Friday, 6 September 2013

Wobenzym N Reviews | Garden of Life - Does Wobenzym N Support Joint Health?

About Wobenzym N

Wobenzym N is a joint health product manufactured by Garden of Life.  The product claims to comprise an authentic systemic enzyme formula and have a synergistic combination of plant based enzymes. It even claims to have antioxidants and pancreatic enzymes that are said to be delicate yet powerful. These enzymes in Wobenzym N have a protected vegetable-based enteric coating, ensuring optimal absorption.

The official web page does not give any information on the price, packaging and shipping of this product, yet the cost is known to be $87.50 for a pack of 800 tablets. It even claims the product to be a clinically tested one but lacks evidence for this. Plus Money back guarantee was nowhere seen on the official website.

What are the ingredients in Wobenzym N?

The official website does not mention any details about the ingredients, but gives just a hint on them. Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients.

Proteolytic Enzymes

The product is said to be formulated with a blend of five different proteolytic enzymes such as papain, chymotrypsin, trypsin, bromelain and pancreatin. During digestion these enzymes are released to break down proteins into amino acids. Most supplements use these enzymes alone to treat a particular issue.

Rutoside Trihydrate

This is basically a bioflavonoid found in various plants and is commonly known as rutin. It can also be found in fruits and veggies. The basic function of this ingredient is that it provides anti- oxidant properties and improvises blood circulation.

The above mentioned are the active ingredients in Wobenzym N.  Apart from these there are other ingredients such as vegetable stearate, vegetable-based enteric coating, cellulose, purified water and natural vanilla flavor. These ingredients are known to act as preservatives and provide structural integrity along with flavor to the capsules.

How should I take Wobenzym N?

Unfortunately, the official website does not provide the recommended dosage for this product, but there are dosage recommendations on the other site. The doses differ a lot depending on the issue of a person, whereas dosage for children depends on their weight. Some may require a dose of 3 tablets 2 times a day, whereas some may require it as 10 tablets 3 times a day. Whatever the dose may be it has to be taken 45 minutes before meal with plenty of water.

Benefits of Wobenzym N

  1. Does not contain Gulten.
  2. The product is dairy free.
  3. Has a unique formula with ingredients like enzymes.
  4. Comes with a low cost and good quantity.
  1. No money back guarantee.
  2. Lacks information on ingredients.
  3. Does not give clinical proofs.
  4. No details on the price and packaging of the product.
  5. Does not mention anything on the dosage and side effects.
What Wobenzym N Consumers Have to Say?

There are mixed customer reviews for this product. Wherein some flayed the product and some of them appericiated the product. The consumers had to face digestive issues with this product because of the amount of Protease in the formula. On the other hand some stated it to be wonderful and effective on individuals with thyroid.

Does Wobenzym N Support Joint and Tendon Health?

Wobenzym N is a product that claims to come with a unique blend of systemic enzymes for temporary relief from muscle soreness, joint ache and several other joint health issues. By this it is meant to increase flexibility and mobility of joints and provide a support to the overall joint and tendons. All this is done with the help of various enzymes that are biological catalysts, involved in each and every process of the body.

Any research done on Wobenzym N?

There are researches on Wobenzym N through which it was found that Wobenzym N provides temporary relief to joint aches, improves sore muscles and works on various joint discomforts. Through this research it was also found that the product needs high doses to provide effective results.

Bottom Line

The product may be highly effective to balance body's inflammatory response and relieve the associated symptoms, but still it is a dietary supplement for which you need to consult your doctor first. Apart from this the official web page does not provide all the details for this product.


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