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Schiff Megared Joint Care Reviews - Ingredients, Pros & Cons, Does It Work?

Schiff MegaRed Joint Care is an all-natural health supplement that is used to treat joint pain. It is enriched with omega-3 oil extracted from 100% pure Antarctic krill which are tiny crustaceans found in the waters of the Antarctic region. This joint care supplement primarily aids in comforting the sore joints.  It contains a recommended combination of omega-3 fatty acids, potent phospholipids, antioxidants and astaxanthinto ingredients that support both the joint and heart health. It is available as an easy to swallow softgel that can be taken daily. This health product is clinically tested for its purity and quality.

Schiff Megared Joint Care Ingredients

This all-natural health supplement is enriched with a 353 mg proprietary blend of active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Krill oil, and Astaxanthin. It also contains other inactive ingredients such as Extra Virgin Gelatin, Glycerin, Olive Oil, Rosemary Extract (as Antioxidants), Yellow Beeswax, Water, Red 40, Titanium Dioxide, Ethyl Vanillin, Blue 1, Caramel Color, and mixed tocopherols (as antioxidants).

Does Schiff Megared Joint Care Really Work?

It is enriched with the combination of ingredients such as powerful Hyaluronic acid, Omega-3 Krill oil, and Astaxanthin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring nutrient that is produced within the system. Its main function is to lubricate and cushion the joints. The formula contains astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant that relives the joints from oxidative damage. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that are rich in EPA and DHA. The omega-3 fatty acids used in this formula get absorbed into the body cells and are transported in the form of phospholipids. In general, the structural integrity of the cell membrane is maintained by the phospholipids. In this way, it ensures that omega-3 fatty acids are easily used by the system. In addition, the effectiveness of this formula has been proven by a human conducted clinical study, which has demonstrated that it relieved sore joints at a rate of twice more than Glucosamine and Chondroitin. 


  1. This formula contains all-natural, highly powerful ingredients that work effectively
  2. It relieves from joint pain
  3. It delivers the results quickly compared to many other joint supplements.
  4. It provides results in as little as 7 days with just one soft gel per day.
  5. It increases flexibility and relieves from joint pain
  6. It is easy to take and is free from side effects
  7. It contains 100% pure Antarctic Krill oil that is safe to use


  1. It has a bad odor.
  2. It is not worth the price.
  3. May not work
  4. Requires much better packaging
  5. It is advised to use this supplement under physician's guidance in case of users with shellfish allergy, coagulopathy and those taking prescription medications such as anticoagulants.
  6. Pregnant or lactating women should seek physicians opinion before using this product.
  7. It provides no money back guarantee to its users.

Warnings and Side Effects

  • Do test this product to find whether you're allergic to shellfish
  • Do take this dietary softgel supplement once a day.
  • Do not take this supplement without seeking physician's opinion in case of coagulation disorders, allergy or prescription medication therapies.
  • Do not take this product if you develop allergy to any of its ingredients

Bottom Line

It is an effective joint care supplement that relieves from sore joints and joint pain. Some users have provided negative feedback rating and testimonials regarding its efficacy. It lacks clinical studies to back up its results and can cause allergic reactions. It can be a good idea to opt for other joint care alternatives sold in the market place and that contain chondroitin and glucosamine products.



  1. Have taken over half the bottle, and have found no relief at this time. I will wait till my first bottle completed, if found no relief then switch to some other product.

  2. I was optimistic so I ordered Schiff Megared joint care, but I was so disappointed..... It did not work for me. :(

  3. I used almost the whole bottle but had no luck with megared joint care. I have used other products that work better.

  4. What a great product!!! Started taking Megared about a month ago and within 2-3 weeks, my knee pain was virtually gone! I can play my favorite game of golf without any pain. Thanks Jacob for suggesting it and thanks Schiff Megared for an amazing result.

  5. I prefer using small capsules instead of the larger ones I was using and these seem to have more medical benefits.

  6. I've used this for couple of months. It had no effect at all. My joint problems did not heal at all. Don't waste your time. This is a real review.

  7. I took this once and returned them, within a few hours I had the runs.

  8. After having just one capsule, I noticed an improvement in my joint pain. However, it also caused severe diarrhea. I've tried several times to take it, with the same results. I may be an allergic to the added herbs, but "BEWARE".

  9. I have been taking mega red for about a year now. Then changed to the joint help. I don't understand people that complain about this. The comments are negative! Like any vitamin you have to take them longer then a month to see any results. I was getting shots in my knees for arthritis and once these stopped I noticed my knees are not hurting as bad as they did before. I am supposed to get more shots but desired to wait because I am walking better. I believe it's because of the vitamins I have been taking. So all I can say to anyone that want to try them is give them a good chance getting started and do think they work over night.


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