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Promensil Reviews: Are There Any Promensil Side Effects?

Promensil is a menopause vitamin supplement that can help minimize certain signs and symptoms of the menopause, but it surely cannot contain all the components useful to help in reducing the main signs and symptoms.

Promensil cannot contain Black Cohosh, which has been shown to assist get rid of hot flashes and also night sweats. But, the components which are in Promensil are in fact all natural components and this supplement is approved for vegetarians. A number of the some other components present in Promensil can also help promote breast health.

Promensil Ingredients

It contains red clover isoflavones, Promensil Menopause can assist relieve menopause signs or symptoms including hot flushes, hot flashes and night sweats. Also included in Double Energy, which can also assist get rid of the anxiousness.

Promensil Vitality is made up of red clover isoflavones, with the addition of calcium and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D assists calcium absorption as well as a diet lacking in calcium may lead to osteoporosis in the future. For use both during and after the menopause.

What does it claims to do?

Promensil has been utilized in international scientific study into results of red clover dietary supplements during menopause for about 15 yrs. Research has shown that Promensil provides a very good security profile and can help to sustain suitable overall health during the menopause and offer you other assistance to the normal vitamin and soya blends, namely:

  • contribute to more comfortable menopause
  • may help ensure healthy bones
  • may help ensure a healthy cardiovascular system by sustaining the flexibility of bloodstream and supporting regular lipid profile

How to use Promensil?

In accordance with the company: It has 30 pills per container. 1 pill taken every day, you can get 2 pills in case you have serious signs or symptoms. To alleviate the day signs or symptoms take with breakfast, to relieve night-time signs or symptoms take with every meal.

If you discover you would really feel greater benefit from consuming 2 pills per day, you might want to consider trying Promensil Double Strength.

Following Precaution Should Be Taken:

  1. Do not go over the suggested dosage. Food supplements should never exchange a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are under healthcare supervising, make sure you consult with your family doctor before use.
  2. Not for use by pregnant or lactating ladies. Always keep out of sight and reach of children. Keep below 25°C in a dry place, outside of directly sun light.

Does It Work?

Isoflavones are phytoestrogens, which actually means, plant estrogens. Isoflavones are equivalent in chemical substance structure to the body's own estrogen, and when taken in sufficient quantities they are capable to mimic some of the results of estrogen to help with keeping health and wellness. Isoflavones however are weaker compared to our natural estrogen, and are selective in their activity in your body. Isoflavones pill that requires of ladies over 45 whenever amounts of hormones are decreasing.

When will one notice an improvement?

Even if this may vary with the individual, most ladies recognize getting rid of signs or symptoms within 3-8 weeks. The approach can vary with the particular person. If you have needed simply no improvement in your health and well-being after 9 weeks then you really need to consult your family doctor or contact PharmaCare, since we may be able to recommend ways of enhance the efficiency of Promensil® for you.

It is crucial that Promensil® be consumed every day. It will not work otherwise. Its suggested time period of usage is at least 6 months. Promensil® may be used securely for a long period. When visible signs or symptoms for example hot flashes greatly reduce or even halt, the results of regressing estrogen ranges are still having effect on bone mineral density and cardiovascular system health. Promensil® assists reduce Bone Mineral Density losses and enhance arterial conformity.

Negative Effects of Promensil

Promensil having the isoflavones extracted from red clover leaves with different elements and vitamins, for example vitamin D-3 and calcium, to generate a health supplement that can help alleviate the menopause signs or symptoms together with hot flashes, night sweats and anxiety. Various side-effects of Promensil use have been reported. Consult your family doctor before using Promensil to cure menopausal signs or symptoms.

Digestive Side Effects:

Ladies may have difficulty digesting a few of the chemical substances discovered inside the Promensil pill, causing nausea, disappointed gut and diarrhea. Ladies can have problems consuming the effective components in Promensil, especially the isoflavones eliminated from red clovers. Selected ladies can also have problem consuming calcium, which may boost the signs or symptoms connected with irritable bowel disorder, or IBS. If you experience diarrhea while consuming Promensil, consult your doctor instantly.

Hormonal Side Effects:

Promensil can have hormonal influence on your entire body, mainly because of the vitamin D-3 with these drugs. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, which means that if you consume very much, you will encounter negative reactions, usually noticed by an imbalance of your body's bodily hormones. Vitamin D-3 assists manage the creation of neurotransmitters in your brain, which can be off balance due to a very high vitamin D intake. This can improve the signs and symptoms of depressive disorders, anxiousness, nervousness and frustration. Consuming Promensil with a further vitamin D pill is not suggested because of the risk of vitamin D overdose.

Customer Reviews

Real reviews from promensil users are easy to find

I used double strength for 8 weeks as according to the directions in the pack that I should have started to see a difference by then. I started to lose faith but on the 10th week I noticed that all my hot flushes had subsided. Don't think you can skip a tablet here and there like I did because you are feeling alot better. Now I have gone back to having night sweats not as severe as before but have the hot face flushes again during the day. It is getting better again now as I make sure I take the tablet every day. - Jo_T from Brisbane

After trying a couple of other herbal remedies I was recommended this product by a chemist and after using it at double strength for 2 weeks my night sweats and hot flushes have stopped. I am thrilled to at last be getting a night of undisturbed sleep once again and not experiencing sweats during the day. - Mandy83

While the product is easy to attain - available at Woolworths and other supermarkets, and chemists it can be a bit expensive when you need it all the time. I was having to take the maximum dose of 2 tablets daily to see any reduction of menopausal problems, and when the hot flushes and night sweats increased as time went on I found the Promensil no longer effective. I didn't feel it helped with mood swings and took another herbal supplement to address that. - morganlea


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