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Kremotex Reviews - Does Kremotex Really Work?

Kremotex is anti-wrinkle or an anti-aging cream that is concerned with slowing down the natural aging process and ensuring that you look and appear younger and youthful at all times. It utilizes ingredients that are natural. This makes the cream safe to use on different skin types and ensures that the desired final outcome is what is achieved.

Manufacturer Information and Claims about Kremotex

actually are, its ability to provide the skin with essential nutrients combination and promote hydration and skin moisturization that is essential in any skin care or beauty product. In addition, it lightens and smoothens discolorations on the skin making your complexion more even toned. Furthermore, it also protects the skin against radical elements or changes that may cause harm or injury to it.

Working Process and the Ingredients

Kremotex works by introducing a blend of ingredients into the skin. The ingredients are responsible for stimulating the different functionalities that work towards ensuring the desired outcome is achieved. The ingredients that make up Kremotex cream include:
  • Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 - provides essential amino acids into the skin. Reduces cases of skin inflammation

  • Apple stem cells - renew and transform the skin ensuring it appears rejuvenated by differentiating their functionalities and types

  • Shea butter - protects from sun damage, moisturizes and prevents aging processes from taking over the skin. Protects from radical environment elements

  • Vitamin C - promotes collagen production, has antioxidant capabilities and increases healing process of the skin in reference to sun damage

  • Macadamia oil – hydrates and has antioxidant capabilities and speeds up the skin’s healing processes

  • Retinylpalmitate - improves skin repair and promotes collagen and elastin production

The Advantages of Kremotex

  • Improves skin elasticity levels
  • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines from the skin
  • Reduces appearance of under eye circles
  • Reduces and lightens skin discolorations
  • Eliminates the presence of crow’s feet condition

The Cons of Kremotex

  • Kremotex has no apparent negative impacts associated with its use.


How do I use the Kremotex skin care or anti-aging cream?

To use the Kremotex cream, you will need to thoroughly clean your face or skin and dry it. Apply a small amount of the cream on the skin and concentrate on affected skin regions or areas and leave it on for a while. Then you can now apply your normal makeup or beauty routine.

Possible Side Effects

Kremotex has no apparent or known side effects associated with its use.

Final Verdict

Kremotex is one of the anti- aging creams available in the market today. As many people battle with the aging signs, products such as Kremotex are designed to offer a break or a solution to these challenges. It has the ability to prevent further formation or appearance of aging signs such as wrinkles and fine aging lines, smoothens out your colour pigmentation ensuring that your skin complexion if flawless, eliminates puffiness and reduces the appearance of under the eye circles while improving the elasticity and strength levels of your skin in general. The cream may ensure that you not only appear young, but also, you feel young at heart.
However, similar to many other skin care or beauty products, it is fundamental that you assess and verify the functionality of the cream before going ahead and using it on your skin. You can do so by reviewing the different information and facts given about the cream and use the information gathered to make an informed decision about Kremotex.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

How To Put Thick Eye Makeup To Look More Attractive

If you love makeup, you will definitely appreciate a Smokey eye, smoldering look. Although most people love this look, going about it can be confusing. However, with the right method of application and colors, it is an easy look to achieve. You need to accurately choose the best colors that will excellently accentuate your eyes. Give your eyes an additional attention-grabbing enhancement by using special eyeliner and eye-shadow colors. Most importantly, make sure you choose your colors according to the color of your eyes. Here is How to put thick eye makeup to look more attractive.
Gathering The Right Materials
After you’ve chosen your eyeliner and eye-shadow colors according to the color of your eyes, you will need to look for something to use to prepare your eyelids. Beauty professionals recommend priming the eyelids using an eye-shadow primer or a concealer foundation. Doing so ensures that your eyeshadow appears more vibrant and rich. Additionally, this helps prevent smudging.
You will also need some excellent brushes. Although brushes are not that important in a smokey eye step by step, having the best brushes set can help add some crucial detailing on your look. Your look will appear more professional, polished and natural. Here are some amazing brushes to pick:
  • Blending brush

  • Eyeshadow brush

  • Smudge brush

  • Angled Definer Brush

  • Fan brush

  • Small concealer brush

  • Crease brush

Creating a Smokey Eye
  • Begin by applying a foundation, eye primer or concealer to your eyelids. Consider doing this using a concealer brush, a blending sponge or your finger.

  • Go ahead and apply some eyeliner on the upper waterline to make your eyelashes appear fuller. Additionally, this will ensure that your eyes appear larger. Before starting, warm up your eyeliner by drawing on your hand’s back. For a successful smokey eye step by step application, consider raising your chin and expose your waterline by lifting your eyelid’s outer corner upwards. Using your dominant hand, consider holding your eyeliner vertically and run the tip gently back and forth several times.

  • Now, apply eyeshadow to the eyelid using an eyeshadow brush. Make sure that you lightly blow on the brush once you’ve dipped it inside the shadow to allow for an even application. Doing so will help prevent additional eyeshadow from landing on your cheeks. Consider using your ring finger in case you can’t find your eyeshadow brush.

  • Consider applying your eye crease with the darkest eyeshadow shade especially if you are using several shades. This should be done using a cease brush. Once done, consider blending your eyeshadow upwards using your ring finger, a blending brush or a cease brush. Blending upwards helps eliminate any hard lines. If you find blending difficult, consider trying a transition shade on your brush to allow for easier blending out.

  • Make sure you properly apply eyeliner on the upper lash line. This can easily be done using gel/liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner. Begin at your lash line’s middle and in gentle and short strokes, outwardly pull the eyeliner, back towards the middle and then towards the inner corner of your eye. Afterward, smudge the eyeliner using a smudge brush, your finger or Q-tip.

  • Consider using your blending brush to blend everything together. Begin from your eye’s outer corner moving towards the inner corner. Then in a back and forth motion, remove all lines that have been created by the eyeshadow. You can soften the line by running your blending brush over your eyeshadow’s top edge.

  • Consider applying two mascara coats to your eyelashes to achieve a more subtle appearance. Consider choosing soft black or dark brown or grey mascara. For a more dramatic appearance, very dark mascara can be used. Similarly, you might want to apply some false lashes for a more dramatic appearance.

  • Make sure the area around the eyes is properly cleaned to eliminate flakes of mascara or eyeshadow that might have landed on your cheeks. Using gentle strokes, gently brush them away using a clean brush.

Before getting started with your smokey eye, you will need to choose a complementary makeup. Some examples might include lipstick, blush and a tinted moisturizer. If you want to achieve a dramatic smokey eye, a neutral shade lipstick could be the best idea. Conversely, if you are planning to shade your eyebrows, going darker than usual will help you balance your face. To complement your smokey eyes, consider using foundation and concealer to make a clear complexion. Additionally, use a highlighting powder or cream to highlight your face.

Monday, 17 April 2017

How To Get A Healthy Looking Skin If You Have A Rough Skin Tone

Do not blame rough skin to genetics! There is something you could do with it! You don’t have to suffer from rough skin anymore. Ladies, it is our responsibility to take good care of our skin! Smooth skin is not Hollywood exclusive! With proper care and nourishment, we too, can have a radiant and blemish free skin!

We shouldn’t wait for someone else to take care of ourselves. We should take charge of our own and start today! Rough skin cannot be helped overnight, so, be patient and commit yourself to making your skin better! Here are a few simple things you can add to your regimen for beautiful skin.

1.) Keep Your Regimen Simple. Too much advertisement had convinced us to buy many products and use them all at once! This may seem like we are doing the right things to keep the effects of aging on the skin at bay, but, too much of anything can do more harm than good!

Try keeping your skin care regimen simple. You may not have noticed this but, some of the many products available may not be compatible with each other. In fact, some might be contraindicated! Be wary about this and try to keep things simple and stick with what is effective.

2.) Exfoliate. Exfoliating is one of the best ways to scrape off old skin and reveal the new growth of skin underneath it. This may be intimidating especially if you are new to taking care of your skin, but, exfoliating is safe. This is in the sense that you know what it does to your skin, how to do it, and how often you do it.

Our skin continually grows from the underneath, hidden from our plain sight. Removing the dead skin cells, the flaky part will renew your skin and will stimulate growth underneath. Doing so regularly will keep your skin fresh looking and young!

3.) Try Microdermabrasion. If you think mild exfoliation is not enough to deal with your skin type and you think your skin can handle it, microdermabrasion can be the right thing for you. Don’t forget to consult an expert if this is what you need first!

This method involves a deeper level of exfoliation. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to consider light exfoliation first until you get used to it before trying this one.

4.) Use a Homemade Facial Scrub. If you can’t imagine yourself peeling yourself with chemicals to combat the effects of aging on skin, you can use some effective homemade scrubs. They are easy to make and, I bet, you have the ingredients in your kitchen!
Brown sugar and honey is the simplest exfoliant you can make without worrying about chemicals if you have sensitive skin!
5.) Take Advantage Of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an excellent and powerful antioxidant. It boosts your immune system and fends off harmful illnesses coming your way. But aside from effectively heightening your immune response, it can also make your skin glow!

Use topical skincare products with vitamin C. It can help you boost collagen (the protein that makes up the skin) and get rid of free radicals that damage the skin cells.

6.) Eat Right. Eating the right type of food can help you sustain a healthy skin. The nutrients from the food we eat define how well our body functions. Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins (especially vitamin E), minerals, and protein can help supply your skin with the right ingredients to heal and repair damaged skin.

7.) Establish a More Rigid Skin Care At Night. Have you ever wondered why some skin care products are recommended at night? The simple answer is because these products are formulated to help your body repair and keep the skin moisturized while you sleep! Focus on them and be consistent with it. Consistency can help you maintain a better and younger looking longer!

Take charge of your skin! Rough should not be used to describe your skin! Educate yourself and look for the right skin care product for your type of skin. Remember that every individual has a different skin type and may need different products. Follow this steps and take care of your skin. Choose the right type of regimen and don’t forget to nourish your skin from within! Eat the right types of food and get a healthy glowing skin from the inside out!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Proven Easy And Effective Methods To Reduce Cellulite Problem

Much as they would hate to admit it—millions of women from all over the world are suffering from the skin condition they would like to call the cottage cheese thighs. In short, cellulite. Because of this, the need for an effective cellulite removal treatment is in demand now more than ever. As a result, you can come across a plethora of treatments, remedies, and operations on the market today, all claiming to be efficient and useful in helping you successfully get rid of your cellulite. But unfortunately, not all of these treatments and products are all they claim to be. Investing in some of them is just a complete waste of your time and money. Because of this, we have decided to help you out by enumerating some of the cellulite removal methods that have been proven effective. Here are some of them:

1- Cellulite Home Remedies

First thing on our list is the safest and most affordable option of all—home remedies for cellulite. We have placed this on top because it is one of the most highly recommended treatments out there, mainly because all the ingredients you need are already in your kitchen. Plus, these remedies make use of all-natural and organic items that are proven safe and effective for just about everyone, except those with allergies. Some of the home remedies for cellulite that we recommend are cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, maca, green tea, zeolite, gelatin and coffee scrub, and wrap.

2- Exercise

Wondering what that cottage cheese appearance in your thighs is? According to experts, this is brought about by excess fats that have been deposited underneath our skin. So, what is the best way to get rid of fats? Exercise, of course! With the right leg workout plan, you can be able to build muscles, lose the fats and make skin look firmer and more toned. If you are wondering what are the best exercises for removing cellulite, these are as follows: All-Fours Kickback, Side to Side, Lying Inner-Leg Lift, Side Lift and Squats, One-Legged Lunge and V-Legged Pull.

3- Proper Diet

In addition to the right exercises, you also need a proper diet to stay in shape and get rid of those cottage cheese thighs for good. If you would like to keep cellulite at bay, there are some foods that you need to consume and some that you need to avoid. To remove cellulite, experts recommend incorporating the following foods into your diet: fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. On the other hand, you should avoid the following foods: sugary snacks, greasy foods and food items made with white flour.

4- Radio Frequency

Today, you can find plenty of FDA-approved machines that employ radio frequency waves in removing cellulite. The waves work by burning the fat deposits underneath our skin, boosting blood circulation and increasing collagen production that helps make the skin look firmer and diminishing the appearance of cellulite. After doing that, the machines will then finish off the treatment with a simple massage, vibration or suction that help to get rid of the excess fats and fluids from our body. This method has been proven safe and effective and is usually recommended by most dermatologists. However, they can be quite costly, ranging from 300-600 dollars. Plus, you would need to undergo two sessions a week to see visible results. Once your cellulite is gone, you would be advised to undergo maintenance treatment once a month.

5- Epsom Salt Detox Bath

A bath is one of the most relaxing activities that you can enjoy, but more than that, this type of bath can help you remove cellulite. An Epsom salt bath can boost the magnesium levels in the body, soothe skin irritation and flush out cellulite-causing toxins from our body. To enjoy this bath, all you have to do is fill your tub with warm water. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of Epsom salt and ¼ cup of Himalayan salt to a quart of boiling water and mix well. Pour the salt mixture into the tub along with 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and 15 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Soak in there for at least 20 minutes. Yes, not all of the cellulite removal methods out there are created equal. Some of these work while others will just leave you hanging. So do yourself a favor in be wise in choosing the best cellulite removal method for your needs. We have already given you a heads up on what works, so it is now up to you to put it into practice.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type

As you go about your day, your face gets all sorts of gunk, including dirt, sweat, dead skin, bacteria, and oil.It is important to cleanse your face at least twice a day. The facial cleansers are here to help you clean off the entire gunk without drying out your skin. They keep your skin fresh and they target and prevent specific skin issues. However, they can cause harm to your skin if you do not use the right facial cleanser for your skin type. While choosing these cleansing products, put into consideration, your skin type and the ingredient content of the product. Here are some tips to help you choose and get the best out of the facial cleansers.

1. Know your skin type

The skin varies from one person to another and from one region to another. It is important to identify your facial skin type in order to be in a position to find the best facial cleanser for it. Some skin types are easy to manage while others might be perpetually frustrating. The various skin types are sensitive skin, normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin. Thus, you cannot use a similar facial cleanser in all skin types.

2. Know the type of facial cleansers

Most of the cleansers are designed for specific skin types. Common types of skin cleansers are skin problem-specific, skin type-specific, post and pre-cleansers, and mild cleansers designed for everyday use.

For normal skin: You can use a wide variety of skin products without worrying much. Normal skin is radiant and healthy, it has minimally enlarged pores, and it is not easily affected by weather. The recommended cleansers for them are those that contain antioxidants, botanical anti-inflammatory agents, retinol, and hydroxyl acids.

For dry skin: You should use cleanser whose ingredients are rich in moisturizing properties. They create a barrier that prevents your skin from drying by holding in moisture and phospholipids. The product should contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and barrier-repair moisturizing ingredients. Those with alpha hydroxyl acids exfoliate dry skin and allow efficient absorption of moisture. You can use oil-based products that contain natural oils. Products with surfactants dissolve oily molecules leading to further skin dryness.

For oily skin: Oily skin is due to overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands. The excess oil can clog your pores leading to skin disorders such as acne. When cleansing an oily skin, avoid products that contain oil be it synthetic or natural, fragrances or additives. Gel-based and foaming cleansers are the best facial cleanser for an oily skin. They contain ingredients such as antioxidants, botanical anti-inflammatory agents, retinol, and hydroxyl acids with an addition of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, turmeric or honey. Mild cleansers are highly recommended for oily skin, since they cleanse your pores without drying them up. They may also opt for exfoliating and astringent cleansers.

For sensitive skin: Sensitive skin tends to get irritated easily by products that contain harsh ingredients. They should use cleansers with mild ingredients such as anti-inflammatory agents, aloe, antioxidants in lower concentrations, and cucumber natural extracts. They should avoid alcohol-based products. You are recommended to seek out cleansers that are fragrance-free and are hypoallergic.

For combination skin: You are recommended to use a gel-based or mildly foaming cleanser. The gentle, water-soluble cleansers do not leave your face feeling tight or dry.

3. Use your cleansers appropriately

It is important to follow directions given to the latter to avoid breakouts or itchiness. Avoid scrubbing your face hard. Clean your hands first before touching your face. Try double cleansing; first cleansing removes surface dirt and makeup while the second one drives out sebum, sweat, and particles that are in your skin pores. Take your time and massage your skin in circular motions.

Advantages of facial cleansers

  • They clean out the pores preventing them from clogging.
  • They leave your skin moist preparing it to absorb other health products to be applied effectively.
  • They clear other products on your skin such as dirt, makeups, sweat etc.
  • The cleansers remove the excess surface oils and dead skin cells.


Cleaning your face properly makes a difference in how you look and in your skin’s health even years later. The main purpose of washing your face is to maintain a healthier, good-looking skin. It is advisable to cleanse your face twice a day, during the night and morning hours. You should use a gentle washcloth and pH balanced cleansers. You should use warm water since hot water can irritate the skin and also cause overproduction of oil. Choose the best cleanser for an amazing look and healthy skin.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

How to Reverse Sun Damage on Skin

Many women love the light and warmth that comes from the sun. In fact medical practitioners recommend sunlight exposure as a healthy source of vitamin E during the few hours of the morning and afternoon. However, prolonged sun exposure causes extensive damage to the skin.

The harmful ultra violet rays alters the skin structure through radiation while the suns heat dries up the unprotected areas. This depletes the skins natural oils, which acts as lubricants. Women have a reason to smile because skin experts give an assurance that 99% of skin damage is reversible.

While it’s impossible to alter the cellular changes caused by radiation, it’s possible to reduce such damages as: skin sagging, broken blood vessels, wrinkles, brown age spots, sun burns, child hood burns, red spots, dark circles around the eyes, fine lines and melasma successfully. The initial step to preventing sun damage is by reducing further damage. Treatments range from laser treatments, mechanical skin peels, routine use of gels and topical creams. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons therefore recommend the following tips for a greater skin:

1. Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) aids in skins pigment reduction. This procedure enables the age and sunspots on the to reduce in a few days. The user can use the procedure along a few treatments to thoroughly reduce cause of skin discolorations.

2. Photodynamic Therapy

This treatment combines light and photosynthesizing medication to treat cancer causing cells and sun damage. This is a one hour process. It produces irresistible results when used together with Intense Pulsed Light.

3. Use of Fractioned Lasers

These lasers create tiny wounds known as thermal zones. In process of their healing, the lasers promotes a natural healing process thereby stimulating new collagen. The result is a tighter, smoother, even and a glowing appearancefree from sun spots on face.

4. Ablative Lasers

Ablative Lasers are stronger than fractioned laser. They work by vaporizing the skins top layer. The treatment is mostly recommended for more problematic skin damages such as deep wrinkles, deep pigmentation and extensive skin unevenness.

5. Use of hydroquinone and Retinoid

This is the most aggressive and effective skin care treatment for reversing stubborn skin damage. It gently exfoliates the skins upper layer to reveal a smooth fresh layer. Doctors recommend the formula in reducing skin uneven pigmentation and reduction of sunspots as well as lighten the face.

6. Dark Spots Correcting Cream

Dark spots correcting creams contain niacinamide compound responsible for preventing darks pots and it also acts as a gentle skin lightener.

7. Use of Chemical Peels

A good example of a chemical peels is Glycolic Acid. It gently peels the skins top layer thereby revealing a new skin free from wrinkles, uneven texture and pigmentation. It also treats other causes of skin disorders such as acnes and fine lines. Chemical peels get rid of sun spots on face in a span of 5 days.

8. Use of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are rich in Vitamin C that helps boost collagen and prevents formation of dead cells. Dr. Shamban a dermatologist recommends a natural solution to this. She advice users to blend frozen strawberries, honey and blue berries. When the mixture is applied on the skin regularly, the antioxidants gently penetrate the skin to promote collagen production, reduces harmful effects of UV rays as well as repairs the worn out tissues.

9. Use of Exfoliants

Mild exfoliants like Alpha-Hydroxyl acids (AHA) promotes faster skin cell rejuvenation. Sun damaged skin has a low skin rejuvenation rate that leads to dry, flaky, uneven and a blemished skin.

10. Continuous Maintenance

Dermatologists emphasizes that skin damage is a continuous process. Most people expose themselves daily to the harmful solar rays. Unless they stop this extensive sun exposure, skin damage will continue worsening. Therefore, doctors recommend user to undertake one laser treatment in every one or two years.


In determining the best skin regime to correct the skin damage, skin experts advice users to consults a dermatologist first. The dermatologist will examine the skin type and access the nature of the skins damage. The doctors also perform biopsy procedure in the laboratory that helps to rule out the likelihood of skin cancer. He will further recommend the best solution. The skin expert also emphasizes other factors that will yield positive results such as: the users’ willingness to be patient on recovery period, users’ budget, skin type and the degree of the skins damage. By following this process, the user is guaranteed of positive results and minimized risks to their skin problems. Above all this, dermatologists emphasize the use of a good sun bloc or a sunscreen with a sun protection Factor (SPF) of 30.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Best dress for wedding as per zodiac signs

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility,” everybody’s favorite rags to riches princess, Anne Hathaway, once said. That’s why you are taking every possible step to make sure that everything will be at its rightful place on your big day, isn’t it?

A wedding signifies a new beginning, new life, new hope, and it’s only natural that you desire to walk down the aisle with all the luck that you can get shining over your shoulders. The perfect wedding ideas for your dress according to your zodiac sign? Find out below.

1. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18). You have a natural tendency to be aloof which leads other people to think of you as being insensitive and withdrawn. Your style is Avant-Garde. Try on 30s-inspired layered dresses and tasseled, high side slit gowns. Play up the drama with accents on your dress or your head.

2. Pisces (February 19 - March 20). Your character is defined as tolerant and patient. You’re natural, so flowy clothes that are stereotyped for nature and Greek goddesses are the types of wedding dresses that will suit your personality perfectly. Try on dresses made from soft, sheer fabrics. To fold in what’s trending, find a gown that has intricate embroideries and lace on it.

3. Aries (March 21 - April 19). You are the recognized leader of the pack. You like being first and taking risks. You like being in comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movements. Your style is utilitarian, and your style is naturally elegant. The wedding dress that suits you are straight, column dresses that does not open up any possibility for a wardrobe malfunction. For the same reasons, wedding dresses with long trails do not fit your personality.

4. Taurus (April 20 - May 20). You’re a natural artist and love to be surrounded with beauty. You’re not a leader, but people respect you for your practicality and profound wisdom. Your style is nothing short of intricate. Look for a wedding dress with handmade details like vintage embroidery and floral patches which should give you a feminine look you want to achieve.

5. Gemini (May 21 - June 20). You are adventurous and fun-loving which is why people like being around you. You like trying out something new but will also not have any trouble taking the more traditional route.

The wedding dress that fits you: What would best suit your style and craving for adventure is therefore a classic wedding dress with an unexpected accent, like perhaps a bow or a metal detail.

6. Cancer (June 21 - July 22). You are happy and content being a supporter or a follower and content of being in the background. You don’t value ego but the more important things in life like family and love. You’ll love traditional wedding dresses and will be related to wear the same dress that your mother wore to her wedding.

7. Leo (July 23 - August 22). You’re the queen bee of your clique and love being the center of attention. Your style is rich and extravagant. Your style is luxurious and exuberant. Simple, ordinary cuts won’t make you happy. Try on dresses with ornate accents, sequins, linings or details in silver or gold.

8. Virgo (August 23 - September 22). You are detail-oriented and a crowd pleaser. Your shy character will naturally fit into dainty wedding dresses that are flowy and somewhat resembling costumes on “The Game of Thrones”.

9. Libra (September 23 - October 2). You are a crowd drawer and people love you for it. Despite this, you keep a certain stance. Look for a wedding dress that will signify prestige and class.

10. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21). You can be very emotional and secretive. Your intense passion, therefore, can only be matched by a wedding dress that shows off your sexy curves in very expressive and attractive but subtle ways.

11. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21). You love the outdoors. Bring your love for nature on your wedding dress by incorporating elements of nature lie flowers, vines and stars on it.

12. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19). You are very traditional and have a refined style. Perfect wedding ideas are not your thing but you know exactly what you want. Look for dresses with clean cuts and sew lines, tailored details and structured gowns.


However you choose, make sure you’re not just following what looks beautiful on a catalogue but, more importantly, what feels beautiful to you.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Trendy Makeup Tricks Will Make You Look Beautiful

In addition, a professional makeup artist can help with some of the best makeup ideas. Here are some new ideas to help you get ready in 2016.

Faux Freckles and Clumpy Lashes

makeup tricks

Most of the latest makeup ideas are first seen in runaways. Here, makeup artists use models and celebrities to introduce new makeup ideas to people. During a recent runaway event held in Francesco, Georgina Graham, a makeup artist showcased faux freckles and clumpy lashes. She used pencils with three different colors for the freckles. The blunt tips were seen pressed into the skin and scattered all over the cheeks and nose. For more realistic effects she placed them randomly. If you are going for this look, consider keeping your lips toned down and maintain a light foundation.

Chestnut-Colored Lipstick

This is another trendy makeup idea to consider wearing in 2016. It is darker than tan, but lighter than brown making it very cool if worn with suede skirt. Since this hue is very unique, you will need mascara and a little concealer to get you ready. You can try this makeup idea at home and makeup artists recommend trying True Dimensions Mary Kay Lipstick in Chocolate or the Legendary Be Smallbox Lipstick in Chai.

Red Lips

The classic red lips makeup is trending again and makeup artists recommend wearing it against bare skin. During a Victoria Beckham event, Pat McGrath painted the lips of the models orange-red using concealer only on their skins. Another makeup artist applied only 2 coats of liquid crimson lipstick to the lips of the models without any mascara or foundation. You can as well go for this look and remember to apply lipstick only and nothing else.

Cobalt Liner

This season, many makeup artists applied blue in a variety of ways. However, the one that stood out was at Jonathan Saunders. Lucia Pieroni, a makeup artist lined the eyes’ inner rims with blue. She went ahead to trace the bottom and top eyelash lines and applied a shadow of cobalt cream into the eyelashes’ roots to add some extra oomph. This makeup trick will provide a clear blue shade along your lash line and waterline making your eyes to look more defined and much brighter.

White Wings

White eye shadow will give you an edgy look if you streak and smudge it across the eyes. At Maria Cornejo+ Zero, Dick Page, a makeup artist painted a white pigment on the eye’s outer corners using a small shadow brush. You can as well try out this latest makeup idea using a well-known cream. Consider skipping mascara and remember to curl your eyelashes.

Sunset Shadow

The blazing sunset look of red, orange and pink can look very beautiful on your eyes. However, you will need to learn how to go about this makeup trick to avoid too much color mixing. Consider mixing orange and red lipstick and perfectly spread it over the creases and lids using your fingers to give you a warm hue. According to Pecheux, a professional makeup artist, your skin tone will play a significant role when deciding whether or not to go for this makeup idea. If you have a darker skin, the orange shade will work out perfectly for you.

Smudgy Silver Shadow

A metallic shadow such as silver can look very good on you if properly applied. Consider lining your eyes’ inner rims using a black liner. This will assist in defining your eyes’ shape. Once you are done, define your eyes’ creases with a shade that is darker than your skin tone to get you ready for the silver look. Afterwards, blend your lids, your inner corners and your lower eyelashes with the sparkles of a silver powder shadow. For an additional sparkly effect, consider dampening your brush. Additionally, you can make this look last longer by lining your lashes’ bottom and top with a black pencil.

Flirty Lips and Lashes

This is the latest makeup trick for the lovers of motorcycle boots and leather jackets. Makeup artists recommend pairing dusty mauve lips with twiggy lashes to give you an excellent feminine look that stands out. You can achieve this look using Lip Liner Nars Velvet in El Aqua and top up with Audacious Nars Lipstick in Dominique. Use a soft pink blush shade, keep your skin fresh and groom the brows to avoid looking too dolly.


Trendy makeup tricks will make you look beautiful and feel good about yourself. You can learn new makeup tricks from beauty magazines and online by reading beauty reviews.