Friday, 29 January 2016

How Does Acne Treatment Affect People of Color?

Acne is a condition that is characterized by inflamed pimples on the face. It is triggered by excess oil production in the skin. Acne affects all people irrespective of race or ethnicity. However, when it comes to treatment, people with darker skin tones have it hard. They suffer from numerous side effects which are rare in people with light skin tones. These side effects make the healing process a bit hard for people of color.

Acne Treatments and Side Effects
The treatment for acne used is the same for all people worldwide. The only difference is that people of color will experience side effects while the rest won't. Some of the side effects that people with dark skin tones experience include:

1. Dryness
Some of the areas where the treatment is applied may become dry. When this happens, the area may become lighter or darker than it was before. This will especially happen when you are using a drying acne medication. To counter this, ensure that you use a moisturizer often and cut back on how often you use the treatment.

2. Irritation
Some people will experience irritation on the skin. Some ingredients found in acne treatment, such as retinoid, may cause irritation if used in excess. If this is the case, discontinue the use and seek the services of a dermatologist. He/ she will recommend other better alternative.

3. Dark Spots
Although it is not a permanent condition, some people darker complexions may get dark spots as they use acne treatment. Skin discoloration may also result.

According to Dr. Joyce M Teng, an assistant professor of dermatology at the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin, anxiety prior to the use of a treatment and excessive usage may trigger most of these side effects. Some of the products used will take time before they deliver. Give the treatment two to three months before you declare it unsuccessful.

Ways to Manage the Side Effects
 To treat acne effectively, you will need to stick to the acne treatment. Since the side effects will still be there, you may use the methods below to manage them.

1. Slather you skin on a good moisturizer 
As we have seen, one of the side effects of acne treatment is a drying effect. To curb this, you will need to use a moisturizer daily. If you have an oily skin, go for a moisturizer that is oil free. This will keep your skin moist and at the same time avoid the introduction of additional oil. Remember that what causes acne is excess oil production. If you introduce too much oil, then the condition may aggravate. The moisturizer will also help in reducing the irritation.

2. Clean the pores
Clogged pores worsen acne. As you shop for treatment, look for those products that have a non-comedogenic label on them. Such products will not clog your pores. Even the moisturizer you use should have a similar label.

3. Use a Foundation
A good foundation will be used to cover the scars and pimples. In addition, you will conceal skin discoloration that may have resulted. Look for one that offers extra coverage.

4. Use Azelaic Acid
Azelaic acid is a prescription topical used to lighten up dark spots. Post Inflammatory Hyper –pigmentation (dark spots/ patches) that majorly affect people with dark colors, will get reduce by azelaic acid in no time.

5. Have  A Chemical Peel
This option will work for people who want to speed up the healing process and at the same time minimize the side effects of the treatment. According to Dr. Teng, a light chemical peel should be performed every three to four weeks to make the treatment effective. You will notice great improvement in no time and you won’t need to use the treatment for long. If you are considering this option, work with a professional dermatologist who will help you through the process.

Important to note is that scarring will be experienced during the treatment. The scars will be much darker in people of color than for the rest. Work with a dermatologist who will recommend some prescription treatment to bring down the scarring. Don’t forget to stick to your skin regime and don’t be in a rush to try different treatment options.

Although acne treatment is the same for all people, it will have side effects on people of color. This may discourage them from using the treatment. Since acne won’t go away without treatment, there is thus need to adopt counter measures to reduce the intensity of these side effects. The methods stipulated above will help you through. Also, note that acne can be triggered by a number of conditions. To improve the treatment process, have the underlying condition(s) treated.


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