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Raspberry Ketone Reviews - Does It Work as a Dietary Supplement?

Raspberry Ketone
Does Raspberry Ketone work? This is the question that most people would ask upon hearing about this dietary supplement. It is a supplement that took the media by storm after being featured on one of the episodes at Dr Oz's show. After that, rumor has it that these supplements have been selling like hot pancakes.

What is raspberry ketone and what's in it that spurred this much curiosity among dieters?

About the Supplement

The term "Raspberry Ketone" is fast becoming a trend in the dieting world. In fact, some people even use the phrase "raspberry ketone diet" to signify that they are using this certain supplement in weight loss. There are several RK products in the market today, all of which following the concept that ketone, a compound responsible for the aromatic smell of raspberries, are also potent fat-burners. Together with other ingredients, this supplement is said to help users lose weight by stimulating the production of Adenopectin, a hormone that encourages the body to utilize fat as energy and not store them within the body.

Key Features of the Supplement

In order to substantiate the answers for the question, does raspberry ketone work? Here are some of the key features the supplement provides:
  • It is clinically-tested. It appears on clinical trials that RK increases the oxidation of fat in the body and alters the movement of lipids for an effective weight loss.
  • It is a super-fruit. Raspberries have long been considered as one of the super-fruits which contain properties of effective fat-burners.
  • It is natural. Being a 100% natural supplement means it does not contain artificial ingredients, synthetic chemicals and fillers in order to promote weight loss without the risks of side effects.
  • While there are several raspberry ketone products today, it is important to note that the most effective ones are those with higher concentrations of RK.

The Dangers of the Supplement

In as much as it appears enticing, there are a few concerns that need to be addressed regarding the supplement. First, there are people who may be allergic to raspberries. While most people would really want to lose weight, getting allergies is not a risk they'd want to take.

Second, although clinical tests were conducted using RK, those tests were only limited to animals. Some experts believe that until human testing is done with the supplement, they will remain skeptical about the product.

Bottom Line - Does Raspberry Ketone Work?

Based on the several researches done on RK, it seems that the supplement works. Its fat-burning abilities plus the inclusion of ingredients that heighten energy levels and suppress the appetite make it a viable weight loss aid. However, as previously stated, some people will remain skeptical about its effectiveness if those tests were done on animals alone. Until human testing is conducted, it is best to look for clinically-tested weight loss supplements which are effective and safe for losing weight.

Where to Find It?

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  1. I tried out Raspberry Ketone for around five months. I believed it decrease my weight for the first month or two, however I noticed no improvement later thus I simply stopped taking it. I noticed the amount of product has gone up because of their popularity.

  2. Be careful with this particular sort of products. Dr.Oz doesn't promote any company or product however many companies try to use his name also face. He does put together information but not as raspberry ketones or green coffee beans are all the same. Read ingredients list carefully and check thoroughly Dr.Oz's suggestions because he will tell you exactly what the label should read as and what it should have in it.

    Although, naturally everyone knows healthy diet and exercise is best, I actually do thing that Dr. Oz doesn't just make these suggestions for the fun of it and might help slightly with specific problem areas provided that you eat healthy and exercise regularly.

  3. Most of the people are curious about the Raspberry Ketone diet and its side effects, they are questioning if the product may be as helpful as it is shown? To be able to answer the simple query, it is crucial to have a closer look at the Raspberry Ketone product to determine whether you will find any kind of risks or side effects that can be unhealthy for people who take the dried Raspberry Ketone diet supplement.

  4. I have been using raspberry ketone for about a month. I don't know if they are that much helping me lose weight directly, but indirectly I have not binged (or felt the need to) and they do not make me jittery like any of the other diet supplements I have tried in the past. I am using them as a short term weight loss aid to help me break some of mine unusual activities :) I do recommend reducing your caffeine intake while using this product.

  5. I always get stucked into these type of things... I bought a bottle of raspberry ketone.. today is only the second day so I'll see how it goes. I am not sure it will replace my diet and exercise at all, I am not looking for a magic pill. I am willing to do my regular work. My main problem is, I exercise and eat quite well and don't ever really see a big difference. I am just looking for something to give me a gentle push. Something just need to help me along, while still dieting and exercising.

    My diet plan is not up to the mark, but I don't eat out, I make everything I can at home, and I work out 3-4 days a week. Hopefully raspberry ketone might help me to see some good results. It gets really frustrating to try so many things soo hard and see little to know results.

  6. I started taking raspberry ketone about 3 weeks ago. One capsule two times in a day. But I haven't seen any results yet. However, I also increase my dose to 3 capsules per day. I really like the smell. No burping as others reported too. I am too disappointed but still waiting to see on this one.

  7. Hi, I read somewhere on the news that the whole country has gone mad on this latest diet aid. I have been taking it for around 4 moths now. :) I noticed that I have lost 30-40 pounds. I feel better after taking it, have more energy in my body, my food intake is less now. I must say good product, good deal on it. :) Lastly, can anyone tell me how can I buy raspberry ketone in UK?

  8. I was not expecting anything miraculous from this product but than I thought why not give it a try. I want to lose few pounds according to that I set my goal. I really wanted to increase my metabolism rate. I simply followed the instructions on the bottle and took it as prescribed. But what I saw I went through a whole bottle of 50-60 capsules without any noticeable results whatsoever. :( However, I found that I felt very jittery and somewhat bloated while I was having it. I decided to took off from it and once I stopped taking it everything went back to normal. In 1-2 week I had shed over a pound with just doing my normal routine of healthy eating and exercise.
    I would be curious to know if anyone else has experience bloating while having raspberry ketone. For me, it was not that much effective and I don't think I will bother using the second bottle that I bought.

    1. I just threw my bottle in the garbage. I took the pills for about 6 days. I sometimes only did 1 pill/day and other days I did 2. On the days I took 2, I was VERY bloated, and uncomfortable which, in turn, made me kind of crabby and irritable. I decided to just forget it. I know I can lose weight the old-fashioned way through diet and exercise :-)

    2. I used them for about 6 weeks and saw no results. At the 6 week mark both my aunt and I reacted to them with horrible stomach bloating. I just went to the doctor and was sent for blood work. The nurse said my veins were dehydrated, which is odd because I drink a ton of water. I haven't been able to eat or drink without bloating and discomfort for 5 days. They are useless and costly.

    3. Honestly the reason I am here is to find out if I was the only one feeling that way my tummy has doubled its size thanks to raspberry ketones

    4. I rated this product on second position. In three days, I use to take only one pill of Raspberry Ketone and I couldn't sleep at night. I had a bad insomnia. But I had lost some pounds in those three days. Just take caution when you use it.

  9. I used this product for about two-three weeks, what I experienced is weight gain (about 4-5 pounds) with lots of anxiety and drowsy feeling, and that affected my sleep also. I think it it is probably due to its estrogen effects.

  10. I had recently heard about raspberry ketone through twitter. Many people not aware of it in the UK yet. I just ordered my first bottle through amazon and will comment back. I hope that I may lose some weight.

  11. I have started having raspberry ketones in the past 4-5 weeks. I have not taken exactly as given on the bottle, missed a few days, however, this is what I have experienced so far..lost 6-8 pounds doing nothing else different, have controlled appetite, no side effects till now.

  12. I had taken this supplement 2-3 months before and lost 5-6 lbs in a week, sounds great!! this might work for some people and not for others just like anything out there.

  13. I am totally confused whether to take it or not? My past experience with diet pills, what I can say "DISASTER". I heard so much about Raspberry Ketone and keen to know will this really work?

    1. Used along with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, I lost 40 lbs in 5 and 1/2 months. Adorable! Yes it works for me. Good luck!

    2. Save yourself the trouble
      Go to SparkPeople and you will lose weight and it is free.

  14. Been on it a week, mostly to help with my energy level. In that regard it works great! In terms of weight loss, no change even after changing up my diet to something healthier. It does suppress hunger but I feel bloated, my belly looks bigger now than when I started and lots of burping. I've stopped and my body felt like it's crashing. I slept away almost a full day my first day off it.

  15. OMG my belly is gone sooo bloated and its only been a week I've been on RK; I went back to the market I got it from and the man told me how ' apparently ' my bellys ment to be getting bloated! What kind of bullshit that!! I just want to no that once I stop taking it would my belly go back to normal??

  16. Reyazul Masud Riham22 April 2014 at 23:35

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