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Weight loss myths debunked

With summer just around the corner, weight loss is on everyone's mind. There are so many myths circulating about the best ways to lose weight, it's difficult to know where to start. If you're looking to lose a stone or more in time for swimsuit season, you need the facts to achieve your goal. It's time to separate the truth from the lies so you can look and feel great in your swimsuit this summer - there's no time to lose!

Slimming pills are an effective weight loss tool

You didn't put the weight on overnight, so don't expect it to disappear overnight either. Shedding weight is a commitment. In order to achieve long-term weight loss, you'll need to learn proper lifestyle habits. Don't rely on a pill to do all the work for you - if you never learn good eating and exercise habits, you'll put weight right back on the minute you stop taking diet pills. They should not be considered as an effective long-term weight loss tool.

Once I've reached my weight loss goal, I'll be satisfied

Give yourself a pat on the back when you finish your weight loss goal. However, it is not the final stage for formerly obese people - many will be left with unflattering folds of skin after significant weight loss. In these cases, a tummy-tuck, or abdominoplasty, may be required. This procedure flattens the stomach by tightening abdominal muscles. Many make the mistake of starting with a tummy-tuck before they embark on their slimming mission. Instead, abdominoplasty should only be done after the target weight has been reached.

In addition, many will find themselves wanting to lose even more weight after reaching their goal. If you've still got some momentum and more to lose, then by all means, keep at it, but make sure you stay within a healthy weight range.

I can lose more weight by skipping meals

Breakfast is commonly skipped by dieters. By doing so, metabolic rate is lowered up to five per cent, causing the body to retain more fat and create less energy. For every meal skipped, your body fights back by decreasing the rate at which you burn calories. Therefore, by skipping breakfast or lunch, you are actually packing on pounds and body fat. Small, frequent meals are the best way to keep your metabolic rate up - try to eat only enough to feel satiated.

Fat free food is good for my diet

Fat free doesn't translate to low calorie. In fact, many fat free foods contain additional sugar to replace the lost flavour. More sugar means more calories and weight gain. Closely inspect nutritional labels to make sure your food is healthy.

The more I sweat, the more weight I lose

When you sweat, you are merely losing water weight, not fat. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a run in hot, humid weather burns more calories than in winter or springtime. Running in intense heat can be dangerous, often causing heatstroke. Always replace fluids lost during strenuous, sweaty exercise to avoid severe dehydration.

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