Monday, 21 December 2015

Why Botanicals are Better than Botox by Solvaderm?

Botox. Is there a woman left alive who hasn’t considered it at some point? As forty becomes the new thirty, fifty becomes the new forty and stars who have been in the firmament for more than a few decades appear to be ageing backwards, more people are turning to cosmetic treatments to help keep that youthful wrinkle free look. But what if there was another way to achieve this? One that didn’t involve painful injections of toxins into your face. Nutraceuticals have become the new watchword, not only in health, but in cosmetics and skincare as more people are looking for a healthy alternative to retaining youthful skin. Solvaderm has the low down on the nature’s best ingredients to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle free.

Botox is derived from the natural bacteria, botulinum toxin, a powerful and lethal neurotoxin. While its cosmetic derivative is carefully produced and administered, it is its neurotoxic effect of paralysing muscles that gives it the mechanism of action of reducing the appearance of wrinkles. There are other, less toxic chemicals found in nature that can deliver similar results. These include the amino acids monomers, peptides, which are short chains or groups of amino acids that bind together to create different reactions. The length of these chains vary and are classified by the name, for example, dipeptides, meaning two chains, hexapeptides, meaning five chains or polypeptides, meaning many chains, are some of the classes of peptides that exist. Within these classes are different types of peptides that have been isolated and identified as having specific properties. For example, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which is a constituent ingredient of Solvaderm’s, Stemuderm, has the same mechanism of action as botulinum toxin and works to inhibit muscle contractions. This anti ageing treatment contains other peptides of varying lengths that work to inhibit muscle contractions.

Stem Cells
As well as peptides, Stemuderm contains a stem cell extract derived from the fruit of an apple tree in Switzerland. Known as Malus Domestica, these stem cells are derived from the UttwilerSp├Ątlauber apple which contains high concentrations of polyphenols, a micronutrient with anti-inflammatory properties which have been identified as helping degenerative health conditions. When placed in a solution containing the Malus Domestic stem cells, human skin cells were found to have a regenerative growth effect. Studies carried out have shown remarkable results with 100% of participants in one study showing a reduction in wrinkle depth after one month’s use.

With many cosmetic and skin-care companies developing and refining naturally derived ingredients with the potential to have anti ageing properties, more and more of us are turning away from traditional cosmetic treatments that can have potential side effects and downtime as a result. Nature has an abundance of chemicals that science has developed and learned from but instead of synthesizing and mimicking these, companies such as Solvaderm are going back to the source for inspiration to deliver safe skincare solutions with outstanding results.


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