Saturday, 16 January 2016

How Progesteril Prevent Menopause Symptoms?

Today am going to base my post on a study that gives some not so good news. According to a study led by Nancy Avis, a professor in health policy and social sciences at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, US, women experiencing menopause may have the uncomfortable symptoms for as long as 14 years!

The research that was conducted on what is described as a "large sample size" suggest that half of the women in the study experience the distressing symptoms - the hot flushes and sleep problems - for more than 7 years on average.

ProgesterilThis is very disheartening and I feel that a lot needs to be done to find new ways to help women at the menopause stage of life. Most of the ways available today are either ineffective or very expensive. We, women, are not well educated on the vasomotor symptoms - night sweats and hot flushes. We are not aware that these symptoms may last longer than we normally anticipate. Doctor Nancy says, "The 7 years duration spotlights the limitations of the usual guidance advocating short-term hormonal therapy and stresses the need to identify a safer long-term therapy for vasomotor symptoms."

Crunching the numbers
The study involved a sample size of 1,499 women (described by stakeholders as the largest study of its kind) who said they have frequent night sweating and hot flushes. The sample size was taken from four different ethnic groups - we are not going to stereotype today. According to Nancy, the average time women endured was 7 years and 3 months. Although have of the women experienced the undesirable symptoms for less than the 7 years, the other half had the symptoms for double this time.

Time to stereotype… on average, African-American and Hispanic women experienced the vasomotor symptoms for a longer period than whites and Asian. Is genetics in play here? Let's wait for the scientists to decide.

Another interesting find is that the hot flushes that started earlier lasted longer… I know pity women who experience early menopause (typically, having menopause before the age of 40). Those who got their menopause later, experienced shorter symptoms.

Again, women who started having the symptoms before their periods stopped were more likely to have the hot flushes years after the menopause as compared to women who started getting hot flushes after the periods stopped. In the study, an eight of the women began having the vasomotor symptoms while still having their regular periods. On the other hand, majority of the women began experiencing the hot flushes in perimenopause stage (this is the time period when the periods become scant but menopause has not fully set in).

I am not willing to continue discussing the study. So far, I have learnt something: a lot of women out there are suffering from undesirable symptoms of menopause. What is more sickening is that we have not empowered women well enough for them to deal with menopause. I can't imagine the quality of life someone who has had hot flushes for 7 years or more has.

Today I will review a product known as Progesteril menopause cream. You are wondering what makes it a menopause cream? What does Progesteril do? If you are going through menopause, I am sure you have established that menopause goes deeper than just missing your monthly periods. Menopause is characterized by hormonal imbalances that affect the quality of life of most women due to the undesirable side effects. Starting from low libido to psychological side effects that affect both physical and mental well-being.

But is this the end? Is there hope? For starters, menopause is permanent. Once your body stops producing the female hormones (or there's a significant decrease in the hormonal levels) you cannot reverse the change; but you can mitigate the harmful effects of the change. It is widely thought that you should learn to live with menopause. Well, that not true! Progesteril is an easy-to-use all-natural topical cream created using plant-based progesterone and oestrogen that ensures your hormonal levels are back to an optimum level and thus mitigates the troublesome menopause symptoms!

This doesn't mean that you get your periods or fertility back. No. it means that you will not be affected with most of the side effects of menopause; like night sweating, hot flushes, loss of mood, tiredness, reduced libido etc. the topical cream (by the way it is real kind on your clothes. It will not smear or stick on them) will ensure that you get your stress free life back (painless sex, uninterrupted sleep etc.). Progesteril costs as low as $39.99 from the official website (check shipping costs).


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