate reducing pro-inflammatory markers seen in the bones, skin, and gastro-intestinal system and throughout the body.
  • TheraMend COX-2 Flex supports optimal range of flexion and increases your daily well-being. Specialized medical studies point out relief starting up within 5-7 times.
  • Rainbow Light's Natural IQ Ensure the products are thoroughly evaluated by qualified herbalists in addition to backed by the latest scientific discipline.
Do's & Don'ts

Take two capsules daily, with or between meals. For progressive use, take twice daily. 

Possible Warnings  

Possible Advantages
  1. Promotes a healthy inflammatory answer for systemic, long-term assistance and connective tissue restoration
  2. Highly focused herbal mixture of boswellia and absorption-enhanced curcumin
  3. Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme helps with digesting excess fibrin
  4. Professional medical studies reveal relief starting within 7 days
  5. Gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free and wheat-free
Possible Disadvantages

It has been observed by customer mixed reviews the possible side effects seen are:

  • Severe heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Red spots cum rashes
The product lacks Combination of:
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • MSM

After considering the discussion above, the ingredients are all natural. Here are no stimulants to cause nasty side effects. The product does not have any potential allergens. You can easily consume. You can take a variety of other medications and diets. The only problem is it lacks vital ingredient with the product doesn't have enough review support worth trying other products on the market.

Monday, 20 January 2014

FlexSure Reviews - Is Vital g-Netics Flexsure Really Safe?

Flexsure - A Brief Review!
  • Flexsure is a joint pain reliever.
  • The product is said to encourage your body's ability to heal.
  • The product is made by Vital-g-NETICS and is sold through their official website.
  • Flexsure is produced in the United States in structures that are certified to NSF/FDA cGMP Compliant, using the highest quality standards.
FlexSure Ingredients

FlexSure is a patent-pending all-natural herbal amino acid formula using the highest quality of ingredients.

How it works?

FlexSure works because of:

  • FlexSure is formulated by having an all-natural blend of proprietary natural and amino acid solution ingredients from the highest excellent.
  • L-Leucine that may be commonly employed in supplements is constructed from digested feathers, fermentation process is not employed in pharmaceutical grade L-Leucine.
  • The L-Leucine we use in our formula is pharmaceutical grade so its purity and potency are far superior to ordinary L-Leucine.
  • Though its cost is higher its performance is superior – and performance is everything.
Do's & Don'ts
  1. Flexsure has a 30-day money back guarantee and there is a 30-day 'challenge' trial bottle offered for $9.95.
  2. The regular cost of Flexsure is $49.99 for a one month supply and it should be taken up to 3 times a day for best results
Possible Advantages
  1. Flexsure also helps to look after against further joint damage and muscles loss
  2. There is a money back warranty and concession trial offer
  3. Flexsure is safe for those with shellfish allergies
  4. Clinical study tests are provided
Possible Disadvantages
  1. The formula does not contain valuable Glucosamine or Chondroitin
  2. Flexsure Joint Health side effects dizziness related alternative medicine supplements and vitamins. 
  3. Flexsure is expensive
  4. It is only available to order online
  5. This product is not planned to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  6. These statements about Flexsure have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
FlexSure Warnings   


Flexsure have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Users vary, but may include defying effects of aging, preserving clear arteries and healthy. Blood flow, and encouraging healthy cardiovascular system, natural alternatives, to use for joint pain, inflammation.

It would be helpful to know more about how the key ingredients of Flexsure works although it is helpful that consumers can try a full one month supply at an affordable introductory price.


Friday, 17 January 2014

VitaBreeze Supplements For Joint Pain - Does It Work?

Learn More

VitaBreeze Triple Strength Overview

VitaBreeze Joint Formula is specifically designed to provide joint comfort, relief & cushioning for the joints

To guide mobility and flexibility in a natural method.

About VitaBreeze

A nutraceutical brand and manufacturer, VitaBreeze provides supplements for increasing health and quality of life. It includes high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural ingredients in products while including the latest advances in nutritional science. Products are manufactured in the U.S.A, and guaranteed for quality through careful selection and testing.

Key Ingredients

The Triple Strength Potency plus combining all 4 ingredients

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • MSM
  • Turmeric
How it Works?

Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM come about naturally in your body & play a critical role with supporting joint health.

Glucosamine is often a crucial building block of tendons, ligaments & cartilage which protect and also cushion this joints.

Chondroitin substances attract along with hold normal water, giving strength, elasticity and activity. MSM is roofed in aiding build collagen, elastin along with cartilage.

Turmeric is a powerful along with natural anti-inflammatory that lowers inflammation and discomfort from the joints.

Michelle O'Sullivan, spokesperson at VitaBreeze Supplements, said, "One thing we all have in common as we age is pain. This is natural as our joints are the first to break down. Our joint relief product offers compounds proven to optimize joint health. Combined with a new helpful book, we aim to maximize our customers desires to feel young and pain free again."

The VitaBreeze joint formula also increases flexibility and improves movement while reducing the consequences of joint pain such as muscle weakness, high cholesterol, obesity, and other risks. Customers can also benefit by purchasing it in bulk. Limited time discounts are available, so look for coupon codes to use on the company’s order page. Free shipping is also available if one buys two or more bottles.


Possible Advantages
  1. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring foundation of cartilage, but sometimes our bodies can't produce enough from it
  2. Chondroitin attracts water and also nutrients in to cartilage, therefore it helps increase healthy cartilage
Possible Disadvantages
  1. Website itself states "This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."
  2. No sufficient information at the website
  3. No consumer Feed backs yet on the internet
  4. Just 4 ingredients mentioned
What People are Saying about VitaBreeze?

From Mayo Clinic [...]

"...The Mayo Clinic's website has an interesting article on the subject. In response to the question: "Can glucosamine supplements protect my knee cartilage from osteoarthritis?" Dr. April Chang-Miller writes:

Many people regularly take glucosamine to protect cartilage, as well as to help manage osteoarthritis pain. In theory, some of the glucosamine in dietary supplements makes its way from your digestive tract to damaged joints, where it reinforces worn cartilage. But research has never demonstrated this effect..... more..."
"Studies randomly assigning people with knee arthritis to two or three years of treatment with glucosamine or placebo have found that the rate of cartilage loss -- measured as narrowing of space in the knee joint on X-rays over time -- has been about the same in both groups."

- By TomC (Vermont)

I received the product quite speedily, and have been taking it according to instructions since. I can not report any changes in how I feel. I will continue to take it until all of it is consumed (two bottles) and will see how I feel as time passes. I purchased this to ease the pain in my hands.

- By Soupy Sales Gal (Long Island, NY)

source -


Not all joint pain supplements, but only a few joint ache supplements are produced equal so keep reading to ensure you make the correct choice.


Monday, 13 January 2014

My vitamin D levels are low, should I take a supplement?

By Peter Ebeling, University of Melbourne

If your blood test results suggest you’re low on vitamin D, you’re not alone – nearly one-third of the Australian population isn’t getting enough of the sunshine vitamin. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take a supplement.

Contrary to some reports, there is no evidence that taking vitamin D supplements reduces your risk of developing diabetes, colon cancer, arthritis or infections, or that supplements help you live longer.

In some cases, taking a supplement merely means you’re wasting your money. But if you’re taking high doses, you may be doing more harm than good.

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is not readily available in the diet, apart from in fatty fish, ultraviolet (UV) light-irradiated mushrooms and green leafy vegetables. In fact, an average diet only provides one-sixth of the daily requirement for vitamin D, or about 110 international units (IU).

In many countries, including the United States and Philippines, there is widespread vitamin D fortification of foods, including milk, bread, cereals and orange juice. This does not occur in Australia.

Instead, most circulating vitamin D is generated via the effects of sunlight and UV “B” radiation on a cholesterol precursor in the skin. This then circulates in the blood and is activated in the liver and kidneys to become a hormone.

Anyone with less than 50 nanomoles of vitamin D per litre (nmol/L) at the end of winter or in early spring are categorised as having low levels.

Vitamin D and health

Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium from the gut and is very important for healthy bones and muscles in both children and adults. Low vitamin D levels cause rickets in children, and soft (osteomalacia) or thin bones (osteoporosis) in adults.

Boosting your vitamin D levels will help ensure your bones remain healthy as you get older. Image from

What is less clear is whether low vitamin D levels are associated with other chronic diseases such as bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, infections and the overall risk of dying. This is because these low vitamin D levels could either be the cause or result of ill health.

A recent study in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology shows that earlier findings, derived from studies in which patients with several different chronic diseases had low vitamin D levels, were not reinforced by higher-level evidence resulting from clinical trials using vitamin D supplements.

In these trials, vitamin D supplements were given to correct low levels and to reduce effects of these diseases. The only exception was that vitamin D supplements slightly reduced the risk of dying in the elderly.

This apparent disconnect between the two levels of evidence may mean that low vitamin D levels are a marker of ill health, but not a causative factor for these chronic diseases.

The research solution

Large trials of vitamin D supplements in people with low vitamin D levels are now underway. Our study is based at the Berghofer Queensland Institute of Medical Research and the University of Melbourne, and will track participants over ten years.

We will treat 25,000 people aged from 60 to 79 years with low vitamin D levels to see whether vitamin D supplements will reduce the risk of dying. We will also see whether supplements reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as colon cancer, arthritis, infections and diabetes, as well as falls and fractures.

Studies such as ours will also need to look at markers of underlying disease activity.

The answer

So while we are waiting for this new evidence, what can you do about your low vitamin D level?

If the level is mildly decreased, rolling up your sleeves and getting outside in the sun more often — say, for about ten minutes at 10am or 2pm in summer, or for about 30 minutes at midday in winter — might help.

At these times, the UV index is likely to be less than three, indicating such limited sun exposure will be relatively safe. You can check how much sun you need on the Healthy Bones Australia website.

Vitamin D doses of 1,000 or 2,000 international units (IU) per day are safe. Image from

Boosting your vitamin D levels, combined with a good dietary calcium intake of at least three serves per day and weight-bearing exercise (which includes brisk walking) for 20 minutes four times a week, will also help ensure your bones remain healthy as you get older.

If you are unable to get outdoors, or you cover your skin for cultural reasons, have dark skin, osteoporosis or low bone density (thin bones), you may need to take a supplement. The usual dose is 1,000 or 2,000 international units (IU) per day for most people.

After taking daily vitamin D supplements for three months, your doctor can check if the levels have increased above the recommended level of 50 nanomoles per litre (nmol/L). Such doses are safe, but very large yearly doses are not recommended because they can actually increase the risk of falls and fractures.

Peter Ebeling receives funding from NHMRC.

The Conversation

This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Can Cold Weather Really Make Arthritis Symptoms Worse?

Image Source -
Any individual who experiences arthritis pain can let you know that their joints do solidify up as the temperature drops. What's more specialists have showed in clinical studies that vacillations in temperature or barometric weight can have a quite true impact on joint pain in arthritis patients, however they are even now working out the definite purpose behind this marvel. For patients with arthritis the frosty, soggy climate can not just build solidness and joint pain it can additionally expedite expanded uneasiness, sorrow and disconnection. Knowing when to look for expert help is an essential component in keeping up long haul joint health and by and large wellness. Dr. Jack Waxman of NCMA's Fountaingrove Rheumatology can help you comprehend and deal with the indications connected with arthritis incorporating those compounded by cool climate.

Arthritis Pain – where does it come from?

The pain of arthritis can originate from a variety of sources. These may include;

inflammation of the synovial membrane (see below)
muscle strain
the tendons
or the ligaments
cartilage degeneration

Furthermore, a mixture of the above variables by and large helps the sensation and power of the pain. Arthritis is a musculoskeletal issue with numerous distinctive reasons. It is a sickness that is not totally seen by masters, and as per the Arthritis Foundation, there as of now are no cures. There are no less than 100 distinctive known musculoskeletal infections or conditions that successfully wreck joints, bones, muscles, cartilage and other connective tissues, all accelerating limited physical development of some degree. Winter climate can raise side effects and take its toll on arthritis sufferers in a numerous diverse ways.

How it Starts?

In a sound figure, a layer called the Synovium encompasses the joints and gives vital padding. This layer attempts to prepare a little measure of thick liquid called Synovial Fluid that supports the cartilage, keeping development liquid. The Synovium has an in number external layer called the Capsule, which keeps the bones from moving excessively. Though, ligaments are thick, solid groups generally right outside the Capsule placed on both sides assistance to keep bones solidly set up. Also at long last, tendons, likewise found on both sides, join muscles to bones. Their occupation is to hold the joint set up and assistance to move it.

Indications of arthritis are known to show from various perspectives, and it might be challenging to diagnose. It can go ahead gradually with just mellow indications, or side effects may show up all of a sudden, creating serious pain that raises inside only a couple of hours. Arthritis manifestations can additionally seem just once in a while over a long time of time. It may cause joint pain, swelling and solidness, however it can likewise cause apparently offhand health issues like exhaustion or a rash. Actually, unanticipated indications of arthritis are regularly mixed up for a damage or the consequence of over action.

Common Types of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is an orderly degenerative joint illness described by the breakdown of joint cartilage connected with danger components, for example, weight corpulence), having a history of joint damage, and age. It influences about 27 million Americans, most over the age of 45.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a systemic illness described by the irritation of the layer lining the joint drumming up pain, solidness, some excitement of warmth, swelling and here and there extreme joint harm. It can additionally cause irritation everywhere throughout the figure, influencing essential organs, for example, the lungs. In the U.s., an expected 1.5 million individuals have RA and for reasons unknown, there are 2.5 times the same number ladies as men with the illness.

Some facts about this debilitating disease:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis influences 1.3 million individuals in the U.s., is normally diagnosed between ages 30 and 80 and additionally happens in more youthful individuals
  2. The possibilities of somebody in their 20s advancing RA is 1 in 714 for ladies and 1 in 2,778 for men
  3. Arthritis is the heading reason for handicap in the U.s.
  4. By 2030 an expected 67 million Americans will have arthritis
  5. Two-thirds of individuals with arthritis are under the age of 65
  6. Arthritis and rheumatic conditions take the U.s. economy $128 billion consistently
How Arthritis Affects People?

Joint health is an essential some piece of each individual's feeling of wellness, conceivably affecting gain-fulness, personal satisfaction and autonomy. Making moves to ensure joints from continuous pain and changeless harm brought about by uncontrolled irritation is paramount to everybody, and unanticipated conclusion and medication can really spare more than simply joints. In this respect is may be supportive to realize that NCMA's Rheumatology gives extensive diagnostics, medication and administration of a full range of rheumatologic health conditions for patients in the Santa Rosa area.

It is vital to comprehend that arthritis pain influences individuals distinctively. Calculates that can add to the pain an individual may encounter incorporate the measure of swelling inside the joint, the degree of high temperature or redness present and the harm that has happened inside the joint. A few patients report pain in their joints first thing in the morning while others may improve pain just after delayed utilization of the joint. Everybody has an alternate edge and tolerance for pain, and physical and passionate components can likewise help the impressions of pain.

Expert's Consultation

In the event that you are encountering joint side effects and are thinking about whether it is arthritis, then maybe the time it now, opportunity to counsel a specialist in your general vicinity. Since there are such a variety of sorts of arthritis and such an assortment of conditions, to the point that influence the joints, analysis might be troublesome. Most individuals experiencing joint pain normally begin with their essential forethought doctor and are then alluded to medicinal pros called rheumatologists, specialists in arthritis and identified sicknesses.

Dr. Jack Waxman of NCMA's Fountaingrove Rheumatology is a quite talented rheumatologist who has the capacity to give patients diagnostics, medication and administration of a full range of rheumatologic health conditions. Notwithstanding general rheumatologic drug administrations, medicine of ligament illnesses and fibromyalgia, vasculitis, connective tissue maladies, osteoporosis, bone thickness examining and implantation treatment is likewise accessible. To take in more visit the NCMA site or call (707) 573-6942 to make an arrangement today.

Additional Resources:
The Arthritis Foundation

Read the full story at