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Hydroxycut Reviews - Does Hydroxycut Really Work?

Losing weight is not as simple as it sounds, at least for some. As a matter of fact, the process of losing weight is difficult for most people. Just imagine how hard it is to resist from the compelling sumptuous foods that we come across time and again. Looks like losing weight takes only self-control and a fitness regime. These two techniques do work, but most of us find that they are not enough. That's why they seek for other aids such diet weight loss supplements and a popular brand would be Hydroxycut.


Product Overview

This product supposedly works to help men and women to lose weight rapidly,that is when paired with exercise and a healthy food plan. It goes with the claims of giving off positive results, which are three times the result you'll get from exercising alone or food diet plan. In 2009, it has been considered the most popular diet pill with an outstanding record of 1 million units sold per year.

As with any kind of product, there are also questions about Hydroxycut, and one that you might have already asked is, does Hydroxycut work? There are testimonials from consumers claiming that this product does work. However, there are also some that claims that the product does not have an effect at all. So there is no absolute answer to the question. This brand is more like a hit and miss as with any other supplement, since not all bodies react the same way.

What are the Ingredients in Hydroxycut?

So how does Hydroxycut work for weight loss? This product works by burning stored fats in the body and by promoting the loss of excess stored water in the body. Other than those, this weight loss supplement also functions to increase the metabolism, boost energy, and normalize the blood sugar level. What is behind those functions are its ingredients which include:
  •  Green tea
  •  Caffeine
  •  White tea extract
  •  Garcini Cambodia extract
  •  Gymnema sylvestre extract
  •  Oolong tea extract
  •  Rhodiola rosea root extract
  •  ginger root extract
  •  lecithin
  •  quercetin dehydrate
  •  raspberry ketone


Is It Effective?

The ingredients this product contains have been proven to work efficiently, but as to the question, "Does Hydroxcut work effectively as a whole?", the answer would be yes, according to the studies made by the manufacturer and another study made by a third-party as claimed by the product's website.
However proven to help with weight loss, there are side effects that come with it. They vary from mild to severe diseases like liver damage and heart problems.


Hydroxycut might be effective but that is not all worth it if the product will eventually jeopardize your health. Remember there are other options and one would be Phenocal. Unlike other supplements, the exact amount of ingredient's details are disclosed on Phenocal's official website. With that, consumers will be able to do research if the amounts of the indicated ingredients are good for them or not. To date, Phenocal's record is clean from side effects. What's more is that Phenocal comes with a money back guarantee, a perfect offer for any dubious buyer.

Where To Find It

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  1. I had taken hydroxycut before and lost around 40lbs in a 5 to 10 months period while doing dieting and exercise at the same time. That was 4 years ago. I simply started using hydroxycut for a second time three or four weeks back and I am experiencing same side effects that I don't remember from years back. I am sure they actually have altered ingredients. I started with a single pill every 4-6 hours the initial 2-3 days, experienced slight headaches. Went up to the recommended 2 pills 3x daily. Experiencing brain zaps, headaches and hot flashes.

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  2. Hydroxycut is not going to help you to lose unwanted weight. If you look at the complete details, you will understand that strict diet and exercise plan you need to carry on while using the product , its the diet plan and exercise which helps you reduce the weight NOT the product.

    Generally, it includes higher amounts of caffeine and in case your body isn't use to that amount of caffeine it might cause coronary heart palpitations, dizziness, high blood pressure, that will lead to more severe side-effects.

    1. You mam are dumb

    2. Yes, I too agree with you angelina, some may suggest that you try a juice diet instead but although this is 'OK' for a couple of days, it is not good for your long term. Very often you have made things worse because many such diets cause your metabolism to slow down, so you put weight back on more easily. You know, after the sales pitch for a drug on TV, when a sweet voice casually mentions that there is a risk of heart palpitations, dizzy spells, stroke, and death.

  3. I started taking hydroxycut hardcore elite a month before. I got a few trial packages from a friend of mine that works at gnc and this supplement blew me away. I am very excited about this. It's not something that I would take regularly... for me it works. If you have this product you better workout, it will keep you moving. I use it between 3-4 days, I dread working out.

  4. I use Hydroxycut Hardcore as a pre-workout energizer. It's really something that I was looking for :)

  5. I have been using Hydroxycut Hardcore for around 5-6 months. I wanted something extra to get over that, "Muscle" and it has been working good so far.
    I have lost 40-50 lbs. Nevertheless, you have to do regular exercise and a proper workout plan. If you do not, do not bother using it. It does help you maintain your weight/fat loss during a break period. But do not depend merely on it. If you think you can, then try at your own risk.

  6. It comes out bad for me. Really feel depressed and stressed out. It does help me lose some weight but overall not upto the mark.

  7. I request everyone plz don't waste your money or time on this product. I have been using it for a long time and gained weight, really got hungry every time. I wish I could get my cash back. :(

  8. I have certain suggestions for those people who are saying that it makes them feel sick, drink lots of water while taking this product the reason you feel sick is because it's dehydrating you, it's basically a caffeine pill..

  9. Okay, I took hydroxycut in Jan 2011 and reduce some weight just going to work and home everyday. what I saw is, it worked really well for a year...then I quit my job and stopped using it and gained the weight back...I want to ask you if I start taking it again then it will help me... anyone??

    1. Hi Lee,
      One of the worst product I have ever used. I gained 6 - 8 lbs.."DAMN"! On the first week, I had terrible stomach problems, lack of sleep, no boost of energy.

    2. Hey Lee,

      I eat healthy diet and exercise regularly. I've just never been able to overcome the weight I wanted. I've always been the same weight, never fluctuating. After having this for 4 weeks, I've lost 6 pounds and that is a major accomplishment for me since I'm already lean. It helps you shed off extra fat! Nevertheless, provide you extreme power before workouts. I now have more defined abs, and I am much more toned overall.

    3. Yeah! Mike I too agree bro!....very disappointed with this product; it is counterproductive when it comes to weight and energy management. I suspect that Hydroxycut contain ingredients which makes me sleepy. I won't be taking it again.

    4. This stuff is intense! Drink lots of water and You will start noticing results within the first week. The only down side is that, at least for me, I got a chest pain where my sternum is and it was really bad. Only when taking 2 pills before every meal. If you're taking 1 you're fine. Your heart feels like it's on overdrive and at first I was little shaky like when you drink too much coffee. It ultimately comes down to "how driven are you willing to lose weight?"

    5. The new Hydroxycut is ephedra free, so I started using it, but after few days I got bleeding in my nose. Then I stopped taking it and the bleeding completely stopped. This shows that it is the side effect of Hydroxycut. Don't know which ingredient caused me this problem, can anybody let me know?

    6. high blood pressure.

  10. I can’t begin to tell you how well Phenocal works. A co-worker recommended this to all of us at the office
    and we all decided to try the product (all six of us). Phenocal curbs your appetite without making you jumpy.
    I highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about losing weight. I’ve lost 22 pounds and counting!
    And my co-workers are dropping the pounds as well. This is a product that everyone must try!
    I highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about losing weight. I bought it from

  11. You can safely lose 3 or more pounds a week at home with a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

  12. It works , drink lots , lots i mean lots , of water.... And regular exercise a balanced diet.. And you will be amazed..

  13. I'm on my 5th week on taking Hydroxycut. I changed my diet and walk everyday. I have lost a total of 9lbs. Then I gained 3lbs and I'm stuck there. Been wondering if I should still cont taking. Any ideas?

  14. Not to be rude, but if Phenocal & Hydroxycut boost your alertness, why are there so many typos on the sites and in the testimonials? Just saying...

  15. I think that weight loss products such as hydroxycut do work. Sure the ingredients do play a role in effectively losing weight but most of the success comes from within. Just how driven and motivated are you to lose weight? If the answer is very then you will find that hydroxycut will work well when paired with regular diet and exercise.

  16. I have been using hydroxycut for 5 weeks and yes you need lots of water and I only take the 1 pill 3x daily and I work out about 2to3 hr after work and 45 min walk in am and I already lost 34lb...I do get jitters sometimes but if you have toast or yogurt 30 min after that really helps because your stomach should not be empty otherwise you can cause your body harm and have more side effects...but listen to yor body because not all products work the same for everyone. You may have to adjust the amount intake that work for you

  17. I lost 7 lbs my first week. 4lbs in week two and 6lbs last week! It is not water weight either it is belly fat because my jeans keep falling off.

    This is my fourth week of trying the Lady Soma Detox - After seeing this on Dr. Oz I figured I had to try it and I glad I did.

  18. I have been using Hydroxycut for the past 2 weeks and I feel awesome. I have lost 9lbs. I wake up with energy, and my desire to work out is greater. Given, caffeine is the main ingredient. For people who say their "heart races too fast" or have had any bad side effects , I suggest drinking more water and/or cutting down how many pills you take a day. I only take 2 pills 3x a day and I feel like this still helps me. This is not a magic pill that will work without a proper diet and exercise. Hydroxycut is for people who are active (or strive to be active) and need that extra energy/metabolism boost to get you off the couch. I am tired of people giving such bad reviews, especially when they are the people who are not using this supplement correctly or are too lazy to workout and stop with the greasy food/carbs/sweets. I definitely recommend hydroxycut!!

  19. I just purchased the Hydroxy Liquid drops today, 11/16/14. I will take a photo and start with 30 minutes before dinner meal. I will report my progress in two weeks.

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