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Super Cissus Rx Reviews: Ingredients & Side Effects - What to Expect?

Super Cissus Rx Overview

Super Cissus Rx manufactured by USP Labs is a latest version of Cissus Rx. It has been used by many athletes to cure joint injuries. It claims to support healthy muscle and bone with the help of plant sterol compounds. With the help of these compounds it delivers nutrients to tendon as well as sports related injuries. One bottle contains 150 capsules.

What is Super Cissus Rx and What does it contain?

Super Cissus Rx main ingredient is Cissus Quadrangularis that belongs to the grape family and is known for its medicinal properties for many years. It contributes to provide health to the bones, muscles and tendon. It contains high concentrations of triterpenoids, carotenoids and ascorbic acid. But this ingredient is tested and found effective for weight loss, but in relation to joint health, the studies are limited to a few animal studies. There are no human trials that can prove that it is effective for joint health.

What does Super Cissus Rx do exactly?

Super Cissus Rx ingredient Cissus Quadrangularis supports tendon, bones as well as healthy joints. The company claims it to be a unique herbal remedy which is used by the body builders and athletes to build healthy bones and muscles. It is a unique combination of plant sterol compounds that helps to deliver nutrients to the tendons. This joint supplement also helps to lower cortisol and it increases protein synthesis that helps to regenerate connective tissue for building new muscles.

You have to take it twice daily for best results, 1 capsule 10 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 10 minutes before dinner.   

Super Cissus Rx - Does it Work?

Some customers got relief from shoulders and knee pain, it helped them to keep active for long hours, on the other side there are users who got some side effects while using this supplement. However this proves that there are mixed customer reviews regarding this product.

It contains Cissus Quandrangularis which is safe if it is used for a short time period that is 6 to 8 weeks. According to the health experts this ingredient is subjected to certain side effects such as dry mouth, insomnia, headache, diarrhea and intestinal gas.

What are the Side Effects of Super Cissus Rx?

Positive Effects

  1. It does not contain shellfish that may not suit everybody.
  2. It is free from stimulants.
  3. It is easily affordable as compared to other joint supplements.
Negative Effects
  1. It lacks leading ingredients such as MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine that are necessary for maintaining healthy joints.
  2. It has not undergone through scientific trials.
  3. It contains only one ingredient.
  4. It may not give 100% results.
Super Cissus Rx Warnings and Findings

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. It is not suggested to use if you are under 18 years of age. You can use it only when you are medically fit.  In case if you have a family history of prostate or kidney disease then don't use it. It can react with certain drugs, so before using it consult your doctor for better suggestions.

Bottom Line

Lack of scientific information can make the users skeptical about the results. It contains only one ingredient Cissus Quandrangularis that is known for treating obesity but there is no clear evidence that it is effective for joint pain. You can research for a better joint pain supplement that contains important ingredients effective for healthy joints.


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Alleviate Joint Formula Reviews - Truth Revealed

Alleviate Joint Formula Review

Alleviate Joint Formula is designed to make the joints flexible and to remove stiffness from the root. The manufacturer of Alleviate joint formula is IVL that mainly supplies health supplements. The company claims that it gets absorbed deeply, reaching the origin of the pain to repair the damage and swelling of joints. It includes hyaluronic acid which is extracted from rooster combs to keep your joints healthy. Alleviate one month supply costs $39.99

What is Alleviate Joint Formula and What does it contain?

Alleviate joint formula is created by using natural ingredients. It mainly includes Hyaluronic acid and there are other ingredients in the formula which work together to maintain the flexibility of joints. It contains White Willow Bark which is an antioxidant that increases the immunity and also helps in relieving joint pain. It is known for its anti–inflammatory properties. Boswellia Serrata is known to remove stiffness to promote healthy joint function. Calcium Ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that helps in the growth of joint tissues. It is also important for the development of collagen. Ginger Root Powder contains substances that are anti–inflammatory which helps to reduce pain in the joints. Manganese is a natural element used in the formula for boosting the growth as well as formation of the bones.

Image Source -
What does Alleviate Joint Formula do exactly?

Alleviate joint formula is mainly comprised of Hyaluronic acid that promotes joint flexibility to increase the mobility without any difficulty. The main problem that occurs in the joints as a person ages is joint stiffness that increases day by day if it doesn't get proper nourishment. This supplement is designed for this purpose and the use of hyaluronic acid extracted from the rooster's comb gets completely absorbed by the body because they are low in molecular weight. It is naturally present in the body, to help promote joint cushioning. Besides this acid other ingredients also contribute to remove joint problems.

This joint formula lacks Glucosamine and Chondroitin which is an important ingredient used in joint supplements. There is no evidence available that could support its claims. The website contains much other information, but surprisingly the list of ingredients is not displayed on it.

Alleviate Joint Formula warnings and findings

Alleviate joint formula works for providing joint relief, but if you have any health problems you should consult your doctor before using it. It contains some natural herbs in it, which may react with other medications.

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What are the positive and negative effects of Alleviate Joint Formula?

Alleviate joint formula provides rapid relief from joint and muscle pain. It Support antioxidant protection against the damage of free radical and it even provides a blockade against infection. There is a money back guarantee and free offers on bulk orders. 

Alleviate Joint Formula - Does it Work?

There are mixed Alleviate Joint Formula reviews that show the positive as well as the negative effect of this product. Although it contains hyaluronic acid which serves as a joint lubricant some of its users didn't notice any great changes in the condition of their joints. Those who got some comfort in their joint pain say it does not last longer and after sometime they returned to their same condition of discomfort, as it was before using this product.

Has any research been done?

No clinical tests have been done on this supplement. There are some ingredients such as Boswellia Serrata that are tested for their efficiency for relieving joint pain and swelling.

Alleviate Joint Health Formula Customer Reviews

I have very bad arthritis in my knees and legs - I walked with a limp and could not bear the pain of standing for very long . I am under the care of a rheumatologist and taking Celebrex but it was not really helping that much so I received the advertisement for alleviate and decided to try it. I was amazed that after only 4 days I was walking without a limp I could bend my legs and actually stand without excruciating pain. My family and coworkers are amazed at the change in my knees and legs and so am I. I will continue to take this wonderful product and I will tell anybody to give it a try. I am not completely pain free but my pain is at a tolerable level now and I can thank alleviate for this drastic change in knees and legs..
By - rebecca p.

After all of the reviews I decided to try this. I need 2 knee replacements but can't afford it so I thought I had nothing to lose by trying this product. It isn't doing for me what it did for all the people that gave their rave testimonials. I am going to take all of them but if nothing changes I will be sending the bottles back for a refund. They would be worth the high price if they worked but after 2 months, nothing has changed.
By - JANE W.


Bottom Line

Alleviate joint supplement may help you to reduce joint pain, but it doesn't include Glucosamine and Chondroitin in it, which are present in almost all the joint health products. These ingredients are known for reducing joint problems. The official site is too long to navigate and it also does not contain the list of ingredients and the security warning about the supplement is also missing.

Other Top Joint Pain Relief Supplements

1. SuppleSupple provides the body with the building blocks of cartilage, glucosamine and chondroitin, to augment the strengthening and repairing process. Read more from its official website.

2. InstaflexInstaflex Joint Support is a joint health formula that has been scientifically formulated to help relieve stiff, achy joints and support cartilage repair. Read more from its official website.

3. FlexoplexFlexoplex's comprehensive proprietary formulation contains only the most potent extracts (Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM) that can help relieve pain and address the root causes of joint discomfort. Read more from its official website.


Joint Supplements For Arthritis Pain

There's no known cure for osteoarthritis, but many people looking for pain relief are turning to joint supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin.

In fact, Americans spent $753 million on those over-the-counter supplements last year alone, according to the Nutrition Business Journal.

Consumer Reports tested 16 popular glucosamine-chondroitin supplements, evaluating three samples of each.

First the samples were tested to see whether they contained the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin that the label indicated.

Testers also conducted a dissolution test, which measures how well tablets and caplets break down in water within an hour, and they tested for heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Tests show that none of the supplements contained worrisome levels of lead or other toxic metals and all of the products contained their labeled amounts of glucosamine, but Nature Made Triple Flex Triple Strength averaged only 65 percent of the labeled amount of chondroitin.

Six others averaged 79 to 87 percent. And of the 16 tested, two did not dissolve sufficiently, indicating that the ingredients might not be fully absorbed in the body. They were the Trigosamine Max Strength and 365 Everyday Value Extra Strength from Whole Foods.

However, nine did meet Consumer Reports' quality criteria. The least expensive is Kirkland Signature Clinical Strength tablets from Costco.

Consumer Reports suggests checking with your doctor before trying joint supplements, particularly if you're taking blood thinners or if you're allergic to shellfish. Glucosamine is often made from shrimp shells, and it can increase the effects of blood thinners.

Complete Ratings and recommendations on all kinds of products, including appliances, cars & trucks, and electronic gear, are available on Consumer Reports' website. Subscribe to

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Joint Synergy Reviews - Is MRM Joint Synergy Safe To Use?

MRM Joint Synergy Facts

Joint Synergy is a joint supplement that makes claims to reduce joint pain and make the joints healthy avoiding degradation of the joints. MRM manufactures this supplement and you can purchase it through the internet from third party retailers. Its 2oz bottle costs$6. Joint synergy also comes with a package combined with capsules for relieving joint pain which costs $15. 

What Are The Ingredients In Joint Synergy?

The ingredients in joint Synergy are supposed to make the bones strong that surround the joints. All the ingredients are shown to be clinically proven that helps to provide joint health. One of the main ingredients is glucosamine which is a naturally-occurring amino sugar. The formula contains the other following ingredients - Menthol, Capsaicin, Camphor , Water, Glucosamine, SD Alcohol-40, MSM, Aloe Vera, Butchers Broom Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Clove oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Licorice Extract, Sea Cucumber Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5.

What Does It Do?

Joint Synergy is designed to repair the joints from inside out. It gives instant relief from joint swelling as well as removes minor pains from the various body parts such as fingers, knees, ankles, elbows, wrist, neck, shoulders and back. The active ingredients used in it provide joint flexibility for providing improved mobility.

Is It Safe To Use?

Joint Synergy contains shellfish, so be careful if you have an allergy to it. It is not safe for diabetics, because it lowers the effects of glucose.


  1. It contains Glucosamine that helps to repair joints without any damage.
  2. It is less expensive and comes at a very reasonable price.
  3. The full ingredients list is detailed online.
  4. The ingredients are clinically tested.
  1. The company provides no money back guarantee to the customers.
  2. No free trial is offered.
  3. Only the ingredients are clinically tested and no study is conducted on its formula.
How Many Capsules Are In 1 Bottle?

One bottle of Joint Synergy contains 120 capsules that last for a month. It is recommended to take 4 capsules every day with meals.

Joint Synergy Side Effects

The side effects of the Joint Synergy joint supplement are due to the ingredient Glucosamine in it. It may lead to several side effects such as headache, insomnia, hives, rashes, nausea, flatulence, constipation and vomiting. It may also increase the heart rate, heart palpitations, chest pain as well as breathing difficulties.

Does Joint Synergy Really Work?

More research should be done on the ingredients to determine their efficiency of relieving joint pain. However it is claimed that this supplement repairs the joints by making the bone stronger. But don't apply it on wounds. No records of the customer feedback are found, that means you cannot say whether it is effective for relieving joint pain or not.

Bottom Line

Joint Synergy is a supplement for relieving pain of the joints. MRM produces it by using the common ingredients which are not known to the customers. The formula is not directly tested to check its effectiveness. The use of glucosamine makes the supplement quite controversial as many side effects are associated with it.

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Joint Fuel Twinlab - Does It Really Work?

Joint Fuel Facts

Joint Fuel claims to be a scientifically advanced Nutraceutical that provides nutrition to the joints to make it flexible. It also claims to help in promoting healthy cartilage. Of course it is a plus point of the supplement but only as long as it works for your joints. One bottle contains 150 caps that are sold for $51.95. It is created by TwinLab and it can be bought from its official website.

Joint Fuel Ingredients

Many ingredients used in the product are common and are used in every joint pain products; still the company claims it to be a unique formula. However, the ingredients present in Joint Fuel are Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Folic Acid, Collagen, Protein, Vitamin B12Betaine, Quercetin Dihydrate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Turmeric Root Extract, Selenium, Calcium Stearate, Vitamin C, Cellulose, Zinc and Medium Chain Triglycerides.

The list of ingredients is quite long and the amount of each ingredient is not proper. Most of the ingredients are not much effective and work only for supporting joints and cartilage.

  1. It contains Chondroitin and Glucosamine that support the joints by repairing the damage caused by old injuries.
  2. Few ingredients used in the formula are tested clinically.
  3. It can be bought from its official site.
  1. The ingredients are not used in the specific amount.
  2. The official site lacks customer testimonials.
  3. The product is not clinically tested except the ingredients.
  4. It is an expensive joint pain product.
Joint Fuel Side Effects

TwinLab Joint Fuel is just hype as it causes many side effects such as stomach upset. It is not shocking because it lacks the correct amount of ingredients in it.

Does It Really Work?

Joint fuel is not clinically tested; however it is a product that comes in a liquid form that is easily digested. Not much information about the product is available on the website but it contains Glucosamine that acts as a great stimulant for making the joints strong and also helps in building the cartilage. Some other ingredients can also be beneficial and work for joints as well.
It is recommended to take three joint fuel caps twice daily. Total six caps a day. It is best to take in the morning and evening with the meals.

Customer Reviews

It is not clear that this product is worth a try as there are no customer reviews found. It is not safe for a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother. It is not suitable for those under 18 years of age or who are taking other medications.


Bottom Line

Joint flex doses are too high. The user has to take six capsules per day. It may cause side effects to them. The product seems to work only for joint pain and cartilage building but not on other joint problems. The ingredients used are quite common and their effects on the joint pain are not clear as there is no customer reviews found that can support its claims. The product is not clinically tested to ensure that it is safe to use.

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Finulite Am/Pm Reviews: Does It Really Effective for Cellulite?

Cellulite is never pretty. If you are a woman like me, you have stressed over cellulite at some point in your life. There are plenty of creams that promise to get rid of it, but how much success can any of them give you?

What Is Finulite?

Finulite is a two part cream that eliminates the threat of cellulite. An AM and PM cream comes in the set and make sure that you burn cellulite around the clock. Old cellulite cells are destroyed, new ones are stopped before they form, and your skin will soon return to its natural beauty.

Ingredients in Finulite

Finulite AM Ingredients

Finulite AM includes ingredients that are meant to jump start your metabolism, improve your circulation, drain fluids, get rid of toxins, and treat all of the things that cause cellulite to form.

  • Safflower oil (Seed)
  • Stearic acid
  • Polysorbate
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Coffee Arabica Seed Oil
  • Lemon extract (peels)
  • Guarana extracts (seeds)
  • Butcher’s broom extract (root)
  • Rapeseed sterols
  • Pink grapefruit oil (peels)
  • Bergamot oil (fruit)
Finulite PM Ingredients

The PM formula includes ingredients that enhance your skin and return its firmness.

  • Safflower oil
  • Methylsilanol hydroxyproline asparate
  • Centella Asiatica extract
  • Ruscus aculeatus extract (roots)
  • Brassica campestris sterols
  • Lemon balm oil (seeds)
  • Rosmarinus officinalis oil (leaf)
  • Lavandula angustifollia
  • Carbomer
Directions and Warnings
  • To use Finulite, you apply the AM cream when you first wake up and use a circular movement to massage the cream onto all of the affected parts of your body. The same is done with the PM cream when you are preparing for bed.
  • There are no warnings that you should be concerned about. You should, of course, avoid eating it, but with that exception there is nothing to be worried about.
  • What is People Saying about Finulite? The opinions on Finulite vary, but most people have success with it. In the worst cases, people have only wasted $25. Or at least they feel that way because they only lost a few pounds. Almost everyone that has tried Finulite has lost cellulite; it is only a matter of how much.
Pros of Finulite
  1. The 24 hour cellulite burning that Finulite gives is unstoppable and one of the biggest reasons to give it a shot.
  2. Far cheaper than liposuction or more extreme methods of getting rid of cellulite.
  3. Less than $50 gives you a complete solution
  4. The scientifically designed formula uses only proven ingredients
  5. Results happen in less than two weeks
Cons of Finulite
  1. Not 100% effective
  2. Can take up to 8 months to work in some cases
Final Verdict

Finulite AM and PM make a powerful combination that works to get rid of the vast majority of cellulite. If you have cellulite, you probably want to get rid of it. Finulite is the best way to do that without paying thousands of dollars for surgeries and intense treatments. The cheap price makes this a must have kind of treatment if you are in the market. To make sure that you know what you are in for, take a look at the following chart and you won’t miss out on anything.

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Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength - What Is It, Side Effects, What Does It Do?

Osteo Bi-Flex Review

For getting relief from joint pain problems; joint supplements are a good solution. Osteo Bi-Flex claims that it is a dietary supplement which helps to offer pain relief, which is causes by the wear and tear of joints. It claims to increase the mobility of joints by supporting the renewal of joints cartilage. It helps to lubricate the joints and also helps to maintain its integrity in efficient working.

Osteo Bi-Flex is not a single product brand name. It consists of multiple products under the same name. The lists of few are as follows:

  1. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health One day care.
  2. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Triple Strength.
  3. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Triple Strength with Vitamin D.
  4. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health MSM.
  5. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Joint & Muscle.
  6. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Regular Strength.
All these products are for joints only. They just vary in ingredient composition, but are said to be working as joint pain relievers. Osteo Bi-Flex is manufactured by Rexall Sundown, Inc. USA.

What Ingredients Are In Osteo Bi-flex?

The ingredients which are said to be present in Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength which claims to revitalize the joint by building the cartilage are:

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrate
  • Vitamin C
  • Manganese
  • Sodium
  • Glucosamine HCl
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • Hydrolyzed Gelatin
  • Boswellia serrate
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • 5-LOXIN
  • Advanced AKBA
  • Boswellia serrata Extract
  • Shellfish ingredients
What Does It Do?

As Osteo Bi-Flex is a brand particularly for joint health problem. So Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength is also a dietary supplement which helps to relieve the joint pain. It also claims to revitalize the joints by building the cartilage around the joints. It also claims to remove the stiffness and thus helping the joints to increase the mobility. The main ingredients present in Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength are Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulfate and Methylsulfonylmethane, which are said to be really effective. These three ingredients are found commonly in the rest of other Osteo Bi-Flex products and also in other effective joint supplements.

Is It Safe To Use Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength?

The product claims to be safe and effective; but it does not mention anything about its clinical studies to highlight its safety. Now just have a look over the benefits and drawback this product has:

  1. The company provides you different options for choosing a joint supplement.
  2. Contains the 3 three good ingredients as Glucosamine HCl, Methylsulfonylmethane and Chondroitin Sulfate.
  3. Have a long list of retail stores.
  1. No clinical studies.
  2. No free trial available.
  3. Contains shellfish; may cause allergy to some people.
  4. Only for adults.
  5. Not for pregnant and nursing women.
What are the Side Effects of Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength?

Though it do not mention anything about its side effects, but the ingredient Hydrolyzed Gelatin is said have some side effects such as causing upset stomach, feeling bloated and may result to have certain type of allergy. Boswellia serrata Extract is said to have good effect, but also have some side effects, such as chest problem leading to breathing discomfort. This ingredient is specially said to be avoided by pregnant women because it may cause the child to have deficiency in the womb itself.

Does Osteo Bi-Flex Really Work?

It is supposed help to revitalize the joints by building the cartilage around the joints. But it fails to give its clinical studies detail on the product itself. So there are no scientific reasoning behind the working of this product


Osteo Bi-Flex manufacturer really plays an innovative mind game by adding a video to its official site, which highlights the people name and their age, where the participants are shown doing all day-to-day activity with a big smile on their face. But what it fails to mention is the clinical studies to prove its effectiveness. Along with that you can find other joint supplements which will also provide you these ingredients composition. So it is best to take an informed decision before using this supplement.


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Penetrex Reviews - Does Penetrex Cream Treat Tennis Elbow Pain?

About Penetrex Anti-Inflammatory Cream

Many of you have joint problem, it is now becoming a very common problem that not only makes you feel the pain but also makes you feel sick; both mentally and emotionally.

Penetrex cream claims to be a good joint pain reliever and having a good anti-inflammatory action. It claims that it starts to show its effectiveness soon after the cream is applied. It claims that it is not only effective for relieving the pain due to arthritis but also relieves the pain from back, neck, tennis elbow, shin splint, etc.

Penetrex is manufactured in South California by the company named as Biomax Health Product Inc. This company is in the market for quite a long time. It offers you an unconditional money back guarantee. The product costs 19.95$ when it is purchased within The U.S.A and it costs 29.95$ (means 9.95$ more for shipping) when an order for other country.

What Are The Ingredients In Penetrex Cream?

The active ingredients said to be present are:

  • Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 - It helps to maintain the nerve function and body fluid levels in all joints so that it resists the wear and tear of joints.
  • MSM / DMSO2 - It helps to maintain the joints connective tissues. It helps to provide flexibility of the cell or tissue around the joints. It acts to relieve pain and inflammation. Thus helpful for muscle and tendons.
  • Cetyl Myristoleate - It is a lubricating agent and also relieves the inflammation from the joints.
  • Choline Bitartrate - It is helpful in maintaining the nervous system and also repairs the tear of any nerve around the joints.
  • Arnica - It acts as WBC (white blood cells) stimulator and also helps to reduce the joint pain.
  • Boswellia Serrata - It is said to be effective for relieving the pain related to arthritis.

Is It Safe To Use?

The main answer to this type of question is quite difficult. But any product is judged to be safe when it is backed with a clinical trial. But Penetrex fails to mention anything about the clinical studies. But still evaluate this by going through the pros and cons it has.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Mentions its lengthy details of effectiveness.
  3. It is in cream form-Easy to apply and use.
  4. Provide detail FAQ's, contact us and consumer testimonial tab.
  1. No clinical studies done to prove its effectiveness.
  2. It claims about no side-effect, but many other site mentions about the side effects such as stomach upset, itching, headache and may cause liver damage.
  3. Many have skin rashes and skin getting sensitive to sunlight and also said to have drowsiness.
  4. Ingredient quantity not listed on the official site.
Penetrex Side Effects & Customer Reviews

As mentioned above that the official site mentions or claims that it has no side effects but many reviews mentioned on the other site proclaim about its side effects. It is not the thing that you will not find positive review but the thing is that there is a black dot on a whole white paper.

Here, I mention just one review from a consumer, rest you can have your own search

"I was quite happy for what Penetrex offered me. It really worked as I applied the cream over my ankle and on my back and neck. But after 5 to 10 days of use I had skin rashes."

It caused a terrible rash on my knees. I used it according to the directions 3 to 4 x a day for 7 to 10 days. And voila! a most horrible rash appeared. It has taken me almost one week to recover from it. The sleepless nights and the scratching has been awful. I may be alone in this but I would never recommend it to anyone. Besides the fact that after 10 days it did absolutely nothing for my aching knees.

I know the company stands behind their product and keeps saying in the brochure that you can get a refund. I personally don't want to take the time to go through all that. I just hope that people are a little more discerning when they buy a product like this than I was.

By - Barbara Ann Parker

Can't see any really improvement after using the product for six months. It may be possible that just the contact of rubbing ANY kind of pain-relieving cream on the joint multiple times during the day would have had the same result. There are much cheaper pain relieving crèmes on the market. In my case, I finally resorted to having the doctor an injection into my elbow every 6 months to totally relieve the pain.

By - Frank ODonnell (Troy, Virginia, US)

Source -

Does Penetrex Cream Really Work?

Penetrex claims to work and treat Tennis Elbow Pain. Tennis Elbow Pain is normally said to be pain and swelling in the tendons around the elbow and arm. Thus Penetrex cream claims that Vitamin B6 is a co-enzyme that regulates the body fluid flow and thus maintains the normal nerve function. It claims that due to the deficiency of Vitamin B6 Tennis Elbow pain is started. 

Bottom Line

Penetrex claims to be a good effective product for various joint pains in a cream form. It claims to be a good combination of ingredients which helps to relieve inflammation. It mentions a detail description about its ingredient but has not mentioned anything about the ingredient quantity. It claims about having no side effects but many other site states that it gives side effects such as skin rashes, itching, etc. Over the board, it is not clinically proven. So be wise before making any selection.


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Deer Antler Velvet Spray - Benefits, Side Effects, Does It Work?

Deer Antler Velvet Spray Review

Deer antler velvet spray is manufactured by Nutronics Labs. This is also known as IGF-1 and is a growth hormone responsible for the rate at which muscles grow. Deer Antler Velvet Spray is supposed to increase the muscle growth and is basically meant for people with growth hormone deficiency and joint health issues. It claims to strengthen your muscles and make them grow longer and thicker with increased metabolism. The product offers a 90 day money back guarantee but lacks clinical proofs.

What Is Igf-1?

Our body produces growth hormones, which are responsible especially for height growth. This hormone is specifically known as Insulin growth factor 1 or IGF1. This Insulin like growth factor is basically a protein made up of 70 amino acids and contains IGF-1 gene. The liver first receives growth hormones produced in the pituitary gland, which are further dropped into the blood circulation. Liver then manufactures IGF-1 and thus motivates the body growth.

What Does It Do Exactly?

Deer Antler Velvet spray is a product which claims to do the below mentioned:

  • Contains IGF-1 and IGF-2 to increase muscle strength and muscle mass.
  • It claims to boost up stamina and workout intensity.
  • Its formula is designed to enhance athletic performance and drop down the recovery time.
  • The formula is even said to increase metabolism and blood, circulation thereby reducing the fat mass.
Deer Antler Velvet Spray - Does It Work?

The formula so designed claims to have a simple and effective working. The product is to be sprayed under your tongue so that the pituitary glands easily absorb it. Deer antler velvet is said to naturally increase the IGF-1 levels immediately after it enters the bloodstream. Then it enters the liver and starts producing more HGH, which is the building block of the human body.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks of Deer Antler Spray?

Here are some b
enefits and drawbacks associated with Deer Antler Spray:


  1. Brings Massive increase in the energy level and stamina.
  2. Enables you to rest more fitfully and get a good night sleep.
  3. Improves Body tone and reduces various aches and pain.
  4. Makes you look younger and gives a clear thinking ability.
  5. The products official website provides a 90 day money back guarantee and online purchase is easy.
  1. You may gain increased muscle weight but will certainly have immense weight loss and decreased fats.
  2. The products comes with estrogen thus leading to severe side effects.
  3. The official website lacks on clinical proofs on the effective working of this product.
Warnings And Side Effects
  • The product is not considered safe for pregnant and breast feeding women.
  • Deer Antler Velvet might may act like estrogen and therefore not at all safe for individuals with hormone sensitive conditions like uterine fibroids and cancer.
Has Any Research Been Done?

There are several researches been done on the working and effectiveness on Deer Antler Velvet Spray. Yet its effectiveness is not exactly known. Moreover it is known that the use of Deer Antler Extract is banned and not to be used.

Bottom Line

The product claims to be highly effective but lacks on clinical proofs and small details on the usage of this product. Moreover it is known to have certain severe side effects. There are no recommendations or suggested dosage give on the official web page.


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Joint Pain Resq360 Reviews - What You Must Know About RESQ360?

About Joint Pain RESQ360

RESQ360 is a joint pain supplement which claims to fight against joint pain due to arthritis. It claims that it helps to fight against arthritis in all a 360 degree. It claims that this supplement is for total wellness and fitness. It also claims that it has all natural ingredients in its composition which are said to be clinically proven that take your pain away. It also highlights it claim that it helps to give you relief from the pain in just 7 days.

RESQ360 joint pain is manufactured by the same name company RESQ360. The company claims that the product is effective in all aspects. The official site has provided an informative video to explain why to use this supplement.

Joint Pain RESQ360 Ingredients

The ingredients list is mentioned on the official site along with its detail and quantity used. The ingredients are as follows:

MucoZaq - It acts like a lubricating agent and also helps to build the cartilage around the joints. Thus protecting against the wear and tear of joints.
Bromelain This helps to relieve the joints from inflammation because it has anti-inflammatory property.

5-Loxin - This is helpful to reduce the joint pain and this ingredient is said to be quite useful in arthritis-related pain.

Other ingredients Cellulose, Chlorophyll gelatin capsule, Vegetable magnesium stearate, Silicon Dioxide and shellfish.

Is it safe to use?

RESQ360 is said to be a good combination of all natural herbs. It's effectiveness is highlighted to be evident in 7 days, but what makes any product to be safe is from its pros and cons. Have a look over these sub-points:


  1. All natural ingredients along with its detail and quantity is listed on the official site.
  2. Affordable price for one month.
  3. Claims to show results in 7 days.
  4. 30 days money back guarantee.
  1. Contains shellfish; may cause allergy such as itching, stomach upset, etc.
  2. No clinical studies details mentioned on the official site.
  3. Only for adults.
  4. Not for pregnant and nursing women.
Does Joint Pain RESQ360 work?

The ingredient Bromelain which is extracted from the pineapple stem have anti-inflammatory property which relief the joints from inflammation. Then the next work is to build the cartilage around the joints so that it doesn't cause the friction and wear and tear of the joints. Thus the ingredient used is MucoZaq for this purpose. Also the working is good but it does not have any clinical studies detail on the official site to show its effectiveness.

RESQ360 comes in a bottle of 60 capsules which cost 34.95$. It is recommended to consume 2 capsules daily after meal.


RESQ360 claims to be a good product of a unique combination of all natural ingredients. It claims to show its effectiveness in just 7 days, but it lacks clinical studies. It contains shellfish which may cause allergy such as itching and abdominal pain. The ingredient Bromelain may cause stomach upset and this is also not good for pregnant and nursing women. Though it is affordable but still question yourself first to try it or not!!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Wobenzym N Reviews | Garden of Life - Does Wobenzym N Support Joint Health?

About Wobenzym N

Wobenzym N is a joint health product manufactured by Garden of Life.  The product claims to comprise an authentic systemic enzyme formula and have a synergistic combination of plant based enzymes. It even claims to have antioxidants and pancreatic enzymes that are said to be delicate yet powerful. These enzymes in Wobenzym N have a protected vegetable-based enteric coating, ensuring optimal absorption.

The official web page does not give any information on the price, packaging and shipping of this product, yet the cost is known to be $87.50 for a pack of 800 tablets. It even claims the product to be a clinically tested one but lacks evidence for this. Plus Money back guarantee was nowhere seen on the official website.

What are the ingredients in Wobenzym N?

The official website does not mention any details about the ingredients, but gives just a hint on them. Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients.

Proteolytic Enzymes

The product is said to be formulated with a blend of five different proteolytic enzymes such as papain, chymotrypsin, trypsin, bromelain and pancreatin. During digestion these enzymes are released to break down proteins into amino acids. Most supplements use these enzymes alone to treat a particular issue.

Rutoside Trihydrate

This is basically a bioflavonoid found in various plants and is commonly known as rutin. It can also be found in fruits and veggies. The basic function of this ingredient is that it provides anti- oxidant properties and improvises blood circulation.

The above mentioned are the active ingredients in Wobenzym N.  Apart from these there are other ingredients such as vegetable stearate, vegetable-based enteric coating, cellulose, purified water and natural vanilla flavor. These ingredients are known to act as preservatives and provide structural integrity along with flavor to the capsules.

How should I take Wobenzym N?

Unfortunately, the official website does not provide the recommended dosage for this product, but there are dosage recommendations on the other site. The doses differ a lot depending on the issue of a person, whereas dosage for children depends on their weight. Some may require a dose of 3 tablets 2 times a day, whereas some may require it as 10 tablets 3 times a day. Whatever the dose may be it has to be taken 45 minutes before meal with plenty of water.

Benefits of Wobenzym N

  1. Does not contain Gulten.
  2. The product is dairy free.
  3. Has a unique formula with ingredients like enzymes.
  4. Comes with a low cost and good quantity.
  1. No money back guarantee.
  2. Lacks information on ingredients.
  3. Does not give clinical proofs.
  4. No details on the price and packaging of the product.
  5. Does not mention anything on the dosage and side effects.
What Wobenzym N Consumers Have to Say?

There are mixed customer reviews for this product. Wherein some flayed the product and some of them appericiated the product. The consumers had to face digestive issues with this product because of the amount of Protease in the formula. On the other hand some stated it to be wonderful and effective on individuals with thyroid.

Does Wobenzym N Support Joint and Tendon Health?

Wobenzym N is a product that claims to come with a unique blend of systemic enzymes for temporary relief from muscle soreness, joint ache and several other joint health issues. By this it is meant to increase flexibility and mobility of joints and provide a support to the overall joint and tendons. All this is done with the help of various enzymes that are biological catalysts, involved in each and every process of the body.

Any research done on Wobenzym N?

There are researches on Wobenzym N through which it was found that Wobenzym N provides temporary relief to joint aches, improves sore muscles and works on various joint discomforts. Through this research it was also found that the product needs high doses to provide effective results.

Bottom Line

The product may be highly effective to balance body's inflammatory response and relieve the associated symptoms, but still it is a dietary supplement for which you need to consult your doctor first. Apart from this the official web page does not provide all the details for this product.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Orange Triad Review: Orange Triad Vs Opti Men - Is There Any Link?

What Is Orange Triad?

Orange Triad a multivitamin, is not just a joint supplement which is used when you have joint problem, but this supplement is very different from the chart of joint pain supplement.  This is a multivitamin supplement which is taken not only for making joint strong, but for having that much power to boost you, to make your body just like an athlete. It is said to be an overall health supplement.

Orange Triad is manufactured by Controlled Labs. The official site had merged a lot of video to boost you to build body like which you can get from a gym. Orange Triad claims to work for your immune system, digestion and for joint health. It claims to be a unique mixture of minerals, nutrients and vitamin.

It highlights it point that it is iron free and you can gain results from training to have that much fit body and joints.

About Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs is said to maintain their standard of providing high quality of products. It has nearly 19 products in its row, ranging from joint support to multivitamin. They claims that their products are tested to the extremity and then and only then they are launched in the market.

They mainly focus on athlete and bodybuilder requirements. They are GMP certified. They have long list of retailer in their arsenal.

Controlled Labs give 30 days money back guarantee on their each and every product. Plus along with that it gives direction of use and warning on each product label.

Orange Triad Review

As already stated this product is specially designed for the Athlete and bodybuilder. They claim that Orange triad not only works for joint health but also for immune system and digestion.

It comes in single bottle of 270 capsule which is consumed twice daily with 3 capsule at one time with meal. Thus cost you with 59.99$ for 45 days.This Orange triad claims that it has joint and flex complex mechanism in its ingredient to improve joint health.

What Are The Ingredients In Orange Triad Multivitamin?

Ingredients present in Orange triad are lengthy. The list is as follows:    

Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B6 AND B12
Folic Acid   
Pantothenic Acid

Ingredients especially for Joint Complex:

Glucosamine Sulfate
Chondroitin Sulfate

Ingredients especially for Flex Complex:


Ingredients especially for Digestion and Immune Complex:

Echinacea Purpurea
Ginger Extract, Quercetin
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
Giant Knotweed
Blueberry Extract
Grape Seed Extract
Raspberry Seed

Is Orange Triad Safe To Use?

To evaluate safety of Orange triad, have a look over Pros and Cons of it:


  1. Iron-free; thus gentle on the stomach.
  2. No artificial color.
  3. 30 days Money back guarantee.
  4. Offer you a lot of product.
  5. Most products prices are affordable.
  6. Gives a detail FAQ's and lots of consumer testimonials on the official site.
  1. Product has concentrated mainly on the athlete and bodybuilder; not on common persons like you and me.
  2. No clinical trials available on the official site.
Orange Triad Side Effects
  • First of all side effect are already stated in the warning label of the product that it contains shellfish so may cause allergy.
  • May cause cancer.
  • Not for pregnant women; because it may cause pre-birth defeats in child.
  • May cause heart and kidney problem; if you already have any pre- medical conditions.
  • Some consumer review mentions about the urine problem, feeling tired after consuming these supplements.
Orange Triad Vs Opti-Men

'Opti-men' is a different product from the Company Optimum Nutrition. Opti-Men claim that it has 75 plus ingredients in its composition. It contains a good combination of minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts and vitamin. 

The difference between these two is that the Orange triad claims that it has extra features of maintaining the immune system as well as digestive system. But the commonality between these two products is that; it is basically for building muscles and healthy joints keeping especially for athlete and bodybuilder.

Orange Triad Customer Reviews

I have been on OT for a little over a month and so far it's been fine. I guess the vitamin part is working as I haven't gotten sick. The joint support seems to work. I've had rotator cuff issues during and after workouts, but lately it hasn't been an issue. However, I had to take three weeks off from the gym just before using OT, so I don't know if it's the OT or the rest period. Maybe both? The digestive part seems to work. It doesn't act like a laxative, but it does seem to keep me regular. I have also noticed the lack of stomach pains I'd get after eating certain foods, so maybe OT is helping in that too. I have noticed I have had to urinate way more after starting these. Maybe it's the amount of water I have to drink while taking these.

The pills are a little large and almost always get stuck in my throat due to the coating on the vitamins. The coating initially gets tacky when wet. If I don't take them with food I have to gulp water to push them down. They also leave this weird perfume taste in your mouth. Also taking 6 per day, 42 per week, is a little off-putting, but I've kinda gotten used to it.

Overall, they're good. I'm not certain I'll buy another bottle, tho. I may go back to Opti-Men and see if any benefits of OT dissipate to get a good gauge on effectiveness. But if you're interested in taking them, they're certainly worth a try.
By - smackydoodle

These vitamins carry a cancer warning (CA prop 65) on the label. The company's site states that this is a blanket warning and will be required by all supplements in the future. However, I contacted an associate/manufacturer in the supplement industry and they stated they never heard of this and looked into it further for me.

The feedback I received was that there has to be something in the supplement itself to warrant having this warning on it.

I'm not ingesting a food/supplement with a cancer label/warning on it. Really stinks I can't return this.
By - hypersona (NY, NY USA)


Have a Look Over This Video

Bottom Line

Orange Triad is a product from a good company which has expanded its market by providing a large variety of products. But still it lack clinical studies to proof its worth and the product can lead to major side effects.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Synvisc One Injection Reviews | Side Effects - Does It Work?

What is Synvisc One Injection?

Synvisc One is a product designed for dealing with knee joint issues. This is said to be a viscosupplement injection, also known as 'hylan G-F 20'. The product claims to be formulated with all natural substances to provide lubrication and cushioning for your joints. It claims to provide up to six months of relief from osteoarthritis knee pain, with the use of a single injection only. But the product works only for knee joint pain. It needs to be re- injected after a span of six months and offers no money back guarantee. Moreover there are no clinical studies or proofs for the effective working of this product.

How does Synvisc One Injection Work?

Osteoarthritis knee lacks cushioning between the joints as there is breakdown of a joint fluid known as the synovial fluid. Synvisc One claims to work by providing the necessary joint fluid, which reduces the pain and provides natural shock absorbing properties. It is said to work on Bone spurs, cartilage issues and joint fluid breakdown. But it is said to show positive effects after one month.


The dosage for this product is given on the official website is one injection/6 months. It also states that overdose may be harmful leading to severe side effects.

But there are customers who reported that they had a need for reuse even before 6 months. It can be used for treating both knees at the same time or even at different times. The official website even recommends that you can resume normal day-to-day activities, but avoid any strenuous activities for approximately 48 hours. It is better to consult your doctor and get the best advice and get known to the best treatment suitable for you.


  1. Lubricates and acts as a shock absorber for your joints.
  2. Provides relief up to 6 months form osteoarthritis.
  3. Naturally provides cushioning for your knee joints.


  1. The cost for this product is not given on the official website.
  2. No ingredient list given on the official website.
  3. The injection is only meant for treating knee joint pain.
  4. Several side effects such as pain and swelling assist this injection.
  5. No effective clinical proofs shown.

Synvisc One Injection Side Effects

Synvisc does have certain side effects such as pain, swelling etc. Apart from this there may be side effects like fluid buildup in and around the knee. The official website claims to have mild and moderate side effects but there are certain cases where extensive pain and swelling have been noted. There have even been allergic reactions such as hives and rashes.
How much synvisc one injection cost?

Unfortunately, the cost for Synvisc One is not given on the official website. It is difficult to find the cost on the other websites also.

Has any Research been done?

There are researches on the safety regarding the repeated safe use of the product, where there were positive results. But a quarter of patients reported that they received a second injection of Synvisc One, before completing 6 months.

Bottom Line

The products may seem to be promising but certain side effects are bond to assist like swelling, and mild discomfort. Moreover it is noted that the pain start troubling within 4-5 months. The official website itself stated that if the pain returns, have a word with your doctor to check whether Synvisc One is right for you or not. The lack of details on the price of the product is quite shocking.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Joint Flex Reviews - Is It Safe To Use JointFlex Pain Relieving Cream?

Joint Flex Pain Relieving Cream Overview

JointFlex Pain Relieving Cream
Supplements come in all shapes, sizes and packs. Be it tables, caplets or creams, people are now blessed with a variety of options. Some find popping the pill easy, while many others would like to use the cream.

Joint flex is also a topical cream that claims to relieve pain in just 15-20 minutes after being applied to the inflamed area. There are clinical trials performed on the Jointflex formula. The price for a 4oz tube of Joint Flex is $15.95.

How Does JointFlex Work?

Joint flex uses an exclusive FUSOME technology which enables the ingredients to be quickly delivered to the skin without any lingering smell or sticky residue. The two main ingredients Glucosamine and Chondroitin work to repair damaged cartilage and rebuild stronger joints.

Joint Flex Ingredients

  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Glycerin
  • Glycerol Stearate
  • Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Purified Water
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)


  1. Has all natural ingredients.
  2. The product comes with a clinically proven formula.
  3. No lingering smell or sticky residue.


  1. Only for minor arthritis.
  2. May not provide long term results.
  3. Full ingredient list is not shown.
  4. The cream is not suitable for all skin types.

Potential Risks & Warnings

If you are pregnant or breast feeding ask your doctor before using.
Keep out of reach of children.
Stop using, if any irritation occurs.

Comments about JointFlex Arthritis Pain Relieving Cream, 4 oz:

Maybe I haven't given it long enough. I've used it for a couple of weeks now & have felt no relief. Time to go to the doctor instead of trying to self medicate.
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

- By padittle from baltimore, md

Joint Flex is very effective at fast relief of joint pain. Continued use helps to prevent joint pain.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

- By susieq from germantown, tn

source -

Jointflex is one of the products out there that certainly helps relieve pain. Both my husband and I use it on our backs and also leg areas where pain persists from day to day. It does relieve the pain and make it easier to move. We both have herniated disks and although it is not an alternative to procedures recommended, it does help to alleviate the pain and ease walking and sitting or standing. Also it does not have an overpowering smell like some products. The smell dissipates very quickly which is a plus.

- By "Rara" Whitney "retired teacher" (Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ United States)

The product was ordered for my mom who has arthritis in her knees. She used the product until the tube was finished. The product did not work at all. She was very disappointed as was I. I would not recommend this product.

- By Tony (Florida)

source -



Joint Flex aims at providing immediate relief from joint stiffness. The product is only suitable for those with mild arthritis, cramps and muscle strain. For those with extensive joint pain it is good to have oral medication.
Joint Flex lacks good information regarding the terms and conditions of the money back guarantee.