Friday, 23 August 2013

Celadrin Reviews - Does Celadrin Relieve Joint Pain?

Healthy and strong joints lead to a cheerful and happy life. Along with food clothing and shelter, health also forms an integral part of life. Joint pain is the major joint health issue faced by each and every individual.  

A Brief Overview About Celadrin:

Celadrin is a joint health product that claims to come with a revolutionary formula, specially designed to restore mobility and provide quick relieve from joint pain. The product claims to have all natural ingredients that are clinically proven to provide help with pain management. Still there is no money back guarantee, no free trials and multiple purchase offers with this product. It even creates a problem when it comes to getting this product online.

What Ingredients You Find In Celadrin?

The product claims to have all natural ingredients that are proven to be highly effective. Yet the official webpage mentions about only 1 active ingredient that is Cetylated fatty Acid. Cetyl Myristoleate plays a key role in providing relief from joint pain due to arthritis. The secondary ingredients of Celadrin are esters & other active synergistic that are absorbed quickly and are used to provide immediate and cumulative pain relief. Still it is a non-prescriptive product.

Is Celadrin Safe to use?

Celadrin claims to be very safe & efficient but does not provide any evidence for its safe and effective working.


  1. The product comes with all natural ingredients.
  2. It is available in both gel and supplement form.


  1. Provides no money back guarantee.
  2. No clinical proofs regarding the effective working.
  3. No free trials.
  4. No online purchase.

Celadrin Side Effects:

The product claims to have no side effects, but there are reviews stating to have side effects with the use of this product. The product may have side effects if taken in combination with other supplements except the ones with Glucosamine. Apart from this there may be certain irritations on the skin. Hence it is advisable to have a word with your doctor before going for this product.

Does Celadrin Really Work?

Celadrin is a product that claims to work by enhancing and lubricating the cell membranes throughout the body providing youthful cell fluidity and elasticity. It even states to enhance fluids that cushions the bones and joints, for maintaining the flexibility and mobility of the joints. The reduced inflammation and is said to promote healthy joints and tissues. Working is similar to the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish oil. The complex blend of the fatty acids provides many vital and beneficial effects for the inflammatory responses in the body. Celadrin induces changes at the cellular levels, in the cell membranes which positively affect the responsiveness of the cell membranes. All of these aid in the reduction of cartilage breakdown in the joints.

Bottom Line:

Though the product is effective and available in both oral tablet and topical gel form, yet it has some drawback and even fails to provide certain basic benefits to the consumers. Like there are no free trials and even no money back guarantee. The consumer becomes skeptical regarding this product as there is no specific ingredients list and no dosage suggestion are given.

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