Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tori Spelling's Weight Loss — How She Dropped 45 Pounds After Baby?

Tori Before and After
The mother of four had her last two children back-to-back, which meant she was pregnant for nearly two years straight. She is now back to her old frame, 45 pounds lighter, and she couldn't be happier!

Tori Spelling lost her baby weight and then some after giving birth to her youngest child, Finn. The busy mother revealed what she did to get so fit!

Tori Spelling's Workout — How She Got Her Flat Tummy Back

The mom of four told Us Weekly that she switches up her workout routine by swimming, using the elliptical and practicing martial arts three times a week. She told the magazine:

    I still can't work my abdomen, so it's tough. I had C-sections with Liam and Stella, too, but after I recovered, I could do sit-ups and lunges. This time, I can't for at least a year, so I've relied on healthy food and cardio. But I think my stomach went back pretty well!

She also refused to wear maternity clothes, and revealed how happy she felt when she could fit her old clothes again.

    I'm not big into maternity clothes, so I just go up in size. I have cubbies of jeans ranging from my prebaby 25s to 32. When I got to my 28s, I was like, ‘Hi, guys! You fit again!'

Tori's Diet Plan — What Does She Eat?

For her daily diet, Tori keeps her meals very clean and healthy. For breakfast, she starts the day with a brown rice cake and Smart Balance chunky peanut butter. At lunch, she loves having soup and her favorite lunch is vegetable puree. For dinner, she tends to eat fish or steak with vegetables. But she still treats herself every once in a while, and admitted what she loves to indulge in:

    But sushi dinners are more exciting. You can't cut everything out!

So Hollywood-lifers, do you think Tori looks great? What do YOU think of her diet and exercise routine?

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