Friday, 11 December 2015

How Are Mood Swings Related To The Food You Eat?

Mood swings are caused by different factors such as health or natural body feelings. Individuals who are stressed are prone to mood swings; they can be happy and then change suddenly to being sad. Women are mostly affected by mood swings as compared to men. Hormonal changes in women because mood swings especially during pregnancy or even during menstrual cycle. The following are the major causes of mood swings: lack of sleep, drugs, alcohol, bipolar disorder, menopause, caffeine and sugar depression, stress, anxiety and different types of food you eat. Mood swings can make people who are close to you start avoiding you due to your unpleasing rapid changes. Therefore the following are ways you can use to handle mood swings; Sleep enough avoids alcohol, caffeine and other drugs.

The following are ways in which mood swings relate to the food you eat:
Consumption of complex carbohydrates
Feeding on foods rich carbohydrates helps in elevating in your mood. This is because carbohydrates contain components that help in boosting the level of serotonin. Serotonin is found in the brain hence after consumption of complex carbohydrates you will notice that a person becomes jovial. In most cases you will notice that the person who was angry 30 minutes ago has already forgotten their previous situation. These carbohydrates can be used to help people who are mourning or others who are involved in a serious conflict get back to their normal self. It is a tricky way to win back someone’s happy mood without soothing them with sweet words which are easily ignored.

Avoid excess consumption of sugar
The reason to this is that sugar is capable of triggering a cascade of chemical reactions in your body. This leads to chronic inflammation disrupting your mind hence and affects normal functioning of the immune system. Your mood is ruined due to disruption of the body hormones brought about by low immunity. Eat food containing omega 3 fatty acids to enable improve your immune system and also your mood.

Consumption of favorite meals
A happy mood is a positive mood swing. You can have a hectic day such that there is nothing that seems pleasing at the moment, you just feel downcast. Try cooking your best meal which will work great in your situation you can add an ingredient that contains omega 3 fatty acids in order to boost your mood change. You will notice that during the meal, you have already started feeling better and happy. This will prepare you to have a sound sleep hence facing the following day with joy and readiness to achieve your goals.

Fish consumption
Fish is a very healthy meal that contains omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are responsible in triggering the happy hormones. It does not work in all individuals due to hormonal changes in case of certain illness. Fish acts as a medication or even a health diet for many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure among other body problems. In relation to mood swings the omega 3 fatty acids will change the mood instantly as they react with the happy hormones in the brain. These omegas 3 are also responsible in help the brain become active and prevent forgetting. A study stated that a happy person does not forget easily, hence recommended for children who are in school in order to improve poor performance.

Avoid eating strange foods
Eat what you know since strange foods can ruin your mood completely. This happens when people visit various hotels or different countries whereby there are certain meals that they do not recognize. Most of them request for meals they even do not have an idea of any ingredient. After the meal is brought, you cannot even recognize what is before your eyes and you decide to eat. Immediately after the first spoon you really feel horrible in your mouth and through. This encounter is deemed to lower your mood instantly .Raise up your mood by taking any food with omega 3 fatty acids. It helps by first clearing the bad taste in your mouth and then raising your moods.

Avoid being a glutton
There are certain foods that are very tasty such as fast foods of which excess intake will cause indigestion .A stomach that has slow digestion due to excess food always experiences stomach pain and constipation.  Take foods in small portions in order to have a peace of mind, joy and proper digestion. Always involve foods with omega 3 since it helps in digestion hence giving you an easy time and a peaceful mind.

The foods you eat can ruin or improve your mood. By following the simple above ways you will be able to solve your mood swings without disrupting other people’s peace.



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