Monday, 17 April 2017

How To Get A Healthy Looking Skin If You Have A Rough Skin Tone

Do not blame rough skin to genetics! There is something you could do with it! You don’t have to suffer from rough skin anymore. Ladies, it is our responsibility to take good care of our skin! Smooth skin is not Hollywood exclusive! With proper care and nourishment, we too, can have a radiant and blemish free skin!

We shouldn’t wait for someone else to take care of ourselves. We should take charge of our own and start today! Rough skin cannot be helped overnight, so, be patient and commit yourself to making your skin better! Here are a few simple things you can add to your regimen for beautiful skin.

1.) Keep Your Regimen Simple. Too much advertisement had convinced us to buy many products and use them all at once! This may seem like we are doing the right things to keep the effects of aging on the skin at bay, but, too much of anything can do more harm than good!

Try keeping your skin care regimen simple. You may not have noticed this but, some of the many products available may not be compatible with each other. In fact, some might be contraindicated! Be wary about this and try to keep things simple and stick with what is effective.

2.) Exfoliate. Exfoliating is one of the best ways to scrape off old skin and reveal the new growth of skin underneath it. This may be intimidating especially if you are new to taking care of your skin, but, exfoliating is safe. This is in the sense that you know what it does to your skin, how to do it, and how often you do it.

Our skin continually grows from the underneath, hidden from our plain sight. Removing the dead skin cells, the flaky part will renew your skin and will stimulate growth underneath. Doing so regularly will keep your skin fresh looking and young!

3.) Try Microdermabrasion. If you think mild exfoliation is not enough to deal with your skin type and you think your skin can handle it, microdermabrasion can be the right thing for you. Don’t forget to consult an expert if this is what you need first!

This method involves a deeper level of exfoliation. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to consider light exfoliation first until you get used to it before trying this one.

4.) Use a Homemade Facial Scrub. If you can’t imagine yourself peeling yourself with chemicals to combat the effects of aging on skin, you can use some effective homemade scrubs. They are easy to make and, I bet, you have the ingredients in your kitchen!
Brown sugar and honey is the simplest exfoliant you can make without worrying about chemicals if you have sensitive skin!
5.) Take Advantage Of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an excellent and powerful antioxidant. It boosts your immune system and fends off harmful illnesses coming your way. But aside from effectively heightening your immune response, it can also make your skin glow!

Use topical skincare products with vitamin C. It can help you boost collagen (the protein that makes up the skin) and get rid of free radicals that damage the skin cells.

6.) Eat Right. Eating the right type of food can help you sustain a healthy skin. The nutrients from the food we eat define how well our body functions. Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins (especially vitamin E), minerals, and protein can help supply your skin with the right ingredients to heal and repair damaged skin.

7.) Establish a More Rigid Skin Care At Night. Have you ever wondered why some skin care products are recommended at night? The simple answer is because these products are formulated to help your body repair and keep the skin moisturized while you sleep! Focus on them and be consistent with it. Consistency can help you maintain a better and younger looking longer!

Take charge of your skin! Rough should not be used to describe your skin! Educate yourself and look for the right skin care product for your type of skin. Remember that every individual has a different skin type and may need different products. Follow this steps and take care of your skin. Choose the right type of regimen and don’t forget to nourish your skin from within! Eat the right types of food and get a healthy glowing skin from the inside out!


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