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Zantrex 3 Reviews: Does Zantrex-3 Really Work?

What Is Zantrex-3?

Zantrex-3 may be relatively safe because it does not contain Ephedra. At least, Zoller Laboratories is reasonable and honest enough to claim that their products may not work on everyone and that endorsement from the Food and Drug Administration are nonexistent so they extend a money-back guarantee.

The hottest Super Pill from America has received numerous approvals from different clients but others seemed to be discontented with the way Zantrex-3 delivers weight loss results. According to Zoller Labs, their trademark diet pill gives 546% more trim down of body weight compared to leading brands despite the absence of Ephedra. Rapid loss could be attained but is it possible for just one brand to outlive others at that extreme level?

What Makes Zantrex-3 Powerful?

For the record, Zantrex 3 supplies are very limited in the market due to high demands. Consumers are quite interested with the slimming pills because clinical tests revealed that it has the ability for lipolysis - the process wherein mature cells shed off fats. This goes to show that body weight and body fat reduction go hand in hand.

The product's main plus point is the fact that its ingredients are all-natural. Its herbal components are green tea extract, Tibetan and panax ginseng, cacao extract, black tea extract, guarana, kola nut, Damiana, Yerba mate, schizonepeta, Rhodiola crenulata, black pepper and maca root. Working together, they give positive outcomes such as: 

  • large amount of weight loss
  • high energy buffs
  • increased metabolism and stamina
  • reduction of levels of anxiety and depression due to Rhodiola crenulata
  • ability to absorb more nutrients (courtesy of black pepper)
Buying such in-demand fat-burning medicine is easy. You can purchase them for $40 (56 capsules) online and some stores nationwide also offer the diet pills. A bit hefty, Zantrex assures its buyers that good results will come in time.

A scientific study could back up yerba mate, damiana and guarana's potential characteristics in weight reduction. Their effect is to make a person feel full longer. As a result, he will feel less hungry.

It is also good to know that three varieties are available: Zantrex-3, Fat Burner and Power Crystals. Interested buyers have at least three modes of treatment to choose from.

The Kryptonite

No matter how powerful the slimming tablets are, they still face some issues. First, each bottle costs fortune aside from the fact that a comprehensive list of the ingredients remains a mystery as of now. Other ingredients also contain high levels of caffeine which probably explain why users are very much alive and alert. In fact, a pill of Zantrex-3 will fully-charged with 150 mg caffeine. An actual amount of each herbal ingredient is also not accessible.

Down sides are:

  • Skin flushing due to Niacin content (30mg)
  • Damiana is a form of aphrodisiac. Do you really need an increase in libido to lose weight?
  • YGD (yerba mat/ guarana/ damiana), black tea, cacao, green tea, Trimethylxanthine and kola extract all contain caffeine.
  • Schizonepeta, when taken in large amounts, may cause damages to the liver.

Zantrex3 medication entails a lot of health benefits particularly less deposition of fats. However, since the caffeine content is alarming, not all people are advised to take this weight loss remedy. Starting your treatment is advised to begin with a doctor's advice. Satisfaction is guaranteed if you perform exercise regularly and cut down your calorie intake.


  1. I've tried zantrex-3 several yrs back and it doesn't do a darn thing but it makes me all hyped up.

    It doesn't help you to get in shape by stifling your appetite. What it did to was give me the vigor and the support I would have done well to begin getting into a jogging/exercise. In any case that isn't amazing, recognizing what amount of caffeine is in it. It made me ill, touchy, and depleted. I fared preferred when I was not on this stuff.

    Zantrex 3 side effects are indistinguishable to the aforementioned connected with inordinate utilization (Zantrex is fundamentally advertised as an "exclusive xanthine-based stimulant").

    You may be intrigued to realize that one serving of Zantrex 3 will furnish you with more caffeine than you'd get from 3 glasses of cafe --so caffeine-identified symptoms be very conspicuous in some individuals.

    It's an additionally imperative to note that caffeine has a significant number of the symptoms with ephedra (anxiety, expanded guilt force, heart palpitations, etc) and granted that regular in numerous nourishment coffee, chocolate, different soda pops, and so on..) may not be for the everyone. It's likewise plausible that on account of its heightened caffeine content, you might encounter withdrawal manifestations when you quit taking Zantrex-3.

  2. I am taking Zantrex-3 for three weeks now, so far I have lost 4-5 pounds. At first I am getting palpitations, jitteryness, was certainly not good, then after that getting very rapid weight loss, soon after one and a half week all these side effects decreased a bit... but now I am not losing weight at all only gaining slowly-slowly day by day even when I am eating less than I used too. Its really not good for me at all! :(
    I am also getting stomach ache problem now and headache, and little energy all in even with a full dose. However, every time I eat anything my tummy feels like it stopped digesting and all the food just lies there undigested day by day, I feel like I need to vomit every moment whenever I eat something. Think twice before having this diet pill...even though at first I was eating normally and losing a tons of weight fast.

  3. This is my second time trying Zantrex 3 the first time I tried Zantrex I
    could not handle the side effects I would only take one pill in the morning and I would feel terrible and shaky all day

    Now I got a bit used to it so I started using the pill on May 1st 2013 I take one 15 minutes before I work out with one cup of water and half a glass of cranberry juice -no sugar added I work out 4-5 days for about 30 hour after that I will eat one Egg with vegtables on the side , For Lunch I will have either half a tuna can with salad or Chicken breast with salad or Frozen vegtables steamed. I will take another Z3 pill . For dinner I will usually eat a very small portion of whatever my mom has made about the size of my hand than try to work out on my arms for ten minutes -Helps with insomnia.

    After 2 weeks on zantrex3 and my diet I lost almost ten pounds and feel great!! I am 21 yrs old Female 5'1 starting weight 146 Current weight : 136 .

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