Monday, 25 March 2013

Avesil Reviews: Is Avesil Really A Scam?

One particular fat burner that claim physician recommendation is Avesil. Allegedly, It comes from a different strong solution physicians belief. However, I couldn't get hold of the titles and also testimonials of the physicians who suggest this diet pill.

Was It Researched?


An examined diet pill or a pill with examined ingredients are all different. By claiming Avesil was examined, the manufacturers is producing an incorrect claim.

What Ingredients You Find in Avesil?


The ingredients in Avesil appear to be a strictly protected trick; anyway roughly they are in fact not clear on their site.

Nutraceutical Sensoril (that may be a proprietary solution) - This claims to decrease stress. What precisely stress need to do with losing weight? Actually, stress might cause the decrease of cortisol levels that are told to avoid gaining weight.

This ingredient additionally assures to reduced fatigue and boosts energy so you have a lot more umph for better workout routines. Clearly this continues to be examined randomly utilizing placebos in human scientific offers.

Green Tea Extract - Is considered to reduce fat, decrease levels of cholesterol as well as work as an appetite suppressant.

O-polynicotinate Chromium - I've not discover this before and even there is not any recommendation to it on Wikipedia as a result this might be the further proprietary item. The only info is from Avesil's official site which claims that it "Helps manage sucrose and glucose limit within regular levels" and "Supports conversions of excess fat to energy while doing work out". I had up to now not seen any sort of scientific built analysis or facts to back this claim.

Caffeine - It is designed to produce a caffeine hype that obstructs drowsiness and enhances performance and stamina.

How Much Does It Cost?

Seeing that Avesil needs to have a minimum of 10-12 days to deliver the results, a 14-day trial offer time is very small. Specifically when you take into consideration that those fourteen days consist of the period it entails to ship the item to the user.

However, offers a more suitable cost on Avesil. Amazon advertises one bottle of Avesil for $65.37 which is too costly and three for $145.51.

How To Use Avesil?

The preferred dosage of Avesil is 2 pills everyday, used one after the other half an hour before your meal. In case individuals observe severe headaches or higher heart rate, they need to quit taking Avesil.

Avesil's site states it can cause weight reduction without eating and working out nevertheless suggests following a diet plan and exercise routine for optimum results.

Will It Work for You?

Combined reviews, unproven ingredients, along with a big price label retain me from suggesting Avesil as a weight loss pill. Although it doesn't appear to be unhealthy, Avesil needs to have much more than a hypothetical physician testimonial to get rid of fat and lose pounds.

Avesil - Rude Customer Service, A Total SCAM

I had no trouble getting Avesil customer reviews. Here are a few sites where you'll find reviews:

Orderd my free trial and they give you two weeks from date of shipment - not when you receive the product.  I received the new bottle and was told that they do not refund the shipment - only the trial is refundable.  Used the product for two weeks and noticed it was too late to cancel so I received the new shipment and then called them to send it back and they said they do not refund - it is mine to keep.  It doesn't work! - Happy 70 — Port Washington New York United States of America

I never ordered this product (it may have been a crank)and saw that it was debited from my credit card. I have tried to call Avesil numerous times and the phone just rings and rings, then after about 45 seconds a recording comes on and states to leave a message.

I have informed Avesil that I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. Also, to credit my account for the funds that were debited from my account.

Thank you.


By mistake I didn't cancel within my trial period due to traveling, okay my fault, I called left voice mail and got on line and cancel but was not enough.I notice in my account they were charging again and called my bank to place a stop payment.

They refused to stop the second shipment and will charge $95. 90 AGAIN and send me another bottle.

All I can hope for is that my bank can place the stop payment on time, if not I am SOL.I would not recommend this company at all and their customer service sucks!! - EfrainQ

Do NOT fall for this "free trial" offer of this worthless product!! I only tried it because I read about it on another review site where they raved about the company's risk-free trial offer but I should have known that even so-called "legitimate" review websites are for sale to any company who wants to pay. Not only was the free trial not free, the product did not work at all. I am the sucker here but I hope I can stop others from making the same mistake. - Ruthmn

Do Your Homework Before Buying It?

You will find too many downside to come across with Avesil. From the manufacturers behind them, to a controversial ingredient outline, disclaimers in many different places as well as a "trial" that might grab you away in case you are not ready for it.

You will find much better preferences from trustworthy providers to choose from. Make sure to do your homework before choosing your diet pills.

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  1. I tried Avesil because it said it was free. But, What I found it is not! I already got charged on my credit account. I called them with the number they provided and I literally was on hold for 1 and 1/2 hours, and nobody picked up the call. I went to go search the number and it's non-existent. The address on their website is also not available. It's all a scam and fraud. They should definitely get checked out!

  2. Don't listen to people who clearly work for Avesil and want to boost its sales. These diet pills are totally "FAKE" and a waste of money. I thought they weren't! However, I urge you not to waste your hard earned money on these - like I did. :(

  3. I have been an unfortunate victim of avesil scam. I got severe allergy and high fever after taking the fake pills. I have learnt my lesson now.

  4. Can anyone tell me the side effects associated with Avesil? How much dosage in a day is preferable?

  5. Hi Sam,
    I had used Avesil for 4 weeks to lose my excess weight, but I got hypertension. It is mainly due to high amounts of caffeine in it. Don't use this product if you have blood pressure or hypertension problems. You may be at high risk.

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