Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Phen375 Review - A Closer Look At Phen 375!

Phen375 claims to be a revolutionary formula for weight loss. Dubbed as the most powerful pills to suppress the appetite and burn fats, it is the product of years of research after its original drug called Phentermine was banned from use. Now the banned Phentermine drug is once again brought to life, in a much safer and effective form called the Phen375.

Product Details

Phen375 claims to eliminate the need of willpower for the dieter's part since each pill is potent and effective enough for weight loss. It claims to be the only legal weight loss drug that does not only speed up the metabolism, effectively suppress the appetite, but it also decreases the the storage of body fat. Through the combination of ingredients, the dieter is assured to have the ability to curb food cravings thus reducing calorie intake.

The ingredients of this supplement are composed of grade A substances that's produced in  a strict environment to ensure that each pill is made with the highest concentration.

L-Carnitine is an essential ingredient of this supplement which mimics the movements of HCG, is responsible for the delivery of fatty acids to the mitochondria where they can be burned and used as energy.

Longjack Tongkat ali is another important ingredient which helps in the easier burning of fat and the body develops lesser tendencies to store fat. It also reduces the risks of muscle deterioration among the dieters.

Symphathomimetic Amine is added for its great potential as a thermogenic substance which speeds up the metabolism, prompting the body to continuously burn more fat.

Product Advantages

Because of the so-called potent combination of ingredients, the body is more able to burn more fat, increase the metabolism and control food cravings. All of these are essential for a fast and effective weight loss. As a result of taking this supplement, the dieter:
  • Feels less hungry thus lowering calorie intake
  • Prompts the body to continually burn fat and use it as a source of energy
  • Enhances the muscle tissue and prevents the deterioration of muscles
  • Enables the body to get more energy while more fats are being burned

Product Disadvantages

It is a good thing that there seems to be no side effects with the present Phen 375 associated with the previous weight loss pills that were banned. However, it should also be noted that there were no published clinical tests involving this supplement, even as it claims that it is a product of years of research.


Phen375 seems like an effective weight loss supplement as a whole. Its ability to inhibit the body from storing fat and control the appetite with no risks of side effects certainly looks promising for most dieters. However, experts urge the dieters to still check the ingredients and clinical tests involving any weight loss product they are about to take. Finally, always consult the doctor before starting any weight loss supplement.


  1. I have been taking the supplement as directed and religiously following the provided menu from the website. Within the first 20 days, I have lost 34 lbs. phen 375 is good no doubt.

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