Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OmegaFlex Review: Does It Help Erase Joint Pain?

Healthy joints for happier and cheerful life! This is the need and a must follow thing for most individual these days as the issue of joint pain goes on a rise every other day. According to most physicians, with every passing day the amount of patients with joint pain keeps increasing. In order to aid this issue of joint pain there are numerous joint pain supplements out there, these days.

What is OmegaFlex?

Omega flex claims to be a joint health supplement formulated with utmost natural and effective ingredients to aid joint pain relief and improve joint functioning. Besides this this joint pain reliever supplement promises to have a Breakthrough joint-pain reliever formula that has a combination of 5-Loxin, Fruitex-B and Calamarine that help in relieving joint pain in just 7 days. It is even said to increase blood flow along with joint stiffness by 60-62% and fight inflammation along with the enzymes that destroy cartilage in your joints.

Manufacturer Details

This product fails to give manufacturer information along with various other basic details, which may make some doubt the claims of this product. Firstly the officially website is hard to find and secondly even if it is found, then there are no details for its manufacturer mentioned.

Ingredients and their Functioning

This joint pain reliever is said to have ingredients like Omega-3 Fatty acids, along with DHA that are potent anti-inflammatory
agents and are known to be independent of source. This combination is believed to be useful in combating osteoarthritis because it
functions at a more systemic level. The supplement has 430mg of DHA
per soft gel and this makes 860mg per dose. This amount is a bit large amount of DHA and is said to decrease inflammation, but it may not improve overall
joint health and will not affect the pain according to some reviews.

Then comes Calcium fructoborate, which is a compound of boron, along with fructose and calcium
and is found naturally in plant foods. It is also made synthetically. Calcium fructoborate is relatively new but suggests that it may
reduce inflammation and oxidation and treat osteoporosis, but with a few side
effects. It is even difficult to evaluate the dose recommended in this supplement as it is a compound. On and all, there is weak evidence for this ingredient.

Lastly Hyaluronic Acid, it is recommended for a variety of joint disorders, including osteoarthritis. There is limited research supporting its use as an oral
supplement. With that being said, it can be noted that this does not provide much benefit in this

Benefits of OmegaFlex

  1. It comes with a good money back guarantee.
  2. This product provides free shipping.
  1. The ingredient list of this product is not specified and not explained.
  2. Moreover the ingredients used in this product are not that effective as claims.
  3. There are no clinical proofs and testimonials given for this product.
  4. The official website is difficult to get and it even has no basics explained regarding this product.
Possible Side Effects of OmegaFlex

This product may give redness and allergic reactions to some. Thus it is recommended to have a word with your physician, prior using this product.


This product seems to be just an ordinary one, as there are no basics explained on its official website. Moreover the money back guarantee is also known to have a lot of complaints and it is even not that effective. The cherry on the cake is the inefficacy of the ingredients, they don't have any clinical proofs.



  1. Have read somewhere that it cause difficulty with breathing or swallowing. Is it true?

    1. Yeah! At first these pills seemed to be a little tough of the stomach. You should consult your physician first before starting the dosages.

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