Monday, 26 November 2012

3 Ways That Time Line Therapy Can Change Your Life

Time Line Therapy is all about dealing with things that have happened in your past that have affected you in a negative way. Sometimes bad decisions or experiences from our past can hold us back and stop us doing the things in life that we really want to and so Time Line Therapy helps to work through these to eradicate the negative emotions attached to them.

Over time, emotions such as guilt, sadness and anger can build up in the subconscious mind and begin to limit the goals that we can achieve. If left unaddressed then these emotions can have a strong impact on the directions our lives take so working them through with a Time Line Therapy practitioner can have multiple benefits.


In life, we all have a lot of decisions to make and this is especially apparent in business. The day to day running of a business involves a lot of important decisions and it is only human nature that the people who have to make these will not always make the right choice. Similarly, the right decision may still leave the person feeling emotionally connected with the outcome and this can then go on to impact future decisions.

For example, a manager may have made the decision to fire somebody and now feels guilty about it or in the past, a business owner may have decided to take up an opportunity that then lead to a loss and now they are held back by being too cautious. Time Line Therapy can help to work through these issues and dispel the negative emotions attached to them so that your business life is no longer hindered.

Weight Problems

A lot of people who suffer from weight problems or eating disorders can cite one specific incident or time in their life that ultimately lead to the start of their eating problems. This can range from being bullied at school to a reaction to the death of a loved one. If the incident that prompted the current weight issue is known then Time Line Therapy can help to ease this and remove the need for over eating or other food related disorders.

The emotions connected to these issues such as shame and hurt can be worked through and removed from past experiences so that the person can continue to live their life without being controlled by them.

Family Issues

The idea of attending emotional therapy for things that are happening in your life may seem daunting; especially because in usual sessions you are required not just to talk about your feelings and emotions but to relive then too. With Time Line Therapy this is not the case and therefore it is a much simpler and more soothing process.

Instead, this type of therapy deals with the initial event that caused the resulting feelings and then by removing the negative emotions attached to this event, the rest of the emotions will be freed up too; much like a traffic jam. This could help to deal with family tensions by removing the anger you feel about a specific situation or stop you being held back in relationships due to having been hurt by someone in the past.

Whatever it is that you need help with; Time Line Therapy could be a simpler and more pain-free way of dealing with your negative emotions. What do think though, can therapy like this really help us achieve better things in life? Leave your comments below.

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