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Phenocal Review - The Safe, Effective Way To Fast Track Your Weight Loss!

Phenocal - Successful Weight Loss Results Delivered In Our Revolutionary Formula

Girl want to lose weight
  • You finding it hard to lose weight as you age?
  • Your favorite clothes no longer fit?
  • Does lack of energy stop you from exercising?
  • Your once-toned body is now flabby and out of shape?
  • You give in to cravings and end up eating all the wrong foods?
We all know how hard it can be to lose weight at the best of times, and as we get older it becomes even more of a challenge. The metabolism slows down, we no longer have the pep and energy needed to exercise after a long day and we find ourselves giving in to all those nagging food cravings too easily. While it took years for those pounds to slowly creep on, the good news is that with Phenocal, you now have a way to lose those pounds quickly, safely and effectively. The revolutionary, all natural formula can actually boost your metabolism, allowing your body to become a fat-burning machine!

Just See What Phenocal Can Do For You!

The Phenocal formula is the perfect, all-natural, non-prescription solution to lasting weight loss. It allows you to lose weight quickly but safely, without the use of harsh, over-stimulating ingredients. Unlike so many other weight loss brands on the market, Phenocal delivers a synergistically-balanced blend of quality ingredients, maximizing your weight-loss potential. Phenocal has allowed numerous customers to experience real, long-lasting results and they know it is a brand they can trust and rely on.

Phenocal's Proprietary Blend of Ingredients Will:

  • Suppress the appetite making it easier to resist 'junk food' cravings
  • Help burn excess fat fast, raising your body temperature and increasing the metabolism
  • Use powerful ingredients to fight fat at an optimal level
  • Super-charge your energy levels so you can workout longer
  • Make it easier to cut calories and stick to a diet plan
And best of all, Phenocal does all this without causing harmful, unpleasant side effects!

What Does Phenocal Contain To Make It So Potent?

Phenocal blends only the top-quality ingredients, ensuring  users that they get the most effective levels of the following:

  • Biotin - breaks down food in the body and synthesizes fat and amino acids
  • Glucomannan - a fibrous substance that helps you feel fuller, longer
  • Chromium Picolinate - known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, thereby decreasing cravings
  • Fucoxanthin - boosts the thermogenetic process, 'turning on' the body's fat-burning furnace
  • Cocoa extract - blocks carbohydrates effectively and allows the user to remain alert and energized
  • Hoodia Gordinii - a famous appetite suppressant that makes it easier to resist over-eating
  • Green Tea - the anti-oxidant 'superfood' that contains catechins  and increasing calorie-burning
  • Folic Acid - allows the body to burn more fat, by increasing its mobilization
And all these ingredients are 100% natural and safe! Not only that, but they are so effective, users even continue taking Phenocal after their weight-loss goals have been achieved.

Don't Give In To Your Weight Gain - Fight Back With Phenocal!

Now you have a tool to help fight the unwanted extra pounds in a naturally effective formula. Not only will Phenocal give you an energy boost in as little as 12 hours, but continuously rev-up the body's fat burning engine, attacking the weight in not just one, but three ways. By reducing the appetite, increasing energy and the metabolism, you can be sure that your weight loss goals will be achieved and you can start living in that toned, lean body you always wanted.

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Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review: Full Money Back Guarantee on Garcinia Cambogia Extract!

Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Ignore those dietary fads, high priced low-calorie foods and full synthetic supplements because the minute you stop using them, the pounds you lost normally comes again. At this time there is a healthy alternative -- a safe, all natural dietary supplement known as Garcinia Cambogia Extract -- the most recent breakthrough weight loss remedy available from Natural Process (

Weight loss supplements make approximately $30 billion 1 year in the U.S. with many products ensuring amazing results. Garcinia Cambogia Extract gained notoriety on the Dr. Oz TV show back in 2012, when the host extolled its effectiveness as "the latest, quickest extra fat buster" and interest have been increasing slowly for this supplement ever since.

Garcinia Cambogia is a rich, pumpkin-like fruit from Southeast Asia that's purported to hold the remedy to weight-loss in the rind of its fruit. Using this component to foods is considered to be highly effective in making meals more "filling." In some villages in Malaysia, Garcinia is used to create a soup that's consumed before meals for weight-loss because of its appetite-blocking abilities. Garcinia Cambogia is full of higher levels of HCA, an ingredient which helps naturally reducehunger, minimize build-up of poor cholesterol and help reduce the level of triglyceride, preventing new fat tissues from forming. Garcinia Cambogia works like a fat blocker, not enabling fat tissues to form and permitting the extra fat to go through your body immediately rather than holding it inside the body. As a result, HCA assist enable the body system to become more powerful for burning off calories.

Garcinia Cambogia: More Than an Appetite Suppressant

So what divides Garcinia Cambogia from the rest of the weight loss supplements?

"The difference is this supplement actually has many other health advantages, because it enhances serotonin levels in your brain and also breaks down the fat when it hits the liver, so it's not only an hunger controller," said Natural Process company president David Johnson, the desire behind the product's advertising efforts.

Not only does Natural Process market an extremely popular weight loss remedy, but it also provides consumers with a special offer that no other company can. "We offer a full money back guarantee," added Johnson. "If you order my supplement and you're not satisfied with it, simply just call us and get your cash back. Garcinia Cambogia is available at for fulfillment and checkout."

As with any weight loss supplement, women pregnant or nursing, children under the age of 18, and people with known medical conditions should really consult their doctor before you start a remedy with Garcinia Cambogia. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not plan for this supplement to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

About Natural Process

At Natural Process, we believe that weight loss should come naturally. Our products, along with a healthy lifestyle, will assist you to meet your weight loss goals, no matter how small or big. By selling our all natural supplements online through, Natural Process gives you a simple, affordable way to reduce weight, feel amazing and live healthy. Welcome to Natural Process. Here's to your health!


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Celtrixa Reviews: Is Celtrixa An Effective Stretch Mark Cream?

Celtrixa Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch marks can be a very embarrassing skin problem and people will do almost anything to reduce them. There are treatment and methods available, but they are expensive and also do not always work. The online market is bursting with new products that everyone guarantees to repair stretch marks for good. While many products are really claiming and actually do work, some just don't hit the mark. That is what I now here for, to take products such as Celtrixa to our looking at table and provide you a thorough review.

Celtrixa is a stretch mark cream available on the market made to minimize the presence of stretch marks. I couldn't discover any components shown on the official site, but the company claims they use a "proprietary blend" of components that they state are shown to minimize the presence of stretch marks in not much time. When I looked at the web-site, I observed there was a small amount detail on stretch marks or even the product. However, I required finding out more. I have decided to look into the product claims, the consumer testimonials as well as the FAQ regarding the company. I gave it all a very good analysis and actually, I think this can be a wonderful product.

What Does Celtrixa Claim?

The company claims to "visibly minimize the appearance of stretch marks," and it also minimizes the impressions in skin. And also it claims that it might help prevent long term stretch marks. While this may be comforting to some, I still wished to know how it works and what they use. I checked the official site over and did not discover any component listing to find any backing for the claims. 

The company does claim that the "scientifically proven" components can quickly smooth and make softer skin and provide skin layers new elasticity. They list the "key ingredient" as Regu-Stretch, but what exactly that is, only the company knows. It seems like to be "top secret". There was clearly an 84 day research done so they claim that 85% of customers noted a decrease in stretch marks. 90% reported having brighter skin tone around the area. But, you can't ignore these downsides associated with the product listed below:

  • Real price of a 3 oz supply is not outlined on the website
  • Filling out a consumer questionnaire is needed for the "Free Trial"
  • The full list of ingredients is not given

How Does Celtrixa work?

A current study conducted on customers proved that the cream was highly effective in lightening the stretch marks and even qualitatively improved the skin by enhancing its suppleness and brightness. Now this time I understand an affirmative answer to the query does Celtrixa work, the next query is how does Celtrixa work? What makes this cream so effective in combating stretch marks?

With something similar to this you have to be committed, you need to follow the instructions to the letter and if it states apply 2 times a day that is what exactly you need to do. If you want a very good body again without the ugly stretch marks, you are going to have to be fully committed and then motivate yourself to never avoid a day where you put on cream.

Celtrixa Final Review

Yes! it really does work to minimize the presence of stretch marks, but you need to be dedicated and use as directed for at least couple of months. It will work out to be costly as you will require at least three jars and you have to include postage and packaging. However, it costs less as compared to having expensive laser surgery.

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Menopause foggy brain study: Emotions affect foggy brain, hot flashes, sleep

The 7 Menopausal Dwarfs

The menopause foggy brain study conducted by researchers found that a menopause foggy brain, hot flashes, and mood swings are connected. To deal with the symptoms of the menopause foggy brain and other menopause symptoms, researchers suggest quality sleep, to address emotional problems such as anxiety or depression, and to use little tricks to support a menopause foggy brain such as writing down lists or things to do, reported Yahoo! News on May 27, 2013.

"Memory problems are a common complaint of women going through menopause, and now a new study provides more evidence linking mood and hot flashes to loss of memory abilities during menopause."

The menopause foggy brain study which was published online in the journal Menopause included 68 women, ages 44 to 62, who experienced moderate to severe hot flashes.

During the menopause foggy brain study, the women were given eight tests of attention and memory and women completed questionnaires about their menopause symptoms, mood, and memory.

By conducting the menopause foggy brain study, researchers were able to show from the series of psychological tests of attention and memory that women experienced lower memory abilities when feeling more negative and that the memory abilities, hot flashes, and mood swings were linked by a woman's emotions.

"Women who reported more negative emotions did worse on the tests than women who had felt less negative. Similarly, women who experienced severe hot flashes did worse on the tests, compared to women who had fewer hot flashes."

While many women might feel helpless when they experience a foggy brain, memory problems, hot flashes, or mood swings, the new research study highlights the importance of negative or positive feelings about oneself during menopause and how they affect a foggy brain and other menopause symptoms.

Each foggy brain occurrence, each sleep problem, each hot flash, or each emotional outburst is sending a clear message to a woman – it is time to treat yourself royally.

While much of a woman's life is dedicated to everyone else and making everyone else feel good, menopause is an excellent time to learn to dedicate one's energy on oneself.

As such, menopause is a time of empowerment for women.



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Menopause can cause memory loss during hot flashes

Don't doubt it when a woman harried by hot flashes says she's having a hard time remembering things. A new study published online in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), helps confirm with objective tests that what these women say about their memory is true.

In the past, some studies showed that hot flashes were related to memory problems, and some didn't. Other studies showed that, even though there was a relationship between hot flashes and what women said about memory problems, objective tests didn't confirm it.

That's why researchers from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University in Chicago gave a battery of eight tests of attention and recall to 68 women age 44 to 62 who had at least 35 hot flashes a week. The women also completed questionnaires about their menopause symptoms, mood, and memory. Women who said they had trouble with memory really did. Also, those who had more trouble with hot flashes did worse on the tests, and women with more hot flashes struggled longer with memory problems than women who had fewer hot flashes. In addition, women who reported more negative emotions did worse on the tests than women who had fewer.

Source: The North American Menopause Society (NAMS)

Doctor: Menopause memory loss "is real'

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Top tips to live a long healthy life

There aren't any shortcuts to living healthily; and life comes with no guarantees - but here is an interesting infographic from that illustrates some ideas that might see you living a healthier, longer life.

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Study suggests that fluid, sodium restrictions have no effect on weight loss in ADHF patients

A clinical trial of 75 patients hospitalized with acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) suggests that aggressive fluid and sodium restriction has no effect on weight loss or clinical stability at three days but was associated with an increase in perceived thirst, according to a study published Online First by JAMA Internal Medicine, a JAMA Network publication.

Sodium and fluid restrictions are nonpharmacologic measures widely used to treat ADHF despite a lack of clear evidence of their therapeutic effect, the authors write in the study background.

"We conclude that sodium and water restriction in patients admitted for ADHF are unnecessary," Graziella Badin Aliti, R.N., Sc.D., of the Hospital de Clìnicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil, and colleagues comment in the study.

The clinical trial compared the effects of a fluid-restricted (maximum fluid intake, 800 mL/d) and sodium-restricted (maximum dietary intake, 800 mg/d) diet in an intervention group (IG) versus a diet with no such restrictions in a control group (CG). The main outcomes the authors measured were weight loss and clinical stability at the three-day assessment, as well as daily perception of thirst and readmissions within 30 days.

According to the results, weight loss was similar in both groups (between-group difference in variation of 0.25kg) as well as the change in clinical congestion score (between-group difference in variation of 0.59 points) at three days. Thirst was increased in the IG, but there were no significant between-group differences in the readmission rate at 30 days, the results indicate.

"In summary, this RCT contributes to the field of HF [heart failure] research by showing that, in patients with ADHF, aggressive fluid and sodium restriction had no effect on weight loss or clinical stability compared with a diet with liberal fluid and sodium intakes. Furthermore, this aggressive intervention was associated with significantly higher rates of perceived thirst," the study concludes.

JAMA Network

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Volumaxx: New Natural Male Enhancement Supplement From Pro Edge Labs

Apart from the well-established metabolic alterations as a result of weak testosterone amounts, males usually know-how a reduction in semen level and ejaculation force. This results in lack of strength, reduced sexual tenderness and much less vivid satisfaction since they get older, most of which are supporting aspects to the circumstance of both of them erectile disorders and depressive disorders.

Who are the manufactures of Volumaxx?

"Pro Edge Labs is liable for supplying the general public with Prexil, a herbal and natural health supplement which has been known to boost male strength and reduce the episode of early ejaculation. Also they are the company behind Femestril for females. The product employs time analyzed herbs that securely improve energy levels, reduce tension and enhance cardiac, digestive and reproductive healthiness among the female population; additionally, Femestril enhances sexual desire, libido, arousal, level of sensitivity and enjoyment strength for ladies. Almost all items are created using totally organic ingredients as they are assured to produce results. They provide buyers a 60 day trial offer of our enlargement items.

We certainly have observed just good testimonials of our items; in spite of this, in the event that our clients are not completely pleased with the outcomes of our products, we are going to provide them with the full reimbursement of their charges. Lots of people, equally man as well as woman, are looking support from their doctors to fix lowering hormone ranges along with the resultant actual physical and psychological negative effects. With our affordable and effectual collection of supplements, they are simply capable get rid of expensive remedies and possibly destructive medicines."

About Pro Edge Labs

Pro Edge Labs are creators and marketers of a wide selection of personal health care items for both women and men. Their supplements enhance health and fitness with all-natural options, instead of costly and possibly harmful chemical preparations.

Are semen volume pills really effective?

There are actually many hundreds of male development items currently available. With a whole lot data available on the web, it will make it more difficult to discover the reality regarding items you're enthusiastic about. A lot of "review sites" merely suggest one product - and it's the just one they make or promote!

We've produced a sincere and impartial listing of the most reliable semen supplements and exactly what end results you may expect from each one. We don't promote or produce any one of the items we evaluate hence - the majority of sites - we can easily provide you with data which is unbiased and independent.

Semen level supplements are a must-have for males wishing to dazzle women with an immense semen fill and get pleasure from striking orgasms always. Since males grow older and testosterone amounts start to fall, semen generation lessens, orgasm power decreases, along with your sexual capabilities drops down consequently. Semen pills enable you to overcome these types of variations and assist males take pleasure in world shattering orgasms, strong ejaculations, and limitless semen loads such as once they were teenagers.

What You Must Know About Volumaxx?

With Volumaxx, an all-natural, herbal and natural product, men can easily get over these types of naturally-occurring aspects of the signs of aging. Including a mixture of strong herbs, Volumaxx securely, quickly and efficiently raises strength levels, emotion and ejaculate quantity and power; moreover, this health supplement highlights the duration and potency of male climaxes. The outcome is an impressive enhancement in overall performance, improved sexual encounters and much better self-confidence.

We evaluate semen quantity supplements just like Volumaxx making use of a number of requirements which includes user success stories, security, worth, medical research, customer support, cash back warranties, and - most significantly - which of them provide the optimum results. We allot a concluding rating to every product according to this requirement and user feed-back to get an end user score. Hopefully you will find this Volumaxx product review useful to find the semen enhancer supplement that's best for you.

What does Volumaxx do?

  • Multiply Semen Volume level as much as an incredible 500%
  • Get pleasure from Incredible Orgasms that Endure Much, A Lot Longer
  • Shoot Massive, Strong, Gushing Semen Heaps
  • Boost Sexual Strength and Resilience
  • Enhance your Efficiency and Fertility
  • Enhanced Sexual Functionality and Self-confidence
Ejaculations might go on a lot longer and you'll appreciate really extreme increase twofold or triple-strength orgasms. In case you're searching for an amazing sexual booster which will surprise you and dazzle your mate - Volumaxx is definitely one of our best suggestions.


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Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes
Hot flashes as the name suggest is the subjective feeling of unbearable heat followed by sweating and irritability due to changes in the concentration of estrogen within the body of females and is reportedly the most common symptom of menopause experienced by women during peri-menopausal years and after menopause.

What causes hot flashes?

Hot flashes are caused by withdrawal of estrogen from the bodily systems due to cessation of ovarian cycles. Females achieve their ability to become pregnant and procreate after puberty that is achieved around 12 to 13 years of age. This is marked by onset of monthly ovarian cycles in which one or more eggs are released and matured and if unprotected intercourse is performed, there are fair chances of conception. However, when females approach 50, the cycles get irregular and infrequent (known as peri-menopausal period), ultimately reaching to a complete cessation of menstruation due to lack of estrogen in mid-40s to mid-50s.

What factors influence the severity of symptoms?

Moderate to severe hot flashes are experienced by women who develop abrupt estrogen withdrawal as a result of:

- Surgeries like hysterectomy

- History of smoking and alcohol dependence (2)

- Women of low socio-economic status

- African American descent

- Women with a history of breast cancer or chemotherapy with tamoxifen (Nolvadex).

What are some natural remedies to manage hot flashes?

Following are some common home remedies that are mostly employed by women to manage or treat hot flashes:

Lifestyle modifications:

Women who are physically active and dynamic experience less severe menopausal symptoms and hot flashes. Researchers suggest that stress relieving exercises and posture help in management of depression, anxiety and hot flashes in most women. Speak to a trainer to learn more about yoga, aerobics, meditation and stress- relieving exercises and postures. Other helpful tips are:

- Alcohol is strongly associated with hot flashes and reducing (or eliminating) alcohol from your daily routine helps in most cases.

- Healthcare providers suggest smoking cessation for management of hot flashes.

- Weight reduction by regular physical activity and diet modification decreased the intensity and severity of hot flashes.

- Wearing loose and dressing in layers keeps the core body temperature low, a strategy that helps in decreasing intensity of hot flashes.

- Research conducted by Vered Stearns (1) suggest that behavioral therapy and holistic methods of care like acupuncture helps tremendously in improving overall health and decreasing the symptoms of menopause (especially hot flashes).

Diet modifications:

Diet has a strong influence on the secretion, synthesis and release of chemical mediators. In addition, it also helps in supplying estrogen from exogenous sources that decrease the intensity of menopausal symptoms. Helpful diet modifications tips for management of hot flashes are:

- Limiting the intake of caffeinated beverages and hot/ spicy foods.

- Identify your own triggers and limit the exposure for best results.

Use of nutritional supplements

Various clinical studies have revealed that intensity and severity of hot flashes is more in malnourished or undernourished women. A research conducted by Barton (3) suggested that consumption of nutritional supplements like Vitamin E in a dose of 800 IU/day can decrease the frequency of hot flashes significantly as compared to the placebo control group. Other helpful remedies are:

- Soy and soy products:

So far, almost 10 randomized clinical trials have proved the efficacy and effectiveness of soy products in decreasing the intensity of hot flashes in women after menopause due to its high isoflavones content. However, prolonged use is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer due to estrogen like activity of soy.

- Magnesium:

Magnesium has long been known to support micro-metabolic processes and decrease the symptoms due to abnormal hormonal concentrations in the body. Magnesium supplements decreases the symptoms of PMS in reproductive aged women and decreased the severity of hot flashes in menopausal women.

Use of herbal supplements:

Herbal and nutritional supplements are helpful in improving the menopausal symptoms by replacing endogenous estrogen or by improving systemic detoxification that alleviates the symptoms. Most common herbal supplements that are effective for hot flashes are:

- Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are special compounds that are obtained from plant sources and mimic estrogen when gain access inside the female body. Research and statistical data indicates that women who consume more plant sources like red clover experience less severe symptoms

- Black cohosh:

Black cohosh is one of the popular supplements that has proven efficacy in the management of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. It is however suggested to avoid over- consumption in those with known liver disease.

- Ginseng:

Ginseng is one of the ancient Asian supplements that is used all over the world for optimal health and well- being. It is generally well tolerated by individuals of all age groups and has known efficacy in improving the sleep quality and to relieve anxiety, agitation and irritability (along with other mood disturbances that follow hot flashes in menopausal woman).

In addition to Ginseng, primrose oil ad gingko biloba also helps in decreasing post- menopausal symptoms. It is recommended to seek assistance from a healthcare provider before starting any herbal or medicinal agent for the management of hot flashes.

Although, most women respond to over the counter supplements, dietary managements and lifestyle modifications; however, you can always consult a healthcare provider for the optimal management of symptoms by hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  HRT (medroxyprogesterone acetate is consumed in a dose of 2.5 mg/day along with (conjugated equine estrogen in a dose of 0.625 mg/day) increases the risk of breast cancer significantly and therefore not a preferred treatment in most cases.


Source: aliveberry

1. Stearns, V., & Loprinzi, C. L. (2003). New therapeutic approaches for hot flashes in women. J Support Oncol, 1(1), 11-21.

2. 5. Whiteman MK, Staropoli CA, Langenberg PW, Smoking, body mass, and hot flashes in midlife women. Obstet Gynecol 2003;101:264– 272.

3. Barton DL, Loprinzi CL, Quella SK, Prospective evaluation of vitamin E for hot flashes in breast cancer survivors. J Clin Oncol 1998;16:495–500.

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Biology of a Hangover

Biology of a Hangover
Via: the MedicalInsurance Blog

When Hot Flashes Meet Summer Heat: Tips To Help Keep You Cool

When Hot Flashes Meet Summer Heat: Tips To Help Keep You Cool
North American Precis Syndicate

(NAPSI)If you are among the nearly 75 percent of menopausal women who suffer from hot flashes,1 it can be tough to enjoy the sunny weather worrying about a sudden hot flash in summertime. And since hot weather tends to be a common hot flash trigger,2 these sudden feelings of warmth can be exacerbated. But, with just a little planning and preparation you can get on the right track to an enjoyable summer.

Here are some tips that can help temper those seasonal hot flashes:

Learn your hot flash triggers. Every woman can learn how to help stay cool by paying attention to her own individual triggers. Keeping a journal to record your findings can help identify underlying triggers.2

Layer, layer! Dress in layers so that they can be removed when feeling warm; use a fan or open a window to keep air flowing; decrease the room temperature; or sip a cold drink.3

Say yes to the cool pool and no to the hot tubs. Both hot tubs and saunas can cause your body temperature to rise and trigger a hot flash. Its best to avoid these if youre sensitive.2

Watch what you eat and drink. Hot and spicy foods, caffeinated drinks and alcohol can trigger a hot flash.3

Relax. Yoga, meditation or other helpful relaxation techniques may provide some relief.3

Don't smoke. Smoking is linked to an increase in hot flashes.3

Improve your diet. Some women may find relief if they improve their diet.2

Hormone therapy. Prescription estrogen continues to be the most effective option for relieving the discomfort of hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause.1 The FDA recommends the lowest effective dose with any estrogen therapy for the shortest amount of time to achieve personal treatment goals.4

When simple lifestyle changes arent enough to control hot flashes, you and your physician may decide to explore hormone therapy treatment options. Your physician may prescribe Divigel, a bioidentical5, transdermal estrogen gel with the lowest FDA-approved dose of transdermal estradiol gel or spray (0.25 mg/day estradiol) for hot flashes.6-9 Divigel is used to treat moderate to severe hot flashes due to menopause. Generally, women should be started at 0.25 mg/day of Divigel.

For patients who are prescribed Divigel, saving money is easy and just a few clicks away at Patients can print the Patient Savings Coupon, bring it to their local pharmacy, and pay no more than $25 on their Divigel co-pay amount. The Patient Savings Coupon is for eligible patients only and limited to a maximum savings of $25 each on four Divigel prescriptions. Offer expires on December 31, 2013.

Divigel (estradiol gel) 0.1% is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe hot flashes due to menopause.

Important Safety Information for Patients

What is the most important information I should know about Divigel (an estrogen hormone)?

Using estrogen-alone increases your chance of getting cancer of the uterus (womb). Report any unusual vaginal bleeding right away while you are using Divigel. Vaginal bleeding after menopause may be a warning sign of cancer of the uterus (womb). Your healthcare provider should check any unusual bleeding to find out the cause.

Do not use estrogen-alone to prevent heart disease, heart attacks, strokes or dementia (decline of brain function)

Using estrogen-alone may increase your chances of getting strokes or blood clots

Using estrogen-alone may increase your chance of getting dementia, based on a study of women 65 years of age or older

Do not use estrogens with progestins to prevent heart disease, heart attacks, strokes or dementia

Using estrogens with progestins may increase your chances of getting heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, or blood clots

Using estrogens with progestins may increase your chance of getting dementia, based on a study of women 65 years of age or older

You and your healthcare provider should talk regularly about whether you still need treatment with Divigel

Divigel should not be used if you have unusual vaginal bleeding, currently have or have had certain cancers, including cancer of the breast or uterus, had a stroke or heart attack; currently have or have had blood clots, currently have or have had liver problems, have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, are allergic to Divigel or any of its ingredients, or think you may be pregnant.

Tell your healthcare provider about all of your medical problems and the medicines you take, if you are going to have surgery or will be on bedrest, and if you are breastfeeding.

Call your healthcare provider right away if you get any of the following symptoms: new breast lumps, unusual vaginal bleeding, changes in vision or speech, sudden new severe headaches, or severe pains in your chest or legs with or without shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue.

Common side effects that may occur with Divigel include headache; breast pain; irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting; stomach or abdominal cramps, bloating; nausea and vomiting; hair loss; fluid retention and vaginal yeast infection.

Serious but less common side effects include heart attack, stroke, blood clots, dementia, breast cancer, cancer of the uterus, ovarian cancer, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, gallbladder disease, liver problems, and enlargement of benign uterus tumors (fibroids).

Alcohol-based gels are flammable. Avoid fire, flame or smoking until the gel has dried.

Please see Patient Information for Divigel at and talk to your healthcare provider. For more information, call 1-888-650-3789 or visit

You are encouraged to report negative side effects to Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. at 1-855-899-9180, or to the FDA by visiting or calling 1-800-FDA-1088.

For more information about hot flashes, talk to your doctor, and visit to learn more about this treatment.

Divigel is marketed in the U.S. by Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.

2013 Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., Maple Grove, MN 55369


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On the Net: North American Precis Syndicate, Inc.(NAPSI)

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Hysterectomy not tied to heart risk factors: study

(Reuters Health) - Despite evidence suggesting that women whose uterus has been removed may be more likely to experience heart troubles, a new study finds that the usual signs of heart disease risk are not more severe in middle-aged women after hysterectomy.

After following more than 3,000 women for about 11 years, researchers found that heart risk factors like cholesterol, markers of inflammation and blood pressure were not significantly worse in women in the years following an elective hysterectomy, compared to women who did not have the procedure.

"I think it's encouraging to women and clinicians that this is not something they have to worry about if they're considering hysterectomy (in) midlife," said Karen Matthews, the study's lead author from the University of Pittsburgh.

Hysterectomy, the surgical removal of the uterus, is the second most common surgery among U.S. women, after cesarean-section deliveries.

Often the procedure is used to remove or prevent cancer, especially among younger women. But many women may elect to have the surgery for other reasons, including to treat painful benign growths in the uterine wall known as fibroids or to staunch heavy bleeding.

Hysterectomies can involve removal of the uterus only, or the ovaries as well. Ovary removal in particular has been linked to increased cardiovascular risk because it takes away the main source of estrogen in a woman's body and plunges her abruptly into menopause.

Even the gradual decline of estrogen following natural menopause has been linked to women's increased heart risks, so researchers have investigated whether hysterectomy raises those risks.

But studies of the connection have produced mixed results (see Reuters Health story of April 27, 2011 here:

For the new study, Matthews and her colleagues used data from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation, which followed a large, multiethnic group for more than a decade to understand the experience of American women during and after menopause.

The 1,952 women included in the study were between 42 and 52 years old and not yet in menopause when tracking began. They were followed from 1996 through 2008, receiving annual checkups that recorded information about their health, surgeries and whether or not they had started menopause.

Specifically, the researchers looked at physical measurements that are markers for heart and cardiovascular disease. They included various components of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood clotting factors and molecules that are signals of inflammation.

Overall, the researchers report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that none of those measurements in the 183 women who chose to have their uterus removed - with or without their ovaries - were significantly worse, compared to the 1,769 women who went through menopause naturally.

Matthews said their findings apply to women who are finished having children, in their forties and are considering a hysterectomy to help with excessive bleeding or other factors that cause a quality of life problem.

She said they couldn't make a conclusion for women who need to have their uterus and ovaries removed because of cancer.

"Our study really couldn't examine that question because we had too few women who had gynecological cancers, and the equation changes when you have gynecological cancer," said Matthews.

But Dr. JoAnn Manson, who has researched women's health after hysterectomy but was not involved in the new study, suggested the results don't mean that women who have hysterectomies are in the clear, because past studies only saw a difference in heart risks after 10 to 15 years.

Manson, who is chief of preventive medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, told Reuters Health that the abrupt transition to menopause after a hysterectomy may only reverberate years later because "atherosclerosis takes a while to develop… That seems to take up to 10 and 15 years for clear differences to emerge."

For that reason, "This isn't totally surprising that there wasn't a difference in risk factors during the follow up period," Manson said.

Matthews said that's one potential explanation for why their results differ from previous studies, but she said there could be other reasons, including that modern women are somehow different from women included in past research.

"It may be that it's emerging much later, but I would be surprised," Matthews said.

SOURCE: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, online May 14, 2013.

Healthy Tips for Living Longer

Monday, 13 May 2013

Raspberry Ketone Force Review: What Makes It Different From Other Raspberry Ketone Products?

Raspberry Ketone Force Overview

Raspberry Ketone Force is especially useful for those who are planning to follow a better dieting and exercise program, and will give that extra push to assist body fat burn up and force you past those frustrating plateaus. No longer will you need to bother about working very hard and sacrificing to just see minimal results; rather, the outcomes of your hard work and discipline are usually more apparent than before. You also won't need to bother about Raspberry Ketone Force impacting you adversely later in life, simply because the substances inside are safe and all natural.

The official web-site displays an image of a slim, beautiful lady, but as you see does not give enough detailed information regarding the manufacturer who makes the item. Only an online contact form and contact number are shown.

In reality, the name of the company, Advanced Nutraceuticals LLC, is only given under the Terms of Use part of the site, without any contact address for the company is shown at all. While all of the bold claims made on the website seem amazing, none of them have been examined by the FDA (Meal and Drug Administration).

What Ingredients does Raspberry Ketone Force Contain?

There is very little question that Raspberry Ketone is the best natural fat burners. Dr Oz, the renowned health guru, has supported this component, which is well known to increase lipolysis to help your body with fat loss very fast, before it accumulates round your gut. Also, Raspberry Ketone assists the entire body manage adiponectin, which is a protein that governs the metabolic process. Tests have mentioned that slim women have bigger adiponectin levels as compared to overweight or even obese people.

Raspberry Ketones - It is 1 of nature's best fat burners. Raspberry ketones increase lipolysis to assist your entire body burn up fat instantly, before it can collect around your tummy. Raspberry ketones also assist the body control adiponectin, 1 of the proteins that control your metabolic process. Studies and research have shown that slim people have larger amounts of adiponectin as compared to obese or overweight people.

Caffeine - It really encourages fat-burning and helps you feel full and energized. This means you take fewer calories and have more than enough strength to reduce calories during the day.

Green Coffee - It has both chlorogenic acid and caffeine, 2 most important ingredients for fat loss success. Together, these components encourage lipolysis to assist the body burn fat before it can be stored. Chlorogenic acid 'assists to reduce the accumulation of extra fat, while the caffeine assists to enhance your power ranges which make you feel less hungry.

Green Tea -
This extract is yet another source of caffeine, but the most of its weight-loss potential comes from green tea catechins. All these polyphenols stimulate thermogenesis and induce extra fat oxidation to assist you get rid of fat as well as weight loss. Green tea catechins have also been proven to lower LDL (poor) cholesterol.

Chromium Polynicotinate - It is a patented niacin-bound chromium complex which assists to control blood sugar levels, lower ldl cholesterol, help reduce meal cravings, and metabolize fat. Chromium is an important nutrient which your body needs to maintain fit body and chromium deficiency might be related to obesity.

However, the quantity of each individual component within this product is not stated. So, it is difficult to know whether or not each component has been included in a great enough amount for it to have any effect.

Does Raspberry Ketone Force Work?

Health professionals did not decide fruit was important to a balanced and healthy diet because of the pretty colors of berries. Fruits and other nutrients assist individuals get the required quantity of calories daily. These foods normally trigger the fat burning process and turn into energy. Eating unhealthy food or too many calories can slow metabolic process or make a build-up. When there are extra calories, the body turns calories into fat to save for later use. Raspberry Ketone Force works by maintaining the fat-burning process active during the day. This lets the body burn the excess calories instead of transforming them into fat. This assists you shed and keep off weight and makes your energy levels high.

Take 1 pill of the health supplement at breakfast and another at lunch to increase the advantages of Raspberry Ketone Force. You may see results in as little as 4 weeks, and the health supplement is safe for everyone to try. It has no harmful side-effects because it is made from natural active ingredients that the body really needs.

Side Effects/Warnings: Is Raspberry Ketone Force Safe?

Raspberry Ketone Force contains the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee, and users might discover sleeping difficult. So, do not take the supplement within five hours of going to bed. Raspberry Ketone Force should not be taken by ladies who are nursing or pregnant, children, or those who are suffering from serious illnesses.

Individuals who have a raspberry allergy, or an allergy to any other component in the supplement, should stay away from consuming it as well. Consult your doctor if you are currently taking any medicine, before you take Raspberry Ketone Force.

Consequently, anyone consider purchasing this supplement would be best advised to wait until more reviews are available, before parting with their cash.


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Pro-X10 Probiotic Review - Get the Truth About Pro-X10 Probiotic

Pro-X10 Probiotic
Traditional dietary supplements that have probiotics are of no use mainly because 90% of the probiotics found in them are expired due to the acidic environment of the gut. The fact is that, very often only a few percent of the probiotics found in these inferior supplements will ever arrive at their desired destination of the digestive tract. A Bio trust Nutrition Pro-X10 review shows whether a dietary supplement for example Pro-X10 honestly provides a simple solution by advertising bowel consistency and immune health, assisting people ditch that unnecessary lard.

What Pro-X10 Probiotic all about?

Pro-X10 is a daily dietary supplement that's been made to overcome all the issues that happen with using many same seeming products. Pro-X10 products are fresh and by encasing the sensitive probiotics using a copyrighted method referred to as 'Microencapsulation Technology,' a cutting edge way for significantly improved survival, people get 10 times more probiotics arriving at the stomach exactly where they can start to work.

What ingredients Pro-X10 Probiotic contain in it's formulation?

This probiotic dietary supplement has Actazin, constructed from the Kiwi fruit and it promotes prokinetic enzyme activity - stimulating the movement of the stools through the intestinal tract. It assists to become softer stools, minimizing gas and bloating, as well as contains probiotics that assistance the natural growth of advantageous bacteria in the stomach. Polyphenols help advantageous bacteria; reduce infectious pathogens, further more assist in helping people sustain long-term digestive health.

What Pro-X10 Probiotic is capable of doing?

Pro-X10 review shows that this powerful formula of probiotics not only promotes bowel consistency and minimizes GI inflammation but in addition repairs damage to the lining of the intestines due to the ingestion of gluten that contains meals. People truly can accelerate their fat-loss efforts by reversing digestive tract damage.

The probiotics present in Pro-X10 not only assist with weight-loss, but as well as enhance many 21st century health problems, just like liver disease, wheat allergies, eczema, acne, irritable bowel syndrome, insulin resistance, and celiac disease to name but a few. It includes no harmful elements, which makes it safe for anyone and everyone to take.

How to use Pro-X10 Probiotic?

For this reason quality probiotic supplement, you just need to take 1 pill with breakfast and one pill with dinner on a regular basis to reap the many advantages that this probiotic dietary supplement is offering.

If you're still confused about the product, I recommend that you will read Pro-X10 Probiotic reviews twice so that it makes all yours doubt clear about this product.


Do insomnia and disrupted sleep during menopause increase a woman's risk of heart disease?

New Rochelle, NY, May 9, 2013—Insomnia and other sleep disturbances are common among perimenopausal and postmenopausal women and may increase their risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Evidence that a combination of altered sleep duration and insomnia among women ages 50-79 doubled their risk of both CHD and CVD over a period of more than 10 years is presented in an article in Journal of Women's Health, a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The article is available free on the Journal of Women's Health website at

In "Sleep Duration, Insomnia, and Coronary Heart Disease among Postmenopausal Women in the Women's Health Initiative," Megan Sands-Lincoln, PhD, MPH and a team of researchers from leading medical institutions across the U.S. gathered self-reported data on sleep duration and insomnia in 86,329 women 50-79 years of age. Shorter (<5 hours) and longer (>10 hours) sleep duration and insomnia were associated with higher incidence of CHD and CVD over 10.3 years, and when considered together, the interaction risk of insomnia and sleep duration was significant.

Women's Health Journal 

Journal of Women's Health, published monthly, is a core multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the diseases and conditions that hold greater risk for or are more prevalent among women, as well as diseases that present differently in women.

(Photo Credit: ©2013 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers)

"This is the first study to investigate interactions of sleep duration with insomnia in relation to increased risk of CHD and CVD in postmenopausal women," says Susan G. Kornstein, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Women's Health, Executive Director of the Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women's Health, Richmond, VA, and President of the Academy of Women's Health.

Source: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

5 Unexpected health benefits from boxing

Boxers are big, powerful, and tough athletes. That much is obvious to anyone who's seen a bout or one of Hollywood's many depictions of the sport. It seems clear enough that boxing has some correlation to having big muscles, a lean form, and the ability to punch hard.

But there are many other benefits to boxing training that may be far more compelling to the average fitness enthusiast. It may be that some boxing workouts would have some interesting effects on your body that you would welcome. Here are five examples of benefits to boxing workouts you may not have guessed.

1. Greater flexibility

Sparring and boxing requires a great deal more flexibility than you might guess from the hulking form of someone like George Foreman. But if you undergo boxing workouts you will find far greater flexibility as a result.

Because boxing involves constant movement of the legs and hands, it requires a good deal of flexibility to contort the body as needed to throw certain punches from different angles. The legs need to be flexible enough to move and position the body to avoid blows and deliver punches and the body's overall flexibility has to be great enough to throw a punch from whatever stance you find yourself in when the opportunity to throw the punch arrives.

Practicing throwing different combinations of punches will result in your shoulders and arms having greater flexibility and range of motion as you train your body to quickly and powerfully let the hands fly from different angles.

2. Agility and coordination

On a similar note, the body develops far greater agility and coordination as a result of boxing workouts such as sparring, punching a bag, or doing any of the cardio or strength workouts that boxers build into their routines.

The quickness required to dance around the ring and position your body against your opponent with advantageous leverage is much greater than you might guess from the small size of the ring.

The act of throwing a punch requires great hand-eye coordination as well as fluid movements from the entire body. First the feed need to position the body in a place from which you can throw a punch with power from your base. Then, the core becomes involved in providing muscle tension, strength, and overall balance in throwing the punch.

Finally, the shoulders and upper body have to precisely aim the arm and the fist into the target with precision and great speed to maximize the effect of the punch.

Simply throwing some punches at a pad held by a partner will have great benefits in developing your body to act in cohesion, power, and precision as one moving part.

3. Highly effective cardio

A 180-pound person can expect to burn around 250 calories in 30 minutes of good boxing work simply punching a bag. As a matter of fact, boxing is one of the more effective cardio workouts available.

A boxer who wants to survive in the ring will constant be moving his feet and hands to defend, punch, and evade the opponent. If you only want to use boxing workouts to build greater fitness you will find the workouts are designed to keep the heart rate elevated for the entire duration of the routine.

The strength that you need to expend to throw a punch is not inconsiderable and keeping your feet moving between throwing strong punches into a pad or bag is an exhausting, though fun workout. Boxing workouts also tend to involve jump rope drills, strength circuits, or runs as well along with the less routine and more enjoyable punching sessions.

There are few activities that can help you elevate your heart rate, speed up your metabolism, and burn calories like a good boxing workout.

4. Bone and joint strength

People who suffer from Parkinson's and arthritis are often recommended to attempt boxing workouts as a solution. Strength training and weight lifting is good for building joint and bone strength, and boxing often incorporates those activities, but one of the greatest benefits for your joints and bones in boxing comes from the fact that punching is an isometric exercise.

Forming the bones of your hand into a fist, keeping your wrist straight while punching, twisting and turning your arm and spine to aim the fist, and absorbing the shock of the blow throughout your body are all examples of isometric exercises.

The nature of isometric exercises is pushing against an "immovable" force. Now, as you grow stronger you'll find the boxing bag or punching pad will move after you strike it but the resistance is very heavy. As a result, it forces you to grow stronger as you slightly damage and heal all of your bones and joints with the shock of repeated impact.

5. Increased confidence

The mental strength that can come from accomplishment and facing fears can carry over into other exercises and other parts of life. Boxing workouts can uniquely equip you to be mentally tougher.

Learning to throw stronger punches can help you build confidence for your ability to defend yourself, to improve in an exercise, or simply to have greater confidence in your own abilities with the knowledge that you are now a literally more dangerous athlete.

If you are willing to get in the ring at all and trade punches with a partner then this benefit only increases. Even if you get knocked down, there is a great confidence that comes from facing the fear of being punched or punching someone else, and then realizing that you are capable of doing either. Being able to take a punch or knock down an opponent both lend greater confidence to the athlete in terms of what they are capable of in life and in athletics.

It's obvious that boxing can be good for you from looking at the lean and tough forms of boxers, but there are many benefits that many different people can draw from the exercise that you may not have guessed. Try a boxing lesson at the gym and you may find there's something in the practice that helps you.

Author: IanB writes for Boxfit UK where you can acquire gear and clothes to attempt boxing workouts.

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Christie reveals secret stomach surgery to lose weight

Chris Christie
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lap-band stomach surgery to aggressively slim down for the sake of his wife and kids, he revealed to The Post last night.

The Garden State governor agreed to the operation at the urging of family and friends after turning 50 last September.

He told The Post he was thinking of his four kids and how it was time to start improving his health when he decided to have the procedure.

"I've struggled with this issue for 20 years," he said. "For me, this is about turning 50 and looking at my children and wanting to be there for them."

He also insisted that, contrary to what observers may say, the effort to slim down was not motivated by thoughts of a presidential bid.

"It's so much more important than that," he said.

Christie checked in to a surgery center on Feb. 16. A source said he registered under a false name.

The operation included placing a silicone tube around the top of his stomach, where it restricts the amount of food he can eat at one time and makes him feel fuller, faster.

"A week or two ago, I went to a steakhouse and ordered a steak and ate about a third of it and I was full," he said of his newly tamed appetite. He declined to say how much he lost, but sources said he has already shed nearly 40 pounds.

Christie has struggled with his weight for decades. He sometimes jokes about it, while other times, it's a sensitive topic. Insiders said it was the only thing keeping the straight-talking executive from higher office.

Despite Christie's denials, political fund-raisers say that the surgery is a clear sign that he's going to join the 2016 race — and will do whatever it takes to win.

"This means he's running for president. He's showing people he can get his weight in control. It was the one thing holding him back," a top political donor told The Post.

Sources said Christie didn't make the decision lightly — he even had private conversations about the operation with once-rotund Jet coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan lost about 100 pounds — down from a massive 350 — after he had the same procedure done in 2010.

Christie has never revealed his weight, but estimates have run from about 300 to 350 pounds.

He hired the same ace laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon as Ryan — Dr. George Fielding, head of NYU Medical Center's Weight Management Program.

Christie employed cloak-and-dagger tactics to hide the operation. First, he never went into Fielding's office for medical visits — instead, the doctor came to the governor's house in Mendham, the sources said.

He managed to keep it under wraps for nearly three months.

Christie said he went under the knife at 7 a.m. for 40 minutes and was home the same afternoon.

As he drops pounds, doctors will pump more saline solution into the lap band, restricting his stomach further and forcing him to eat even less.

In 2006, Christie said in an interview that getting a more involved surgery — gastric bypass — was never a consideration because it was "too risky."

Christie, a Republican who is running for re-election as governor this fall, saw his girth become a campaign issue in the 2009 governor's race, when Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine's campaign ran TV ads with extremely unflattering videos of his rival.

But Christie defeated Corzine.

The enlivened pol said that he knew the clock was ticking on his health and that the time had come to do something drastic.

"I know it sounds crazy to say that running for president is minor, but in the grand scheme of things, it was looking at Mary Pat and the kids and going, ‘I have to do this for them, even if I don't give a crap about myself,' " he said.

This article was originally published at

Lose Weight With a Trampoline Workout

Trampoline Workout
Bounce, jump, have fun, and lose weight at the same time - owning a trampoline is great fun for the whole family.

Trampolines have been around for a long time and when you think trampoline you think circus, right? Not anymore, trampolines have gone mainstream.

You can purchase a backyard trampoline with a safety enclosure for the kids, or for indoors. There's also mini trampolines you can workout on while watching your favorite television program.

Basic Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a combination of diet and exercise. The exercise part is all about burning calories by increasing your metabolism. You can summarize the entire process with one word "cardio."

How do you increase your cardio? cardio is really short for "cardiovascular." The Disease Control Center recommends doing at least 20 minutes of some sort of cardio exercise daily. Any exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing is considered a cardio workout. You can get a great cardio workout using a trampoline, and it isn't stressful on your joints or bones.

Here are some beginner exercises people do using a trampoline:

Running in Place - the most basic of the basic cardio exercises, but yet very effective. For some people it's difficult to run because of age or injuries. Running on cement or even grass can still be painful and due more harm than good, but using a trampoline solves those problems. The reason is - a trampoline is considered a "low-impact" form of running. The bounce in a trampoline is like having 12 inches of cushion buffering your steps. But guess what? You still get a great cardio workout, you burn calories, and lose weight but without the pain of "pounding the cement."

Jumping Jacks - if you want to step up the pace a bit, then you can move up to the next level which are "jumping jacks." This exercise requires a little coordination using your arms and legs. You can practice variations of this exercise until you feel comfortable doing the full blown version of it. For example: you can start by just jumping up and down while raising your hands above your head - this gets your arms and shoulders use to the jumping motion. After a while you can slowly start to spread your feet apart, in unison, with your arm motion. You're not only going to lose weight with this workout, but you'll be toning and shaping your body at the same time.

Twist and Jump - another popular exercise trampoline users include in their workout is the "twist and jump" technique. If your trampoline comes equipped with a handle/stabilizer bar then you'll want to use it. To do this exercise properly you'll want to twist your body from the waist down, side-to-side, while keeping your upper body in place. You will do little jumps as you twist your lower body from side-to-side.

If you don't have a stabilizer bar then holding your arms out away from your body helps stabilize your upper body. This exercise is great for burning calories and it also trims down some of that excess we accumulate in the midsection.

Trampolines are great for all ages. For workouts and losing weight you'll find you can do a variety of exercises (many which we have not covered) indoors or out. And you can enjoy a great workout without the pain of having to life weights or put undue stress on joints and ligaments.

Affordable and safe - there's a trampoline waiting for you!

Author : John Dyer is a fitness and health writer. He is from Irvine, CA. He loves helping other people to get fit and healthy. He is currently working for

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham scores endorsement deal for weight-loss pills as encore to her recently released sex tape

Farrah Abraham
Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has followed up her $1million sex tape windfall by announcing her first endorsement deal.

The 21-year-old former MTV reality show personality has signed on to endorse weight-loss supplement Raspberry Tones.

Farrah recently filmed a 'private' sex tape that she sold for a reported $1.5million to porn distributors Vivid Entertainment.

Farrah was paid in the low six figures to endorse the weight-loss product and company officials said recent bikini shots of her drew their attention, according to a report Monday by TMZ.

The mother of four-year-old Sophia posted a video on YouTube on Sunday talking about her support for Raspberry Tones and sent a promo code out on Monday via Twitter.

She said in the video that many people ask her how she stays 'fit and fabulous as a busy mom' and noted that she's a 'big fan of all-natural ingredients with no side effects.'

'That's why I chose Raspberry Tones, which includes raspberry ketone and other natural ingredients,' she said.

The video was similar in style to one Farrah posted last week defending her decision to produce and sell her sex tape.

In that video, Farrah lamented being a lonely, single mother and said she was crying a lot before making the porn flick.

She rested her defense, by putting on a pink Vivid Entertainment cap.

Farrah initially denied the sex tape even existed when the news first broke out last month, but porn star James Deen confirmed it amid a media flurry.

The single mom has said she would use the proceeds from the 70-minute production called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom to complete a master's degree and focus on culinary business endeavours.

Other young mothers on the MTV show expressed their disapproval of Farrah's behaviour on Monday via Twitter.

Teen Mom 2 star Kaily Lowry sent a tweet out saying: 'I wish Farrah's porno title had nothing to do with Teen Mom. -_- Not all of us want to be associated with that.'

Farrah's fellow Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell also had some unkind words in regard to the sex tape that she shared in a tweet.

'All I have to say Is she sounds like a dying horse!! U kno who I’m talking about,' Catelynn's tweet read.
Farrah herself kept silent on Monday after tweeting that Vivid had released her tape.

'I KNOW WHAT'S OUT- Don't talk to me about it:) Thanks #XXX,' she tweeted.

Disapproving mom: Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry on Monday shared her thoughts on Farrah's sex tape on Twitter

Farrah filmed four seasons of the MTV series, documenting her struggle to raise her daughter as a young single mother.

Her child's father Derek Underwood died in a car accident in 2008 while she was eight months pregnant. (They were estranged at the time.)

She wrote about her grief in her 2012 memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

Read more:

Monday, 6 May 2013

Wendy Williams wows with her slim figure

Wendy Williams was stunning on Sunday as she showed off a new, slimmer shape.

Her sparkling column dress, combined with her 20-pound weight loss (at least) over the past year revealing a tiny waist, has the Web buzzing today about her look at last night's Audience Choice Awards.

Wendy WilliamsWilliams mentioned in a behind-the-scenes video of her Wendy Williams Show last month that she vowed last May to start trying to change her eating habits.

"Cut out a few things from your diet ... portion control! ... You're going to notice the difference in how you look," she says in monologue on eating that starts right after the 5-minute mark. "It's not going to happen overnight."

Williams discussed some of the healthy snacks she uses (red wine vinegar instead of salad dressing; "I cut cheese out") and revealed that her 50th birthday is what's motivating her.

"It's funny because I wasn't a gorilla before. I lost maybe 20 pounds. I weigh 175. I told you when I got on the scales, it was 195 and then you know I was like 'OK, I've got to get ready for my 50th birthday ...' "(She turns 50 on July 18, 2014.) "Fifty, I can see that as one of those milestones that makes you want to jump off a building," she said. "But I refuse to let it get me down."

Article was originally published at

What Every Menopausal Women Should Know About Menozac and Why?

Menozac is all-natural and also highly effective in ameliorating menopausal signs or symptoms. It assisted women reduce the physical issues and, the more important is, it assisted them boost there emotional state.

Menozac is a botanical choice medication formula consisting of a mixture of all the natural herbal ingredients formulated to relieve the change and give highly effective menopause signs or symptoms relief. It  have been formulated as an all-natural herbal assistance supplement that contains the most well-known mixture of high-potency estrogen botanical which have a lengthy empirical history of minimizing menopausal signs or symptoms, and assisting the body's hormonal issues.

Menozac Ingredients

* Damiana Leaf - extremely helpful in minimizing the emotional signs or symptoms caused by the menopause. Reduce anxiousness and tension as well as to stimulate rest.
* Vitamin E - bring in comfort to urinary issues, vaginal dryness, night sweats and hot flashes.
* Black Cohosh - It is also known to minimize menopausal signs or symptoms. It is really a phytoestrogen and it also operates as an analgesic and also anti-inflammatory treatment.
* Soy Seeds - Soy made up of phytoestrogens (all-natural estrogens), which can restore the hormone amounts. Studies have demonstrated that soy intake is also helpful sustain the heart's health.

What does it claims to do?

If you are thinking about trying natural product that guarantees to decrease the signs and symptoms of menopause, you have to think about this natural medicine. This supplement will naturally decrease anxiousness, modifications in urinary patterns, swelling, hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings and depressive disorders, hunger modifications and vaginal dryness.

The natural phytoestrogen including plants which are present in this supplement are not a hormone replacement however they join to the similar places that all-natural estrogen would have been present in the entire body, hence producing the same impact. There is absolutely no need to bother about taking hormone replacement treatment that raises your opportunities of creating a critical blood clot or raises your chance of heart attack or stroke. Get assistance from Mother Nature with the all-natural items with this health supplement.

How to use Menozac?

By getting simply 2 pills daily, the menopausal female will discover herself feeling such as a young once again. The hot flashes, moodiness and also tired sensations are generally swept away and she will be left sensation and also seeing much better. Much better, the components are all natural. Ladies who have a personal or even family history of liver issues need to discuss with their family doctors before using this product. Jenise L., from Japan mentioned the following: "Menozac removed my hot flashes quickly. Using Menozac has assisted me physically, mentally and emotionally." 

Are there any Menozac side effects?

Testimonials on menozac are flooding with myriads of good feedback for this awesome product. No shock they are sure to be comfortable with menozac as that of the earlier clients. Menozac is the actually discovered great reliever of menopausal signs or symptoms. Menozac raises your self-confidence and you're guaranteed to get back your youthful life. Use menozac and also feel existence fantastic.

It is acknowledged that ladies go through innumerable untenable signs or symptoms all through the menopause. Even though a lady can't avoid this stage of life she is a certainty to appreciate menopause free from the problematic signs or symptoms by using all-natural menozac. Menozac is the perfect medicine that relives out the signs or symptoms throughout the menopause without inviting unintended outcomes. Although there are actually amount of the menopause comfort items, menozac outstands all by its all-natural ingredients. Even though it is a natural product, it is good to consult with a physician prior to the use of menozac. However the change is actually a kind of physical maturation, it's not enjoyable most from the times due to the diverse symptoms that occur during the menopause.

Menozac will be the excellent blend of phytoestrogen botanicals which has been verified for his or even her effectiveness to reduce menopausal signs or symptoms without menozac side-effects. They combine with the estrogen receptor areas in your body and operate efficiently to sustain the hormonal balance by reducing the estrogen stage throughout premenopausal time period and improving the estrogen levels during postmenopausal time. Since1940s vitamin E, a perfectly acknowledged anti-oxidant remains to be mentioned for its performance to offset vaginal dryness combined with intense flashes that a woman encounter throughout publish the menopause. Black cohosh keeps on being primarily used to assuage the menopausal signs or symptoms.

Menozac Testimonials

Testimonials of product can be found easily on

"I no longer take any prescription medication for my depression..."
I was becoming an old, grouchy bear. I hated the world and couldn't stand myself. I had terrible mood swings and depression. I was on Prozac for the depression, but I was still very moody. I had heard so much about Menozac that I had to give it a try. I was afraid it would be too good to be true. Well, I just love it! It is such a wonderful product. I no longer take any prescription medication for my depression and the mood swings are gone. - By Victoria S, USA

"Menozac Eliminated my hot flashes...immediately"
Using menozac has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. After three months, I couldn't be more pleased. Eliminating hot flashes was my primary concern and menozac accomplished this immediately. I have experienced no cramping, bloating and, most of all, no weight gain. Maintaining my normal weight is important to me as I have never had a weight problem and, hopefully, never will. I am extremely pleased with Menozac and continue to recommend it to my close friends. - By Jenise L, Japan

"I was on three different prescriptions before menozac"
I experienced mood swings, forgetfulness, lower back pain, headaches, fatigue, low energy and hot flashes occasionally, but I thought all of these were just due to getting older. Then I heard about Menozac , and decided to give it a try. I can't believe how much better I felt after I began taking Menozac . It has made a HUGE change in my life. All of my friends have even noticed a difference in me. They can't pinpoint why, but I know. Menozac System is the reason. Also, I was on three different kinds of prescriptions before Menozac and now I take no prescription medication! Thank you, Menozac!  - By Sandy V, Canada

Final Call

Some women breeze through this life change while others appear to suffer seriously. Because everybody is distinct, Menozac is useless 100% of times on everyone - but then again no cure can reasonably state that.

At the end of the day you need a treatment method that doesn't trigger any horrible side-effects and has a great track record for operating well. if you purchase Menozac, you can't go wrong but really, you have to try it before
you know.

Overall, the Menozac reviews I have read are really encouraging. I highly recommend you to keep in mind the health hazards of artificial medicines and consider the advantages of having Menozac. I'm confident that you'll discover this all-natural strategy to the menopause extremely effective and less worrisome.