Saturday, 19 December 2015

The ABC's of Glowing Skin by Solvaderm

We all know that vitamins are good for you but how well do you know your A's, B's and C's when it comes to skincare? These vitamins are useful, not only in terms of their inclusion in creams and serums for topical application to the skin, but also as nutrients that work from the inside out. While there is a range of vitamins that are needed on a daily basis for optimum cellular function within the body, these three in particular provide skin with the nutrients required to keep it at its best. Here's Solvaderm's ABC's of vitamins for your skin:

A. Retinol
Vitamin A or retinol plays several important functions in the body depending on how it is converted. In one form it is necessary for good vision and its deficiency can cause night blindness and other problems related to the eyes. However, when converted to retinoic acid, it is required for the synthesis of keratin, the protein which is present in the epithelial or outer skin cells. Keratin protects the surface of the skin against all kinds of environmental stressors and is necessary for the turnover of skin cells, a process that is known as keratinization. It is also important for a healthy immune system and for stem cell formation. As a result, it has become increasingly prevalent in recent years as a topical anti-ageing treatment.

B. Biotin
There is a whole host of B vitamins, but when it comes to the skin, biotin or B7 is the most important. Biotin, also sometimes known as vitamin H, is a coenzyme necessary for the production of fatty acids and helps to metabolize amino acids and fats. What this means for hair, nails and especially the sensitive skin, is the role it plays in the formation of keratin, which is present in all three. From a cosmetic perspective, it is keratin gives healthy hair its glossy sheen, healthy nails their smooth surface and healthy skin its supple strength. Biotin can be taken as a supplement and also has a high bioavailability in peanuts and green leafy vegetables.

C. Ascorbic Acid
Don't let the name fool you, this acid is anything but harsh. Vitamin C is the one that the body doesn't store and needs daily replenishment of. Important for the overall functioning of the body's general health, it is enzymatic which means it is required for the synthesis of certain proteins in the body including collagen which gives  skin its elasticity. In the last decade with the increase in interest in the use of botanicals in face creams and serums, it has become a popular ingredient due to its antioxidant properties and ability to fight free radicals. Found in abundance in citrus fruits, there's a reason that glass of OJ in the morning is good for you.

While this is not an exhaustive list and the RDA of vitamins and minerals required for optimum health includes a great many more, Solvaderm recommends you learn your ABC's to be top of the class when it comes to skincare!

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