Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Quick Trim Review - Which of the Quick Trim Supplements is Best For You?

Quick Trim Supplements
Quick Trim was an instant hit when it came out thanks to the Kardashian sisters, Kloe and Kim. It has been reported that these two sisters have their present curvy body shape truly because of Quick Trim. This weight loss supplement contains ingredients that help you shed fat and enable you to burn calories faster for a trimmer and well-sculpted body.

Quick Trim comes in different supplements:

Quick Trim Burn & Cleanse

With this supplement, your body can be cleansed of fats. This product is saturated with caffeine that help increase body metabolism for fast calorie burning. It also has Capsicum Fruit extract that enhances the fat burning capability of the body. This supplement also has blueberry and green tea extract and black pepper among others.

Quick Trim Extreme Burn

Burn fat efficiently with this specific supplement that contains fat-burning ingredients like cinnamon and green tea extract. Cinnamon provides health benefits like regulating insulin and glucose levels in the body; when these are regulated the body can properly overcome cravings. Green tea extract has thermogenic attributes that can improve fat burning in the body. This supplement also contains Maqui fruit.

Quick Trim Fast Cleanse

If you want to cleanse your body of fats and dangerous toxins, then use this type of Quick Trim supplement. It is laden with natural ingredients that complement each other thus providing you with maximum benefits. This product has soy sprouts which are rich in estrogen. The addition of estrogen in a woman's body can help her regulate her hormonal production. It also contains fibers like oat content and barley malt that improve digestion. Its cranberry extract is an antioxidant that helps remove harmful toxins and free radicals.

Quick Trim Fast Shake

This functions as a form of meal replacement that contains high nutrition but low calorie contents. This formula contains antioxidants, macro nutrients, vitamins and fibers that make you satiated enabling you to forego your regular meals.

Quick Trim HotStix

This supplement has thermogenic attributes to make you burn up fat fast. It has raspberry ketones for fast weight loss, guarana seeds that raises your energy level and green tea leaf extract that helps your body burn fat as quick as possible.

Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater

This supplement helps neutralize your cravings and prevents your carbohydrates from converting into fats.

All these supplements are designed for one purpose: to help lose weight fast and easy. Each supplement can have unique functions and sometimes have overlapping functions as well. The natural ingredients used in Quick Trim do not have any side effects and so this product is safe to use. If you want to be sure that Quick Trim is the best supplement you can use for your weight problem, you can consult a doctor and ask him for his opinion and recommendation first before trying out this product.


  1. If you only eat fruits and vegetables all day, you are bound to lose some weight. I heard about quick trim because of kim kardashian, but she stresses that she works out like crazy and eats healthy in order to lose weight.. the quicktrim is just an extra. But If quick trim really worked, don't you think Kim Kardashian and Klohe would have lost some weight by now?

  2. Do you think that those supplements actually work? I mean, celebrities apparently use it. You really have to fix your eating habits for good!

    1. Agree with you @James.... BTW I am 45 years old, put a little weight. Long time ago, I tried number of fad diets, pills, supplements etc. Before taking them, make sure you are healthy, no medical problems, your thyroid is working properly then consult with your personal doctor. I know some diet pills work fine until you stop taking them and go back to your normal stuff, then again all the shed one comes back, and sometimes more. I suggest one must do it naturally. Don't listen to the Kardiashian's. It obviously doesn't work for everyone because Kim's didn't reduce. LOL

  3. A desire for fast weight loss can easily lead some people to try supplements. I also wanted to ask this ques does quick trim work?... because I have been told that Khloe has lost 28lbs. She did look much slimmer in "Khloe & Kourtney do Miami" season than in her original show.

    I came across Quick Trim over the internet. Like most weight loss supplements, Quick Trim likewise made a number of big promises. Quick Trim includes popular celebrity spokespeople. At present, the popular celebutantes, the Kardashian sisters, swear by these products.

    I am not a nutritionist. However I could inform you looking at the ingredients that Quick Trim was not the healthiest weight lose system. Any product that depends on caffeine and pepper to assist people to lose weight is clearly not a fix solution.

  4. I have on quick trim this past week and after having just one pill, I felt really dizzy, jittery, and not feeling well. I stopped it right there but the symptoms continued the day after tomorrow.

    1. The same thing happened to me Steve... Quick trim did not work for me also. I got nervous sensations and I also couldn't sleep. Sometimes I start barfing when I am on the pill, it felt as though my gut was scraping and I really thought I was going to pass out, I was worried for my life to be honest and unable to get prepared for work. As I said everybody is different, I know & really hope that your experience will be total different from mine.

  5. Hi, I am 21 yrs old male. I have been taking this diet pill since 3-4 weeks and lost 10 pounds in 1 week. However, what I did I drank lots of water and didn't do work out just normal work as I always do each day. I really wanted to lose that excess pounds and I did it quick. I weight 150 now. I stopped taking it, then notice I was eating a lot so took them back again and lost another 10 pounds like that.

  6. I started taking quick trim yesterday because I saw it on TV. I tried to altered my eating to the paleo diet, lost 5-6 pounds and then stopped, but the thing I enjoy most "the veggies" so much. I do daily workouts like walking, biking, and squats. I am 43, Male. I am now very fed up with my weight and cannot seem to shed any weight at all. So I decided to try this out, to get some positive results and boost my metabolism up. I used supplement before and I know at least for myself if the things are going correct, I can continue to progress without pills. I am on day 3. I had 3-4 bms, not lose, I did a 30-45 min workout, lifted some light weights, walked with my doggy. I love it :) Very first day I took 1 pill dose early afternoon (when I got in from the store) and one at night before going to bed. I woke up refreshed and feel healthy. Today, I took the full day dosage and will take 2 pills in the evening. I lost 1 pound last night and 2 pounds today(this is probably from sweat I think). I drink a lot of water also and my diet is already high protein/low carbs so I am eating as I should anyways and experience no hunger or cramping's.

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