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SlimQuick Reviews: Is SlimQuick the Best Diet Pill?

Nowadays, reducing weight has turned out to be among the essential aspects in women's health since they are prepared to embrace everything to achieve the necessary end goal. Getting into the act of doing this, most women usually put up the error of choosing the inappropriate ways of reducing weight. These are generally, having un-prescribed weight loss pills, drinks and also following a couple of inadequate dietary fads techniques together with a crash eating plan regime. One particular weight loss pill is slimquick, even though helpful in burning fat possess a number of side effects.

What does it claim to do?


SlimQuick, by SlimQuick Laboratories, contains several distinctive ingredients that can make it an effective "fat burner" for most women. During a period of a few years, it had been manufactured and even reviewed to deal with the physiological and hormonal issues that most women encounter when trying to get in shape. It consists of a few distinctive complexes that encourage weight reduction by means of different strategies. Utilized with SlimQuick exercise and diet plan, It could improve fat loss and each bottle comes along with a version of the exercise and diet plan which usually improve weight loss. The workout program comprises of two four-week weight-training plans specially meant for women to improve weight loss. Every muscles circle is worked out once weekly at higher intensity in Level 1. Level 2 is a per-exhaust training routine super sets course which is suitable for those women that are usually in the SlimQuick plan after a four-week phase. A diet plan and physical exercise feedback log to record your improvement is also included.


How Effective Slimquick Ingredients Are?

Before having a remark regarding the side effects of slimquick, you may be helped throughout the chemical substance composition of a slimquick pill. I should tell you that 50% of the formula comprises of caffeine, essential for the elevating the metabolic function of a body. As a result, you could easily recognize how safe it is. It can be found as three types, namely slimquick original, slimquick night and slimquick extreme.

The composition of slimquick comes with the following six formulas.
  • Cyclovite is a mixture of important nutrients and vitamins. It includes calcium, folic acid, vitamin B6, B12 and vitamin D.
  • Aquaplex is a mixture of uva ursi extract, pine bark, dandelion root and horsetail natural herb act as a diuretic.
  • Xtend is prepared from gloom pepper and cellulose that is needed for nutritional absorption.
  • Cortifem is an assortment of golden root, amino acid and beta-sit sterol that decreases the process of anxiety body chemicals.
  • Estrotin including soy isoflavones is a hormone handling complex.
  • Nutraptherm is consist of a mixture of cocoa bean exacts, caffeine, green tea leaf, Clary sage extract and Yerba mate. All these ingredients work as the major fat burning elements.

Side Effects of Slimquick:

I need to assure it is not the diet pill that most women are looking for; hence somebody needs health problems to confront the desirable side effects. There are numerous possible overall health problems related to its side effects, induced because of it mixture and overdose. The physical health side effects of slimquick resulting from particular ingredients are going to be discussed you. Before that, take a rapid look at the effect of body system to this diet pill in the future.
  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Diabetes
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Jitters
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Increased thirst
  • Dried mouth
  • Dizziness

SlimQuick: Potential Risks or Complications

These types of physical health issues are caused by the composition of ingredients in slimquick. Dandelion root interferes with medicinal drugs containing lithium and antibiotics. Hence, somebody going through medical treatment must not take on this diet pill as it may lead to critical allergies and mouth sores. Pine Bark raises emotional irritability and decreases energy source within your body while uva ursi, being high in tannin leads to vomiting and nausea. Horsetail herb may cause prospective health risk because it interferes with regular functioning of kidney leading to water and salt disproportion. It could even bring about heart diseases.

Most people going through nicotine substitution therapy should not have slimquick. Excess caffeine intake enhances heartbeat, can make one jittery as well as raises the levels of hypertension. Among the worst ingredient is a Yerba mate extract. Numerous studies have shown that this herb is carcinogenic and may cause lung, neck, respiratory and digestive tract cancer. Women who are pregnant must not have slimquick as clary sage found in the pill is harmful to overall health. 

Too much intake of this diet pill decreases cholesterol levels to odd ranges and causes bowel problems, seizures and irregular heartbeat, assigned by green tea extract. Golden root as among the vital ingredients generates several health disorders. There are allergic reactions, constipation, vision problems and tightening up of the upper body muscles. It could furthermore cause trouble in swallowing, puffiness of glands and hives.

Final Verdict:

I really hope the unwanted side effects of SlimQuick are now very clear to you. After looking at slimquick side effects on overall health, I'm assured you won't be depending upon this supplement to lose weight. The weight loss pills, even though could make you slim, will sting the body with many different health problems. So why not employing the healthy options for weight loss? Exercise every day also choose a well-balanced diet plan rather, to discover good results without endangering your good health status. The other way is usually to look for the safe weight loss pills and utilize them only when recommended by medical professionals.


  1. I have been taking Slimquick for three months. I feel, I actually have wasted my cash. The important thing to losing weight is diet, exercise and drink lots of water.

    What I'm most upset about this weight loss product is, my family members have detected irregular mood swings and also myself have had same unhealthy effects. This product doesn't facilitate along with your mood as it stated!

    I am getting off from this product and going back to regular diet and exercise as I invariably doing. Like I stated what I'm most upset concerning is that the mood swings!

    Beware of this product, it cause you into a monster and use the washroom a lot!

  2. I have been taking Slimquick for three months. I feel, I actually have wasted my cash. The important thing to losing weight is diet, exercise and drink lots of water.

    What I'm most upset about this weight loss product is, my family members have detected irregular mood swings and also myself have had same unhealthy effects. This product doesn't facilitate along with your mood as it stated!

    I am getting off from this product and going back to regular diet and exercise as I invariably doing. Like I stated what I'm most upset concerning is that the mood swings!

    Beware of this product, it cause you into a monster and use the washroom a lot!

  3. I took slimquick one week each month for 2 and 1/2 months, inside that time I shed off from 2460lbs to 171lbs. I did 15-20 min workouts 2-3 times a week, however I feel like slimquick did a great portion of the work for me and so quick and fast.
    Don't misuse it however, it can get pretty trippy that you do!

  4. Hi Mike… Till now I didn’t use any diet pill for weight loss. I have been going through healthy diet (1700 calories per a day) and working outs (5 times in a week, 60 minutes to each) only. I am losing 2-3 pounds in a week and I want to speed up my weight reduction. As you said you found 75 pounds of weight loss in 2 ½ months. Would you please tell me; did you find any side effects because of this fast weight loss?
    Thank You.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      I lost 42 lbs. with Slimquick in 5 months combined with exercise and healthy eating. I was not expecting it a miracle pill and it wasn't, but it did helped my energy level and crankiness (missing my donuts). Anyone who buys it must remember that one of the main ingredients is caffeine and if you have sensitivity, it may cause increased heart rate, runny bowels, gas, insomnia and other caffeine sensitivity/intolerance related issues. So, please check the ingredients before you buy. Good luck for your weight loss endeavors!

    2. I have to lose 20 pounds so I just wanting to try slimquick, so I ordered it and get it in time. I have started my dose took first in morning, I am feeling much energetic with it, but after 2-3 days it make me some shaky, I have to run to bathroom several times. By seeing all this drama I have stopped the pills and now I am feeling better. Loose product. I will not recommend it to anyone.

  5. Many weight loss experts recommend against the use of a number of marketed supplements because of FDA norms and lack of evidence with respect to effectiveness. It is thus important that you speak to your expert before you opt for any over the counter treatment.

  6. I went through a bottle of the regular Slimquick and it helped a little. I decided to try the extra strength. I took the minimun dosage for the first few days then went to the maximum for 2 days. On the third day I was getting ready for work and all of a sudden had difficulty breathing and got light headed and dizzy. That all passed but it was pretty scary. I did some research into side effects and read that it could cause anxiety. I'm assuming I had an anxiety attack. I stopped taking it but since then have had a few more episodes, they haven't been as bad as that first one. I have never had an anxiety attack before and I wonder how long I'll keep experiencing these "attacks". I took Slimquick to give me an added boost but the boost I got was not what I was looking for.

  7. Many experts recommend weight loss against the use of a number of supplements marketed because of FDA regulations, there are more options too and they very good.

  8. I tried this product one pill morning one pill afternoon yes it did wrk i lost had no hunger but after a week of just the low dosage insomnia hit i couldn't sleep. So i tht I'd do only two pills in morning thts it. But then I ended up having a really scary anxiety attack. I tht was a heart attack but told anxiety. I decided just to stop eat healthy and exercise. Don't want to ever have tht happen again.

  9. superhumanradio13 March 2014 at 00:20

    probably diet is most important to weight loss, but absolutely the exercise is important for maintaining energy and feeling well. If I try to diet without the exercise, I tend to feel pretty tired and worn down before too long.

  10. I really like the regular slimquick drink. Works as stated and kept me moving through a long day. However, the slimquick ultra has caused constipation and does not taste as good as the regular slimquick. I will be going back to the original formula. And another note, it has helped me get rebalanced after stopping bc.

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