Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blessed Herbs Joint Relief Review - Does It Really Work?

What is Blessed Herbs Joint Relief?
Blessed Herbs Joint Relief

Blessed Herbs has launched a new formula Joint Relief which is an herbal product created to provide flexibility and comfort for people suffering from joint pain. This product claims to be unique because it takes three prong approaches to maintain joint health they are – reinstating comfort to areas that are swollen, encouraging mobility and stimulating the repair of joint tissue with the help of nutrients derived from organic herbs. A 90 day money back guarantee is offered by the company and the cost of one bottle is $29.95.

Manufacturer Information

Joint Relief is developed by a master herbalist of blessed herbs and a well - known naturopathic physician James Sullivan. Blessed Herbs was founded in 1985 by herbalists and today it has filled the gaps between science and natural medicine by introducing their line of herbal supplements as well as detoxifying cleanses. 

Key Ingredients

Joint Relief is a combination of effective botanical herbs. It comprises of blends of different organic ingredients that together work to support all your joints. These include the following:

Herbal Ingredients: Joint Comfort Blend

Boswellia Serrata: The active compounds present in it enhance circulation & mobility especially in the morning when there is lot of stiffness by providing a healthy inflammatory response.
Turmeric: It contains curcumin which is a medicinally active plant compound that promotes antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory protection. It also provides a healthy response to stress.
White Willow Bark: It helps to calm minor muscle spasms.
Tart Cherry: It is also known as sour cherry, the compounds present in it provide benefits of antioxidant as well as botanical nutrition for improving joint health.

Herbal Ingredients: Sea Vegetable Blend

Ascophyllum Nodosum: This brown seaweed is also called Rockweed. It is packed with macro nutrients like calcium that promote immune system function.
Laminaria Japonica: This seaweed in the form of extract promotes gastro-intestinal health and thyroid balance. 

Herbal Ingredients: Joint Mobility Blend

Holy Basil: It provides antioxidant support and increase the natural immune response of the body to stress.
Devil's Claw: This ingredient helps to provide comfort to joints and healthy inflammatory response to pain.
Celery Seed: It gives relief from pain and removes strain from weary joints.
Ginger Root: The powerful antioxidant ability prevents the damage caused by free radicals. It also provides comfort from joint inflammation.

  1. It increases joint flexibility and provides comfort to swollen areas
  2. It takes three pronged approach to joint health
  3. It contains botanical herbs and natural ingredients to support sore joints, connective tissue and muscle
  1. There are no clinical tests shown
  2. Some herbs used in it may not suit all the consumers
  3. Official website lacks dosage information 
My Final Words 

Blessed herbs joint relief provides a compounded three-pronged approach to solve joint problems. It involves joint comfort blend, joint mobility blend and Sea vegetable blend, this scientifically crafted combination of natural herbs helps in solving joint pain, swelling as well as inflammation. This product is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee and doesn't involve any harmful chemicals in it. This product also contains Devil's claw which is known to trigger allergic reactions. According to some studies it causes stomach upset, tinnitus headache and a sensation of fullness. This product is not clinically tested and so you have to be very careful while using this product.

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