Tuesday, 8 December 2015


In the recent days, most people are concerned with their looks more than ever before. Good looks define you and make you feel motivated and also increase your levels of self-esteem. Eyes are part of your complexion. Making your eyes more attractive is one way of improving your complexion and giving your looks a significant boost. Outward looks serve as a mirror through which people can analyse, judge and make various comments about you. Therefore creating a good public image begins by improving your outward looks. There are various ways to make your eyes more attractive and they range from natural ways to the use of cosmetic beauty products. According to specialists, you should take great caution when using some of the beauty products to avoid the risks of negative side effects. Most people prefer using natural ways such as healthy dieting and engaging in routine workouts to improve their looks because they are associated with limited or no side effects.

Curling your eyes
Eyes are very vital body parts and need to be handled with great care. Although makeup works in a great way to improve your looks, incorporating curling is very important because it helps make your eyes more awake and bigger. Before you can start curling your eyes, ensure that you have a clean and healthy eyelash curler. Using a clean eyelash curler, start by curling the base of eyes and proceed towards the ends of the lashes. Curling your eyes help in giving your eyes a good curl and keeping them healthy. Curling your eyes also helps in making your lashes straight and strong. Repeat this process a few times a week for effective results.

Wear colours that make your eyes pop
Although specialists highly discourage the use of beauty products such as eyelash growth products and eyelash dyeing products, some of these makeup products are very important in improving the looks of eyes and making them more attractive. To ensure you perfectly match your eye shadow colours with your clothing, choose shades that best work out for you. Make sure you don’t exaggerate these shades because this might produce an unpleasant look on your face.  Having a friend around to give compliments and make correctional comments is always advisable before stepping outside with the shades.

Keep your eyebrows on point
Your eyebrows help in complimenting your complexion by bringing a balance to your facial features. You can shape your eyebrows from home or by visiting a salon for professional advice and care. At home, ensure you use natural ways that do not put the health of your eyes at risk whereas at the salon the attendants can investigate your eyebrows before recommending the appropriate shape to improve your eyebrows and make your eyes more attractive. The process of keeping your eyebrows on point is made successful by the use of eyelash growth products and ensuring that you choose the eye cream that works best for you.

Use of eye-drops
Use of the eye-drops is one of the medical procedures that are used by most people who suffer from redness in the eyes. A change in the eyes’ colour can be caused by ailments or exposure to certain harmful environmental conditions. The red colour of your eyes can produce an unpleasant look; therefore, it is advisable to seek professional advice on the right eye-drop products to use for your eyes.

Having good and quality sleep
Good and quality sleep is closely associated with many health benefits. During sleep, your body is in a relaxing position and this is very important time for your body to repair and build tissues. Sleep helps in minimising dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Lack of adequate sleep can affect the quality of blood circulation in your body. Since the skin around your eyes is very thin, the effects of inadequate sleep are quite visible through your eyes by making blood vessels around your eyes more visible.

Massaging the skin around your eyes
Instead of using eyelash growth products to boost the growth of your lashes, you can simply massage the skin around your eyes to boost the growth of your lashes. Massaging the skin around your eyes also improves blood circulation around the eyes and drainage. This helps in reducing puffiness around your eyes thus giving your eyes an attractive look.

Invest in a good eye cream
You can always seek professional advice on how to choose the eye cream that will work best for you. The eyes should be handled with the delicacy they deserve because they are very sensitive organs. Although the use of beauty products on the area around your eyes is highly discouraged, there are some beauty products that are very effective in helping realise an attractive look on your eyes.

As much as you want to improve the looks in your eyes, you should ensure you use products and ways that do not put the health of your eyes at risk. Eyes are very delicate and vital organs of your body hence their protection should be your priority. Giving a boost to the attractiveness of your eyes goes a long way in improving your general complexion. This helps in enhancing your morale, motivation and self-esteem.




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