Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Know the Life Cycle of Beautiful Eyelashes

The eyelashes have a main role which is to protect the eye from damage caused by dust, insects and also facilitates the opening and closing of the lashes. They are also used to maintain beauty, especially by women. Thick and long eyelashes enhance a person’s beauty hence try to make then long and thick. You can use natural ways or the artificial which are use of mascara to maintain the thickness and also the false lashes to maintain both thick and long lashes. Maintained eyelashes make one look unique hence drawing a lot of attention from all the people that you meet.

The following are life cycle stages of beautiful eyelashes;
1. Anagen (Growth) phase
This is also known as growth phase. It is where the lashes are actively growing. Lashes at this stage need to be taken much care to prevent them from falling out such as, the home remedies for eyelash growth. You need to apply several home remedies for thick and long eyelashes. At this stage, lashes look beautiful since they are growing nicely thick and long. The stage lasts between 30-45 days depending on how well you treat your lashes. Consider visiting beautician to ensure that the remedies you apply on your lashes have no side effect on your eye.

2. Catagen (Transition) phase
This is where the lashes are no longer growing. Hence, the hair follicle starts shrinking. It is also called transition phase. The eyelash can fall out at this stage since they cannot grow back because the follicle has to complete the Catagen phase for it to move to the next one. At this stage you are supposed to avoid too much makeup around the eye which is what causes eyelash to fall out leaving your eyelids too painful and very difficult to open and close.

3. Telogen (Resting) phase
At this phase eyelash are at rest hence also referred to resting phase.

How you can get beautiful eyelashes?
I. Remove eye makeup before you sleep
Every day before you retire to your bed removes all the eye makeup to enable eyelash to have a fresh air. This will also inhibit the fast growth of lashes since cleanliness will open the blocked hair follicles. This makes the growth become faster than you thought.

II. Apply olive oil
Make sure that the olive oil is pure. This will enhance the growth of thick lashes within the first 2 weeks, which will be done twice a day by use of a clean cotton wool. After the 2 weeks do not stop applying but rather, continue with the process till the lashes become long as you wished. You will only be required to apply the oil to prevent eyelash loss which will be once on a weekly basis.

III. Use petroleum jelly
This is natural oil extracted from nuts which has a very positive impact in relation to the eyelash growth. The oil prevents rapid loss of eyelashes caused by infection hence making you have less risk of losing all your eyelashes. Make use of the petroleum jelly twice in a day which will not only make your lashes thick and long but also shiny

IV. Trim your eyelashes
This is another best way of maintaining beauty through your eyelashes. It is advantageous since you will not use so much cost while just using eyelashes as a major source of beauty. In case you are maintaining them naturally you will be guaranteed to use less of your money on beauty. This is because maintaining eyelashes are unique hence this will be an achievement too. You will be glad that after trimming the lashes they will become thicker and longer within the shortest period ever. In case, you cannot trim them by yourself, ensure that you seek for help from a qualified beautician or a friend who have experience. It is amazing how fast the eyelashes will grow long making you enjoy the experience. Avoid plucking the lashes since it can delay the growth or even make a permanent loss whereby you will be supposed to use the false lashes.                                                                                                
V. Proper diet
Take a balanced diet plan which enables faster hair growth in your body. Avoid junk foods which delay the growth of hair by blocking the hair follicles using fat. You may notice that your hair takes too long to grow, which is caused by too much fat. Try exercise which will help reduce fat and enhance fast hair growth. Let your diet be inclusive of many vegetables, at least, a fruit per meal and 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. This procedure will enhance the faster growth of lashes and your hair which will be looking healthy and longer.

Do not be outdated, rather learn how to maintain your eyelashes to look more beautiful.



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