Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Kelly Osbourne Rocks Bikini on Self Cover After 70 Pound Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne
"Former fat person" Kelly Osbourne reveals exactly how she shed 70 pounds, and what makes her comfortable enough to rock a pretty floral bikini on the cover of Self magazine.

The "Fashion Police" host and former reality star has left her unhealthy habits behind in favor of daily cardio, Pilates, and an old school party pastime. "I have a Hoopnotica hula hoop," says Osbourne. "I use it every day, and it's made my back and arms stronger, and my waist has gone down 2 inches."

Kelly hosts a weekly hip-hop hula hooping night with her neighbors, who happen to include "Trespassing" singer Adam Lambert.

Kelly credits her realization that there's no such thing as perfection with why she's so comfortable in her own skin. "If I knew that earlier, I wouldn't have been such a f*** up," she says. During her earlier days as a reality star on her family's show, "The Osbournes," Kelly struggled with weight and addiction issues.

And Kelly is quick to point out she still struggles with body image. "I call myself a former fat person, and when you're an FFP, you still see yourself as the person you used to be," says Osbourne. "That's something I'm genuinely working on all the time."

She also shares some words of wisdom with those who struggle with their own body issues. "Wishing you were Angelina Jolie or J.Lo isn't going to change the fact that you're not," Kelly says. "Why not start working with what you do have instead of what you don't?" Besides, "If you like what you see in front of the mirror, then what's the f***ing point of getting on a scale?"

Osbourne says her recent health scare has put her fitness quest into perspective. "I never want to take my good health for granted," she says. "The seizure was 60 seconds, but those 60 seconds will change my life for the better forever. I've worked hard to get into shape, and I'm going to continue. Not because being 'skinny' is important to me, but because I want to feel good."

There's more from Kelly in the May issue of Self magazine. Plus, check out her behind-the-scenes video below from the photo shoot she calls "one of the most fun shoots that I've ever had in my life."

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