Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Most Effective Remedies for Eyelashes’ Growth

It is said that one look from a beautiful woman is enough to capture a man’s soul. Well, in order for that to be true, that woman would have to possess a beautiful set of eyelashes. The bad news is that not everyone has been gifted with such possessions at birth. The good news is that there are plenty of remedies out there to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes. So, if you are interested in such natural remedies, make sure to read this article until the last paragraph. Find out how you can turn your eyelashes using only natural ingredients and do not hesitate to inspire other with your newfound knowledge.

You might not be aware of this fact, but castor oil has been used for beauty rituals for a long time now. Women from all over the world appreciate the natural properties of castor oil, including when it comes to stimulating the growth of the eyelashes. So, when it comes to natural remedies for eyelash growth, castor oil is king. And, for the best results, you can mix it with other natural ingredients. Let’s find out more information on the subject.

#1 Castor oil + carrots
If you believe that carrots are only good for the health of your eyes, think again. In fact, carrots are often used for the making of eyelash growth products, thanks to their beneficial properties. So, if you are looking to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes, you can prepare a mask by mixing castor oil with carrot juice (in equal parts). For the making of this mask, you can use store-bought or fresh-made carrot juice. Apply the mixture to the eyelash base, making sure to avoid the direct contact with the eyes. You can maintain the application for about an hour or until you no longer feel comfortable. When done, rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Avoid rubbing your eyes excessively, as you might do more harm than good.

#2 Castor oil + aloe vera 
We have often heard about aloe vera being recommended for a wide range of health problems. Aloe vera is often the first remedy considered for sunburns and other skin problems, such as eczema or rashes, due to the soothing effect it has. Apart from that, aloe vera has hydrating properties, being often indicated to those who suffer from dry skin. Well, if you want your eyelashes to grow, you can consider mixing aloe vera with castor oil.

For this mixture, it is recommended that you take a small bowl and add seven teaspoons of castor oil. Then, add three teaspoons of aloe vera and mix well, until properly combined. The resulting mixture can then be applied to the eyelash base, preferably with a cotton ball (you can also use an old mascara brush for a more even application). The application can be maintained at the level of the eyelashes for about an hour or until it no longer feels comfortable. As soon as you are done, rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat your eyelashes dry. Always remember that aloe vera has hydrating properties, so it will also prevent your eyelashes from falling off.

#3 Castor oil + camphor oil + linseed oil 
In the situation that you want your eyelashes not only to grow longer but also thicker, this is the right solution for you to try out. After you will try this mixture, you will no longer need mascara, as you will have a set of beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. So, in order to prepare this natural remedy, you will need the following: castor oil (ten drops), camphor oil (1 drop) and linseed oil (1/2 tea cup). Mix everything well and then apply the resulting mixture to the eyelashes. The application has to be repeated at least once per week, so as to enjoy the beneficial results.

As you have seen, castor oil is a common ingredient in all of the solutions that have been presented for eyelash growth. This is because this natural remedy has the most beneficial properties to offer when it comes to stimulating the growth of the eyelashes. In the end, if you are looking to have thicker and longer eyelashes, it is always for the best that you rely on natural remedies for eyelash growth, as these deliver the best results.

As far as the actual application is concerned, you can simply matters by using an old mascara brush or a toothbrush. In this way, you can ensure that the application is even and that you have covered the entire surface of the eyelash. Plus, a correct application will also make the rinsing process to be easy and completed in a matter of minutes. So, what do you say, are you prepared to give these natural solutions a try? The answer is obviously yes!

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