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What Is Arnica Gel and How Does It Work?

arnica gel
Arnica Gel Review

Arnica gel is a joint pain reliever and it claims to give relief from osteoarthritis pain and joint stiffness with the help of its anti-inflammatory components. It is made up from Arnica Montana plant, which is a topical herb used for treating joint inflammation, bruises, as well as muscle pain. But FDA has regarded it as a unsafe herb, because of its negative effects, if taken orally. It is used for a long time to heal injuries in the joints. It absorbs deeply into the skin and it is non–greasy and can be easily applied on the affected areas. Arnica Montana Extract known is a homeopathic treatment for varicose veins and hematoma. You can purchase it online or from a homeopathic doctor.

Arnica Gel Ingredients

The chief ingredient of Arnica gel is Arnica Montana extract. In several studies the root of the Arnica Montana plant is found effective that is rich in thymol and is clinically proven to be real in expanding the blood capillaries. It increases blood in the body and helps in faster healing of the injuries.

Arnica Gel Uses

You can use Arnica gel in a number of ways. It can be applied on the bruises or you can make a compress of arnica gel. It has been known for many years to treat skin problems such as eczema, acne, rashes and various other problems. It is also effective in arthritis and reduces stiffness in joints as well. Athletes use it to reduce muscle pain. But it can cause irritation if it is applied to broken skin.

Arnica gel is easy to use and can be applied to the injured skin area. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It has no irritating smell and it doesn't spoil your clothes. It is non–greasy and dries up fast. It is safe to use with other painkillers.


  1. Arnica gel gives relief from osteoarthritis of hands and reduces pain.
  2. It is non-sticky and absorbs quickly in the skin.
  3. It has no strong smell.
  4. It give relief from muscle and joint pain and acts as an anti–inflammatory.
  5. It can be used along with other drugs used to reduce pain.
  1. Its oral consumption is considered unsafe.
  2. It is linked with many side effects that can be chronic.
  3. It causes internal bleeding when it expands the blood capillaries to improve blood flow.
Are there any Arnica Gel Side Effects?

Arnica gel can cause allergic reactions such as rashes on the skin, eczema and itching. It should not be used directly on the sensitive skin. A patch test is recommended to check if there is any reaction on the skin. It can result in internal bleeding which can be due to enlarged capillaries for increasing blood circulation. Pregnant women should not take Arnica extract because it can cause miscarriage or premature delivery. It may interact with several blood thinners and anti platelet drugs.

Does Arnica Gel Work for Arthritis Joint Pain?

Arnica gel is often known as pain gel, which not only reduces chronic pain, but also long term joint pain conditions such as arthritis. It is used in extreme pain conditions like strains and sprains. It is a pain relieving gel that effectively reduces pain in your joints.


Arnica gel includes many applications and it helps in healing joint pain, even in severe conditions. But its various side effects don't make it a safe product. It should not be used without consulting a doctor. You should not use it in undiluted from, because it is highly contaminated and it should not be ingested unless it is in a diluted form. 

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  1. Arnica Gel is useful to get relieve from pain. It can also be used for the treatment of varicose veins.