Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Nutrition Facts Label: Original vs Proposed

For at least once, all in this world read the label found on most food packages. They give you detail about the serving present in the product. Many understand this and some may not. Many are mostly concern about the calories they are taking per serving and many just check the content. This label is known as-"The Nutrition Facts label" which was introduced 20 years ago by FDA. The objective to introduce the Nutrition Fact Label was to give firsthand information about food choices to consumer so that they can opt for healthy dietary practice by choosing the best for them.

New Nutrition Facts Label - What You Must Know!

Now, let's have a look over the changes made in "The Nutrition Facts label". It is now just a proposed plan, not being conformed. It is under a 90-day period for comments before being finalized.

Let's have a look over the proposed changes made by FDA:

1. Give complete detail about the "added sugars."

2. Update daily values for any nutrients present in the product.

For Example:
  • Mandatory to declare value of Potassium and Vitamin D.
  • Calcium and iron would continue to be present in the label detail.
  • Vitamins A and C will continue to be on voluntary basis.
3. Percent Daily Value must be listed on the label.

4.  "Calories from Fat" detail is removed. However the details of "Total Fat", "Trans Fat" and "Saturated Fat," will be present on the label.

5. Updating the serving size:
  • Serving size need to reflect how people actually eat and drink today, but not what they should eat and drink.
  • Giving details about the single serving packaged foods, including drinks or beverages.
6. Design Refreshed:
  • Details of Percent Daily Value will be present in the left of the label.
  • Changes done in the footnote.
What Experts are saying about theses changes?

Many say that it is going to a good change and some say that it is not going to make huge difference in the thinking of people those who just read the labels.  

Connie Diekman, director of university nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis says,- "I think the biggest is the serving size, especially if it moves to something more realistic." 

Shelley Wishnick of the Friedman Diabetes Institute at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York says,- "Even though the portion sizes are being adjusted to reflect American diets, it doesn't mean we should be eating larger portion sizes." 

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The most talked about changes made in the label are:
  • The Calories will be shown in Bolder. Ease to see and read.
  • Serving size is update.
  • Sugar present in the pack is explained in detail.
  • Details of Percent Daily Value will be present in the left of the label.



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